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  1. well even though I live 20 minutes from CGA I haven't been there in 16 years due to a fear of coasters. When I got over my fear at carowinds, with the help of my boyfriend, I decided to go back today. I rode every ride I hadn't 16 years ago which means everything but vortex and grizzly. Though I mean just the coasters not all the other rides. It made me very happy that I got to go on all the rides that I was so scared of for so long. So I guess my highlight was getting over my fear.
  2. i'm planning on going tonight since I am the official handing out the candy person and i am usually pretty tired after that.
  3. It's so wierd about Brodeur, last year he was one of the best goalies in the league, now he is just average. He let in five goals in ten shots against us and got pulled, and he only has two wins this season. As much as I hate to say it, I think it's time for the legend to hang up his skates. Well also how can you make an informed decision on whether he should hang up his skates or not when they have only played 10 out of the 82 games in the season? And he also got his 112th shutout so far. He has made mistakes yes but so does every goalie. Hiller was hot last year but is not doing well at all this year. Niemi was Stanley cup champion but got pulled in the game versus the flames and nittymacki is now the starting goaltender. So its not good to base performance off of the first 10 games.
  4. go sharks beating devils. (though brodeur is my favorite goalie).
  5. dude that was hilarious, i laughed so much
  6. yea i saw that on the news. Sounds pretty scary, they said they got all the people out of the mall before the fire was set though
  7. wait... santa cruz beach boardwalk is open right now???? is there a haunt style thing going on?
  8. What about Michigan Adventure? They seem to have the same issue. Michigan's Adventure got a roller coaster a couple years ago. Granted, it was an SLC, but still... I think they were comparing CGA's uncertain future with SFAW's uncertain future that led to its closing. I'm pretty sure MiA has no intentions or possibility of closing in the near future. I read on wikipedia that one of the main reasons for the closing of astroworld was because of the houston texas football stadium that was right there. If that stadium is built by CGA then maybe it will have the same fate but then maybe CF will try and help it out. One reason it might be doing so well for the haunt is because of the constant radio ads. Theres one every other commerical.
  9. Well one thing on the news tonight was that the stadium will not be built for at least a year due to a issue between the nfl and player salary unions
  10. Yes they are the sharks of the east because they both won the president trophy and both lost in the first round. I also ref and I have played hockey for 11 years so I know my stuff. Oh and I am a hockey fan because I don't just support one team. The reason mostly is because I am more of goalie person and follow the ones I like.
  11. Does anybody play paintball? or like paintballing? Specifically does anybody paintball in san jose,ca?
  12. Well one I went to the theme park where stealth was relocated to (Carowinds as Nighthawk) and two when the stadium is built CGA will be the least of their problems for noise. They would probably much rather have park noise instead of a bunch of drunk rowdy football fans.
  13. creationism is based off the first two books of the bible and also believe that dinosaurs were here when humans were. Look up Kent Hovind. Sarah Palin is also a creationist yet she believes in shooting wolves from a helicopter. I believe in common sense
  14. I hope, when the politics blow over, that we can get a new coaster. Maybe that would bring in new buisness
  15. I think the only reason CGA is not getting coasters is due to two things, 1. airport nearby and 2. the whole damn football thing....i asked my dad about the football thing and he said its all politics now even though the stadium got cleared to build. It is really all turf war. with the raiders thinking that people won't go to them because of the stadium being there. I think it's stupid is why would 49ners fans go see the raiders in general right? Though I think that it could help the park with business
  16. Intimidator @ carowinds Afterburn @ carowinds Top Thrill Dragester @ CP MILF @ CP Flight of Fear @ KI Sky Rocket @ Kennywood Jack Rabbit @ Kennywood /The Beast @ KI (tied) Sky Hawk @ CP Firehawk @ KI Flight Deck @ KI (closest thing I can get to Big Bad Wolf)
  17. I personally have nothing against the trims on 305. Because i never rode it before the trims I can't make an educated decision on the topic. What I can say though is that even with the trims the design of the ride hurts my neck a little. This ride is awesome (at the time I haven't ridden anything higher than that), it still gave me the rush I like. I have to say though that I like the Intimidator at carowinds better. The only reason for that is the air time and how smooth it is. This is just my own opinion though. I am a just upcoming coaster person. So I don't really know much about things. All I can compare with my limited amount of knowledge is smoothness. Also I was not one of the people who boo'ed at the BBQ, I appericate everything that was provided at East Coast Bash and it is an experience I will never forget. -Coasterbeagle
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