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  1. Thanks and shows that the average park goer is not going to know the difference. I knew there was a drop sequence change on TOT, but thought that was with all of them (thanks for the correction). I do not ride it enough to notice the difference (maybe twice on each). For all I know the one I experienced in DCA was the same as Studios. I just do not understand why Disney Fan Boys complain all the time on the smallest details. Do they realize that the parks are a business and not their personal playground? Do they know that Disney's board really does not care about their input given they are probably a very small fraction of their revenue? Well, what do I know. maybe they are using their bitching future for Continual Service Improvement.
  2. It is silly when folks argue over which resort is better. Both parks have their positives and negatives. Most of it is individual opinion and not based on the general publics view that have not been at both (or have). I have been to both and have my own preferences for each. For example, I think Disneylands POTC kicks the hell out of the Magic Kingdoms (same with Space Mountain). On the flip side I think Animal Kingdoms Dinosaur is much better than Indy (minus the queue). Another example, I would NEVER stay on property at Disneyland but it is a MUST at WDW for me. Some folks tell me Tower of Terror is better at Studios vs. DCA. I have been on both and have no idea what the difference is to get that opinion. I am sure there is a difference, but just shows that I never payed that much attention (as would the general public).
  3. ^ I hope so, it looked like a fun little coaster when I saw it and I wish I could have gotten credit. I was there with my daughter when she just turned 4 and could not get to it.
  4. I noticed on another thread that DCA had what I believe to be as #4 attendance in US parks. May have been in the CP or SFMM threads while an argument was going on again about which is better. Anyways, DCA has always had a bad reputation. Did they just recently start increasing attendance or did they always have the numbers but with dissatisfied park goers on the experience after? On a side note, I was reading about what WestCot was supposed and really though that sounded interesting. I also stumbled across a map that I saved on what the whole Disney area was planned to look like. Pretty neat stuff if it is legit.
  5. Ah, looks like Ride Accidents is not up to date. Given that, the ride is probably screwed for ever returning.
  6. The Hi-Miler accident happened in 2004. http://www.rideaccidents.com/2004.html Ray Cammack Shows still has it listed on there website. http://www.rcsfun.com/index.php?option=com_djcatalog&view=showItem&id=36&cid=1&pid=27&Itemid=56 I also saw it at the Arizona State Fair in 2010, so they where still operating it six years after the accident.
  7. And now this. http://triblive.com/home/1935383-74/beer-kennywood-park-license-approved-board-ferlo-lcb-liquor-public
  8. ^ This is one of the guys I referenced. You should be good on that info.
  9. I had parties in college that can parallel the "before and after" photos but not from dressing up like Disney characters, just to many kegs. That just proves that teenage boys will do almost anything for a little something something. Dressing up like Peter Pan like that back fired on him though. I imagine that was a pretty cold night with her.
  10. ^ I would take that as a good sign. There are many people at KPCONNECTION that work there and are in the "know". They just can not give details since then they would not be in the "know" any longer.
  11. I stayed at Castaway Bay a few years back during the winter and they have a nice little indoor water park. I am not sure if you are wanting to attend that at some point in your trip (like evenings) or not. I prefer the indoor water park at Kalahari over it though if you are also looking for including that in your trip. I would also recommend Breakers first if you are looking for convenience to The Point. Followed by Light House Point and then Sandcastle Suites. Anyways, here is a link to the room details for each of Castaway Bays room types. This may help you decide your needs for your trip from the layouts. Hope this helps. http://www.castawaybay.com/public/visit/room_info/index.cfm
  12. The video just speaks for itself. http://www.clickorlando.com/news/Disney-makes-Tinkerbell-change-clothes/-/1637132/14563772/-/1lontfz/-/index.html
  13. ^I would not let the regular Carnival Cruise Line (CCL)shenanigans sour your desire for a Royal Cruise (RCL). I have heard good things about Royal, but have never been on them. I have been on one Carnival and I think I lucked out because it was generally uneventful.
  14. From Screamscape on a problem with Windseeker. http://screamscape.com/html/cedar_point.htm Yikes, that would be enough to make be crap myself mid-ride.
  15. Thanks, worked like charm. I could not get it to start at the second I wanted after removing this but that is OK.
  16. ^ they can always get new ones here for $15.95. http://www.caughtmyfancy.com/item_415/Vintage-Crown-Motif-Coasters.htm
  17. I know I am an idiot since I can not get this to work, can you help a dummy out? I put the tags in from the button for youtube on the post. I then past the link to the video in between and it just shows the tags and link. I have only ever gotten this to work once in a post and can not remember what I did. I also look at other posts where people had it in and looked at it as a quote to try to reverse engineer it. It looked like what I was doing though. Thanks for any help.
  18. Thanks, I am planning on doing the reserved seating once this year for Worlds of Color. We where in the general area last year and could not see everything. Thanks for confirming there a no restaurants with really good views of the fireworks. I was looking at the map of the park prior to posting this. I was not able to find anything that looked good and just wanted to make sure from Disney vets. Thanks again.
  19. I had a few questions for my second trip to ever Disneyland that I am taking this year. Due to schedule I could only go the week of July 4 this year. I am expecting it to be pretty nuts for at least the 4th. Are the fireworks a different show for the fourth than on normal nights? Is there a recommended restaurant that I should make evening reservation for to watch the fireworks from? I am getting my five year old the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Castle Package again this year. I wanted to try to avoid having her in that dress on my shoulders for the whole fireworks show. Thanks
  20. Next Cedar Fair Announcement: New for Dorney Park in 2013 is Avalanche Run. A new thrilling alpine experience in a trackless bobsled style ride. The ride is being built in celebration of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games being hosted in Russia. EDIT: ADDED SO NO ONE THINKS THIS IS SERIOUS.
  21. Ya, they tend to pile it up and I really only ask for a light brushing of it. Goes back to the history of the sandwich in the first place. The truckers in the Strip District where on a tight schedule. Thus throw everything in one sandwich that can be eaten quick or taken on the road with them . Today, they tend to put to much on it (along with the fries) to make it what it used to be. They tend to cheapen on the meat also these days.
  22. ^I miss Primanti's.... especially the pastrami and egg. Many people avoid the slaw because they think it is the same milky crap that Long John Silvers scoops up on their plates. I always try to tell people it is completely different stuff. I have heard it called Amish Slaw and Sour Slaw before, but not sure where those terms came from. I believe it is a nice mixture of sliced cabbage, vegetable oil (non-olive), sugar, cider vinegar, salt, pepper and celery salt. More like a cabbage salad than coleslaw. I have a recipe somewhere with approximate measurements and preparations. I have come real close to making it the exact way they do.
  23. About the photo of the hospital and who was born there, was is Kidtums? Second guess may be Prince Desmond of Nigeria...
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