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  1. UPDATE - Pleading not guilty - Bail lowered to half a million. http://ktla.com/2013/05/31/disneyland-employee-arrested-in-toontown-explosion-2/#axzz2Ut0ZSV2v
  2. I am a little rusty on law and not that familiar with California law. However, I think if he uses a "bondsman" then this can be reduced to 10%. Still, that is $100K that needs to be dug up and maybe if he has family that owns their house they can put a loan against it if worth over $100K. For the life of me, I can not remember the % though on what the bondsman keeps after showing up for a hearing. I however believe it is a large a %. At any rate, this numb nuts just caused himself and his family a world of problems for being stupid.
  3. What puzzles me is how someone gets to the point of doing something dumb like this. How could this person say to themselves, putting a dry ice bomb around children at my work sounds like a good idea, nothing bad came come from doing this.
  4. As Sharktums pointed out. The best part about this story is that they would rather stay on a burnt RCCL ship then be transferred to a "" functional"" Carnival ship.
  5. I am hoping that the neglect on the ride is part of the plan of a larger make over in the next few years. I believe they had a solid theme with the last makeover with the Archeological aspect. From my faded memory, the elevator was supposed to to be the way to get to the lost / found Ark. Once the elevator failed you would land in the section that has the skeletons that you walk over. I think this was supposed to represent archeologists that also died trying to find the ark. After that it is pretty much the original Ark theme through the boat until the high seas room. I believe this was supposed to represent turbulence conditions within the Ark dig site. Then would have been the room that has nothing now (cut from budget) this room was supposed to have scaffolding that was moving like it was in an earthquake. You would then enter into the flood chamber that would start flooding and escape the dig site. I am not sure if I would like to see them finish this concept or bring back the whale entrance and the hippo scene with the bridge. Please, do not even get me started on what happened to the Old Mill...
  6. There was a discussion awhile back on kpconnection in regards to the flooding chamber being down. I do not remember it word for word. However, I believe it being down has something to do with the accessibility of the equipment that runs the chamber. If I remember correctly they would have to tear out large portion a back wall or the actual chamber itself to replace parts. Thus, they may be just waiting for a a complete overhaul of the ride. I am personally hoping they overhaul the whole Ark again. When they cut many of the scenes due to budget of needing to rebuild the whole boat, the ride just did not flow properly in my opinion with the intended theme. The intended story would have been a good one.
  7. Cedar Fair exec (Falfas) should get his job back, court rules Source: http://morningjournal.com/articles/2013/04/26/news/doc5179f5fd5daf1612661309.txt?viewmode=fullstory
  8. I am originally from Pittsburgh and just got back this week for work and picked up Primanti Bros sandwich. It is pastrami (double meat), three eggs, sour slaw and fries. Yep, a heart attack on bread, but this is the first one I had in 3 years... Last night I had Quaker Steak and Lube wings. Anyways, yes Peppis is also great for a steak sandwich (I always got the phantom). For breakfast I would recommend Pamela's or Delucas in the strip. Avoid Jo Jo's if you can since that is so greasy that it makes Waffle House look like gourmet. Jo Jo's is only good for a late night bite after a full night of drinking to help clean out your internal system. http://www.pamelasdiner.com/ http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/23/270477/restaurant/Strip-District/Delucas-Pittsburgh And for the record, yes there are many fat people in Pittsburgh. I was never one of them since I am skinny even though I eat all this bad food...
  9. Regardless or it being winds of 35 or 7O MPH, with this being Alabama it was most likely this guy tying the boat down (or one of his cousins \ brother in-laws). This was bound to happen, however the sheep is a OK..
  10. It was a little rough for me the past few years (Not Mean Streak or The Boss rough). I believe the first time I rode it was the year after it opened and it was real smooth. However, they did do much track work this off season to restore the smoothness. so you may be in luck.
  11. Thanks AJ for the information... Yes that is a bummer. It is good though to see that the park owners are maintaining a smart sense of financials and not getting in over their heads. There are so many companies out there (including the one I work for) that try to expand to fast and then all of a sudden see themselves in a debt situation they cannot handle. They did so much this year with buying the Inn, demolishing the cottages, refurb of the Ferris Wheel and Scrambler, addition of the Musik Express with landscaping and re-track work of RV2. I am sure all added up that is a large amount of $.
  12. He seems like the average Karnival guest from looking (listening) to that video... surprised to see him on RCCL.
  13. Wow, I bet that would have been a lot worse if the structure was wood and not metal. On a side note about Waladameer. Screascape reported the other day that the Wave Pool and other waterpark upgrades may be delayed until 2015. They did not have a source stated, so I am not sure how true that is.
  14. HaHa. Talk about getting kicked in the nuts and then being willing to stand up for another kicking....
  15. Got to love this quote. "We are not allowed off of the boat despite the fact that we have no way to use the restrooms on board," Jonathan Evans of Reidsville, N.C., said in an email early Thursday. "The cruise director is giving passengers very limited information and tons of empty promises. What was supposed to take an hour has turned into seven-plus hours." Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/03/14/power-outages-overflowing-toilets-reportedly-plague-another-carnival-cruise/#ixzz2NWs92TkB
  16. I am more shocked that this made the news. As of recent, I figured something like this was a weekly occurrence for Carnival and just part of their normal operations.
  17. Well, this image explains why they went to Mobile. Looks like the Klan was on board and they are taken them all back home
  18. If it is the case you can not blame Cedar Fair. I have always thought that they did buy the park to kill competition. Six Flags overgrew it and launched a marketing campaign against Cedar Point that they could not hold. You know, that is business and I see companies acquired all the time. It happens... I however, felt that they wanted to initially keep it in an Idlewild \ Kennywood fashion and it just did not work out. Kennywood bought Idlewild years back and marketed the two parks properly. I really believe they wanted to reduce the park to a family friendly waterpark and amusement park like Idlewild. Which is really what it was prior to SF buying it. From what I understand. The same people bitching about the current state are the same that where bitching about it being there in the first place. Bet they wished they did not initially go to Aurora County and Baimbidge County (however they spell it) to give a hard time about the park while it was operating. I am proud that the problem these idiots had are getting the big middle finger from Cedar Fair now.
  19. Thanks and good to know. Hopefully if they fix the waterfalls and the coloring of the water will not just looked stagnate and actually blend better.
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