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  1. Sorry, I was catching up late and referencing the ones on the top of page 21.
  2. Just when I think this release hit the lowest of the low. They then publish more screenshots and it gets worse...
  3. For the Nemo lovers out there. I saw this linked from Screamscape today http://www.ocregister.com/articles/iger-606058-disney-nemo.html
  4. Maybe they can contract "The Amazing Earl" for his input to extend RCT2 when this fails... He may have used existing ride code to create a new graphic. However, his creations where better then this for flats. I had much fun using some of his flats like a Wave Swinger, Sky Diver, Chaos, etc... http://ae.rctspace.com/
  5. Thanks for the identification... This looks like a nice family style ride.
  6. I hope it is OK to hijack this thread with another odd flat. I have been looking for a thread to put this one in and did not want to start a new one for it. This looks like a sideways Double Ferris Wheel. It is a newer ride to the Butler Fair provider that I would visit when I lived in PA. Anyone know who makes this? http://www.powersmidways.com/pages/Adult%20rides.html Powers Midway Stampede ?
  7. Awesome, thanks. I called the utility company and they had no idea. Go figure, and that is scary....
  8. Thanks, yes sorry about that. SRP is the name of my utility company. I was thinking the same that the middle is the most important. However, when I call SRP they can not tell me what these mean. LOL. My pool builder never saw 3 lines before either and we are trying to figure which line to measure five foot off for excavation. Best part, is there is no easement agreement filed for my property on this line.
  9. Does anyone know what 3 lines like this means on a ground survey for underground electric? I found these in my yard when I got back from a business trip. I am in the process of permitting building a pool and believe I have to have the waterline five foot from underground electric. However, I am not sure which line I need to measure from. I figured many people here follow marking like this closely for park additions and may know what it is.
  10. Wow, I never saw that while browsing the site all these years. Cool, thanks. Link removed.
  11. Here is a interesting site with many old maps on it. Sorted by both year and park. I go out here from time to time just to look how some parks have changed over the years. link removed.
  12. Damn.... I never heard of these folks before reading this thread. They say it is good the learn something new everyday. However this is one that I hope I witness an alien tonight so that "The Men in Black" come to erase my memory for the day. On a side note as Robb was pointing out. It makes it hard when you have a young daughter who actually is interested as should be. My 7 year old daughter has had one of these in my house for months that she carries around. I left it out when she is not here and now wondering who seen it with just me in the house while I never even paid attention to it when she was not with me. EDIT: Saw some posts after I submitted my response and was directed at the perverted ones. After all I like watching Spongebob with my daughter. when she is not with me, I sometimes keep it on when flipping through TV since I think it is funny to watch them annoy Squidward. I think it is better than Duck Dynasty in my opinion.
  13. As the person that started this thread, I fill obligated to also post mine. I am a little behind this year, since I am moving into my new house the week of Dec 16 and should have this unpacked around then. I have some of the ceramic rides with LEDS that sit below the tree. My first real ornament is the TPR one for this year. and planning on collecting more...
  14. Even though this is not a ride but a whole a park. I would like to add the Myrtle Beach Pavilion. I am not sure what made me think of this park today, but was looking at old photos of it. It really looked like a nice little beachfront compact park with lots of classic flat rides. I was looking at the TPR Trip Report for the closing year and was wondering why the park closed. I could not find anything or just missed it. Did anything ever happen with the property? Sorry to derail the thread a little with this question. Just seems like a better fit for the area to stay around then the failed Freestyle Park miles in from the beach.
  15. I was looking and did not see a topic like this. Sorry if there is one and I did not find it. Does anyone have any rare or unique ornaments from parks that you place on your tree each year? Anything that could be considered a collectors item or an antique? If not anything rare, then just something you love so much it makes the front of the tree each year?
  16. - Wallet - Car or hotel keys - Smokes and lighter(Yes, I go only to designated areas ) - A few band-aids in the wallet, just in case. Not sure why I always do this, but I do. - Antacids tabs to repeal all the greasy good food. - iPhone - Sometimes light cash for video game or shooting gallery change. I am not one for carrying much around and avoid the bins if possible. Especially when there is multi-train operations on coasters.
  17. 20K Leagues Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom Also, anything Bill Tracy related that is no longer around.
  18. Good for these park workers. Not enough to retire on after splitting, but will make a nice holiday for them. http://www.wpxi.com/news/news/local/kennywood-workers-win-powerball/nbzGJ/
  19. A third gate for Star Wars would be nice. It just seems like a big investment for a park on one brand, even though Star Wars is popular. If there where a park around Star Wars only, I was playing with the idea of a Epcot style layout. Instead of countries, they could have the planets. The Death Star could be the centerpiece with a large laser show that comes from the Death Star is in sync with mirrors around the park. They could have e-tickets in Tatoine like pod racers or a moto coaster concept in Endor for whatever the hell those bike things are called. Could have some interesting restaurants in each area also. Guess this one is for Roller Coaster Tycoon though.
  20. This is all you need from the article. Oh, and replace 'home' with 'basement'. Let's be fair, a lot of displaced people are currently living with relatives. I do take exception with anyone calling his antic patriotic. I stand by my comment...$100 says he was ALREADY living in the basement before the storm! Given the recent antic... $100 says he is still in that basement or at most graduated to the attic.
  21. Damn, this guy is like Michael Myers and came back a year latter for more shenanigans. http://www.nj.com/ocean/index.ssf/2013/10/lavallete_man_climbs_slingshot_ride_in_seaside_heights.html
  22. More Drama http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2013/10/29/ag-sues-conneaut-lake-park-trustees-in-effort-to-save-park/
  23. Good thing for Kennywood that they took out the Gold Rusher a few years back...
  24. ^Yep, I was just in the process of looking up their SEC statement for him. You beat me to it. You are correct, they have him at a bargain. Not only for what he has done, but also for what he possibly is going to do. I have high hopes for his leadership going forward. EDIT: I am just waiting for the regular Big Dipper and GL folks to start up a rant that he failed since he did not reopen that park....
  25. I have seen much bitching about his $50K increase on other sites. I do not believe that is really all that drastic and unheard of in the CEO world. Especially with one that has been as successful as Matt. Hell, the CEO of Karnival probably makes more.
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