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  1. Wow, never thought I would make it to the finals. This was a product of a few after work beers just for fun.... Thanks Prince, you made my weekend.
  2. I know I will not win, but I am having fun with this.... Since my original did not help the the prince. I figured ones withe the Nigerian flag and coat of arms may help... EDIT: Shirt is outdated now. They got $384 now..... Front Back
  3. I threw this together rather quickly just to try, even though it really does not help the Prince on his efforts. EDITED: To take out the personal shots. Back of Shirt New Front
  4. First off, I am new here and love this thread. I have not seen so much usage of basic common sense in any other amusement park forum... You also have fun while doing it. If it where not for the bone heads at a certain site based on trying to bring back the whole GL park, then I would never have found this. I am sure most know what site that is... I go over there every night for a few laughs. Anyways, I have not been through to many other threads and do not commonly post on forums. I will however be watching here from now on. I hope Kat reads these posts and takes the advice now that Kiwi came to his senses.... I see she is in college, maybe she needs a lesson from Rodney to help out on gaps in her plan... (disclaimer: I use plan very loosely here). They may not be manufacturing Widgets, but saving the dipper in this fashion is just as imaginary...
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