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  1. Does anyone know who the ride provider was? I know that Powers Great American Midway usually does this fair. However, I do not believe they have ever had one of these in their line up. Does this fair have multiple providers?
  2. I could not agree more Larry. I think the initial plan for The Ark's renovation this last time was an interesting one. To bad they had to cut the budget and some scenes due to having to reallocate the fund for rebuilding the actual ark. If what was planned happened, it would have been OK at the very least. Also, I am not sure what ever made them to decide to put the mechanical where they did on the finale with no real maintainable access. Kind of a stupid move like WDW did with the Yeti on Everest from what I have read. As far as the Old Mill, I just wish they would remove Garfield, restore the outside and pass by scenes. I do not think this ride needs to be much more complicated then the original skeleton stunts. Every time I ride PoTC at Disneyland, I keep thinking that the first half of the ride would be great for the Old Mill. Of course scaled down a bit from the Disney detail. I understand though that some of Pittsburgh's finest where utilizing it for smoking weed and such and thus why the owning family at the time decided to try to make it a kids ride and be able to keep it. There was a Vekoma SLC hang and bang slated for to replace it at one point. Looks like they moved the concept a little and ended up with a Premier coaster instead. Many are hoping for the Turnpike to return in the Phantoms first drop area. This was the area that has nothing in it now and was used for a centennial midway or something like that for one season. Personally, I think that is a bad idea and would distract from the Turnpike experience. I would prefer them find a nice wooded area like non-dancing fountains or towards the back of the Log Jammer. There is a lot of potential there with a few bridges and such. As far as the unused space in the Phantoms drop. I would think a nice drop tower like Waldameer has would be perfect there now that their second gen Intamin is gone. Sorry for the long post.
  3. ^ I browse a Kennywood fan site from time to time. I believe the actual owner of the site is also a TPR member. However, not much has been announced for the park at this point from reading there. The only known project I have seen is this: Click on this link for images http://www.psuthemeparkengineering.com/kennywood-thunderbolt.html May are hoping though for a refurb or The Ark and Old Mill (AKA: Garfield's Nightmare) or the return of the Turnpike. Those would all be great projects for an off year of new rides.
  4. I usually ignore topics like this since it usually is not in my interest. However, just coming back from Disney I was a little intrigued to read up on it. I would not blame Disney to steer clear of this one, unless it goes viral and makes a ton of money. Then I would go after every cent he made on the film just on principle. I was reading about his motivation on this and watched the trailers. Other then some nice soft core porn, it looked kind of disturbing on his mental state to go to an extreme like this. I could be wrong and maybe he is just bringing attention to himself to try to be the next big director in Hollywood. (Shock Entertainment) However, if the reason behind his decision to waste a million dollar inheritance on this was because of problems with his daddy.Then he needs to call Dr Phil and get a session. Group me in with the folks that will not be paying to see it.
  5. The next resort... Sorry, I forgot how to embed Youtube again.... MOD EDIT: Fixed it for you. cfc
  6. Thanks and good point. This brings up a question I have. I noticed there are no cruise ships flagged to the US. Is there a particular law (such as labor) that the companies are trying to avoid in the US?
  7. I wonder who manufactured the waterslides. I thought the North Korea govt really did not permit outsiders in like this. Maybe a Chinese knock off company? Oh well, maybe the meeting with Dennis Rodman loosened them up some. EDIT: ^ Saw your comment after I submitted.
  8. I am looking at possibly making a trip to Vegas this New Years Eve. I am recently divorced and looking to just have some fun to start next year. I am not looking at "instant action" and more of a place to socialize and have fun with others in my age range starting over. Although, I would not deny any "instant action" given the opportunity. Do any of the Vegas regulars have any recommendations on clubs that revolve around singles?
  9. Still no mention on where the parents where. However, as Bob pointed out they will most likely have a lawsuit and emerge then. On a more comical note, I found this quote from Karnival. Really, to the best of your knowledge? You would think a company this big would be able to say with confidence that "We never had a child drown on one of our cruises" with some certainty. Way to keep it Klassy Karnival. Source: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57607381/carnival-cruise-lines-says-6-year-old-boy-drowned-in-pool-at-sea/ Edit: Maybe they should put Funship Freddie in charge of PR.
  10. Yeah, and Carnival should know better and provide a lifeguard given that they should be familiar with their average clientele. I would not group the average Carnival customer with the most responsible people on the planet. If they are going to cater to that clientele, then they should be picking up some of the slack.
  11. ^ Looks like this article answers that question. I wonder if other cruise lines do. http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-boy-drowns-carnival-victory-no-lifeguard-20131014,0,3999523.story
  12. http://www.inquisitr.com/991998/carnival-cruise-drowning-accidental-boy-6-dies-on-ship/
  13. I just got back this weekend from my yearly trip with my daughter to Disneyland. This was the first my first trip visit during the Halloween event. Here are some of the highlights.. - It was a good road test for my brand new orange Camaro from East Valley Phoenix. It usually took my now ex wife around 6.5 hours to drive this in her SUV on previous trips with a few rest stops and a stop for lunch. I made would have made it in 4.5 hours with a lunch stop and few rest stops. However, I left my iPhone on the top of my car at a stop like a dumb a$$ and needed to double back a half hour to find the damn thing cracked all over the road when I realized it was missing. This cost me a little over an hour and about $80 for a new screen… - I was surprised to find the lines the longest on any trip that I have made. Especially since I was there during the July 4th holiday last year. I always wanted to utilize Fast Pass on my previous visits and never did. It just seemed like a hassle to keep track of time and such. Given the long lines this trip I decided to try it. I loved it and will be doing this again on my next trip. It was great getting this and going to another near by attraction or two and then getting back front line to an e-ticket… Fast pass used on: Indy, Autopia, Star Tours (x2), Tower of Terror, California Screaming, Splash Mountain and Soarin. I was surprised to see that Matterhorn did not have this option though. Also, Space Mountain was a walk on since I hit that first thing one of the mornings. Radiator Springs Racer was not available by the time I got to it each day and just waited it out. - Halloween Layovers: Space Mountain: This was sort of neat, but I prefer the original a little more. Just seemed like a random zombie looking image. Haunted Mansion: This was the first time I only went on the ride once on any of my trips to both US parks. I usually ride the ride around 3 – 4 times. The main reason for this was the length of the line was ridiculous and did it as a walk on the first morning at the park. The other reason I did not go back was that I really like the original much better. I am not a big fan of “A Nightmare before Christmas” and have yet made it through the movie. I can however respect the popularity given the detail put into it. Call me a Disney purist or whatever; I just prefer the regular ride much more since this is my second favorite attraction after PoTC. - Food quality/choices for the price just seems so much out of place compared to Florida (especially Epcot, even though that is a totally different concept them what with have in Cali). I just remember Florida being a better selection, quality and price from years back when I was there. I just keep thinking that I had better quality at Waldameer this past summer for half the price. I am usuing that as an example since mot folk bitch about Waldameers food options. - Another great stay off property at the Anaheim Plaza Hotel with a balcony. This is not a very fancy hotel and in walking distance of the main gates. For the price, I would really recommend it for anyone staying off property.
  14. AS Robb pointed out, I would not trust much on those sites. I have seen some pretty wild rumors on some of them the few times I visited. Especially around the third gate rumors for California. It seems like people create rumors over there from personal wish lists. That is just my half a$$ opinion though since I am not over there on a regular basis. I for one hope that they do not remove the subs. I was really disappointed when they did that at the Magic Kingdom in WDW. I think that the subs ride area is one of the most attractive areas of the park with it and the Matterhorn. Although, it seems that they are low in capacity per hour and could go for that reason alone. I also heard they are high maintenance, but not sure about that since I do not work for the park. I am at the park this week until Thursday. I will keep an eye out for any small flags, small signs, etc... while here.
  15. Damn, I just went in to buy tickets and they are sold out for the only dates I am there. Oh well, maybe I will get luck and there will be ticket scalpers out front like at a football game.
  16. I am getting ready to do 4.5 days with my daughter on our yearly trip to Disneyland next week. I usually go during the summer and needed to delay to Oct this year for personal and work reasons. I had a few questions though about Halloween that I was hoping a few regulars could answer. The Mickeys Halloween Party seems kind of expensive and assuming that it is independent of our five day park hopper passes I have. Is this a correct assumption? If it is an extra cost, is it worth the money to do it? My daughter does love Halloween and do not mind paying the extra money if it actually is worth it. Thanks
  17. Whatever happened to the Captain that abandoned ship (jail, probation,etc...)? I have not seen him in the news lately or have been reading the wrong stories. EDIT: A little Google search on my part helped http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/10312081/Costa-Concordia-captain-where-is-Francesco-Schettino-now.html
  18. I have a question that some of the Disneyland regulars or locals may be able to answer. I am getting ready to make my yearly trip to Disneyland and staying at my regular hotel (Anaheim Plaza Inn). I usually arrive early evening and get a 5 day park hopper for everyone. We have also gotten into the park around 7:00 PM the first day and burnt the first day of the pass on just a few rides. I am looking at changing my strategy this year and not going in the first night, thus getting a 4 day ticket instead. Are there any attractions around the area in walking distance that have ticket games like "Chuck E Cheese" has? Games like Skee Ball, etc... that may also offer some sort of food options. Just looking for something that shells out the tickets for prizes that are way overpriced.
  19. This would have been cool for Epcot back in the day. http://www.theneverlandfiles.com/tnf/disneyworld/switzerlandpavilion.php
  20. ^ I do not believe they race, at least I never got the impression of that when riding. Here is a hand drawing I found on the track layout awhile back to give an idea of each of the tracks course. I am not sure how accurate it is though. This POV is making me look forward to my trip with my daughter next month.
  21. ^Here is a slide show that will give you an idea of what the ride was like pre-Garfield. Some of the scenes are a little tough to make out due to the protective fences, however when riding the fences where barely noticeable. Other then the goofy Garfield cutouts. The major differences are that there where pass byes for the boats and outdoor scenes with skeletons. I really missed those after they reworked the ride. They also moved the queue to the interior yard of the ride which was the only change I likes.
  22. I think you gave them an idea.... http://www.duckcommandercruise.com/
  23. I have delayed my yearly trip to Disneyland this year from the summer until this fall. I know Big Thunder Mountain is under a long rehab that is advertized as opening again in fall. Do any of the locals know how this rehab is going on schedule? Would there be a possibility of it being opened by the week of October 7?
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