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  1. Another thing is that I think that African Americans should be offended by what amendment PETA is using. If anybody remembers the time period, African Americans were considered animals/property back then. I feel offended PETA thinks they even can use this. As a refresher to the 13th amendment: Amendment XIII in the National Archives The Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. It was passed by the Senate on April 8, 1864, passed by the House on January 31, 1865, and adopted on December 6, 1865. On December 18, Secretary of State William H. Seward, in a proclamation, declared it to have been adopted. It was the first of the Reconstruction Amendments. President Lincoln was concerned that the Emancipation Proclamation, which outlawed slavery in the ten Confederate states still in rebellion in 1863, would be seen as a temporary war measure, since it was based on his war powers and did not abolish slavery in the border states or any other areas where slavery was still technically legal.
  2. General public to me is people who leave common sense at the front gate but then act like they know everything about the park and rides. There are different levels of general public and it has been said in the wierdest things gp has said. There are the annoying under the influence arrogant gp. There are the causual riders. There are the casual riders with some coaster nerdness (like me I can't name off specific facts but I know general coaster knowledge. Though I know specific facts about my home park) Then there are the hardcore nerds which are the hardcore enthusiasts. Keep in mind this is how I rank it. Others might do it differently. You also have to remember that the one thread is just for fun and face palming at the stupidity.
  3. I had one today. I was coming out of the bathroom (I'm working) and this guy comes up to me and asks where is the designated smoking area. I then point to the sign designated smoking area. I work at cga. If you want to know the area I'm talking about, it's the bathroom behind American cafe.
  4. That literally made me lol and facepalm at the same time. On a non-coaster related GP moment, I was working my other job at an ice rink and inside the ice rink the guy asked me "where is the ice rink?"
  5. If it's similar to flight deck at kd or ki (to early for me to remember and I'm on my phone), then I can understand why it wasn't that amazing. Flight deck was painful. The only reason I wanted to ride it was cause of the themeing that I saw on a coaster documentary.
  6. Animals are considered property (sad but true). If they win it would open a can of worms. PETA always thinks short term.
  7. What I'm wondering is what the new site for cga will be called. Under paramount it was pgathrills.com. If you want to see interesting articles on great America go on google news and look for it in the archives. Santa Clara bought cga, then mga, from marriots. Then there are more articles after that about it selling off land around it for hotels etc.
  8. Well considering they have already sold 2012 seasons passes they can't do anything about it. Also considering that flight deck is one or thee most popular ride it would suicide the park. If they take out anything I hope it would be "the orbit" lol
  9. Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues I remember hearing this song in my music class last year, and images of werewolves and chainsaws popped into my head... Thank you. I'm reading the lyrics while listening and I still can't understand what the heck he is saying lol. Also the day time is usually pretty dead but haunt is going to be crazy busy. Also to let you know yesterday they didn't allow boofet people to ride flight deck before the GP. So I don't know how it works with mazes but I think because its getting close to halloween thats why.
  10. Random question: does anybody know the name of the werewolf canyon song?
  11. http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_18954328 Older article about jma might be managing gilroy gardens as well. Other articles also say it wont be finalized until the end of the fourth quarter then the city has to approve it. The 49ers are saying as of October they are breaking ground in the spring. As regards to sfdk, that just means people up there don't have jobs or care about school. That's why Sunday's are so dead. During cga day hours it wasn't dead but it wasn't packed. Just means people have real life responbilities.
  12. I can't go through a lot of mazes due to my epilepsy. It sucks but its just how it is. I sometimes get claustrophobic as well so mazes aren't the best for me. I am cool with scare zones because I have room to move. So I can understand if the mazes scare you.
  13. Mercury news doesn't have the best writers and sources. Yes it gets the news out but I would try to find things to corroborate it.
  14. Snoopy stuff is 30% off I think. I went and bought some stuff today and overheard that.
  15. On the same topic. I saw a guy at work smoking and told him the smoking area is right around the corner. He actually moved and went there it was nice. Also at the end of the night I found a cigarette butt in the cue line which was kind of rude of the person but where I found it we couldn't have seen it.
  16. Werewolf canyon has their chainsaws. I didn't hear them the first couple weeks but people were screaming alot
  17. That's ridiculous. Did it cause any permanent damage? The only thing I could think of an equal to is when my shoulder popped out of it's socket or is it worse than that?
  18. Was there even a reason they did that? What did it feel like? Also from watching scare actors at CGA, the werewolf at werewolf canyon will just sit out in front of the maze sitting straight up and looking forward. You can't see his eyes and he uses the quick scare then chases a little stops and goes sits down. I stared him down once and I knew that if he wanted to scare me at that point he would of but since i was in uniform he couldn't lol. My point is that it seems like the quick scares or just sitting still letting them walk up to you and then scare them. I've also scared a person not even on purpose they were just so jumpy that when i walked by them through a scare zone they jumped. (I work rides so I don't have haunt make up)
  19. It closes early during the entire season. It's not open for haunt due to safety. My guess why it closes early is maintenance on the cabins.
  20. ^saw the strollers to which I don't get. I like the picture of me and it was also completely dead on my shift today, today as in the Sunday haunt shift. Lot of people got mini ert's.
  21. ^ do remember that if you come in a couple weeks the talent will be better because they are just getting used to it. Especially if they are new. I would be nervous at first.
  22. Regarding people of older age. I was ride op and there was like this 80 year old couple and I was nervous since they were so old. When they came back they gave me a thumbs up and I did the same back. It's just awesome that people that old are still riding coasters.
  23. ^I was going to say that. When I'm checking restraints and someone is scared I say that Flight Deck goes 55 miles per hour so it goes slower than a car on a free way. That usually calms their nerves, if it doesn't I continue on with stats and if they really don't want to ride I let them off. I do know that some ride ops do joke around because when I was coming back from lunch a kid was coming off of flight deck and was told he went 100 mph. I didn't say anything because it was amusing and I needed to clock in.
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