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  1. 1. Awesome you play paintball, woodsball is my favorite 2. My worst injury is actually that won't go away without PT constantly which i don't have the money for. I have acute rotator cuff tendonitis in my left shoulder from playing ice hockey. A guy checked me about 3 feet away from the boards and I went in at a weird angle and my shoulder became the pivot point so all the force went there. 3. Along with that I have messed up my back and knees also from ice hockey.
  2. Lol but CGA can get some pretty shady people but not really people that make you feel unsafe
  3. I have actually reported it to the store and they have called the police. It is a fine and if they are cited enough for it they can be arrested for animal cruelty. Also even if it is only 65 degrees outside it is about 75ish degrees for a dog inside the car.
  4. I saw that to and was like "what the hell?" I mean cars are more dangerous if I'm not mistaken. Depending on the source, you could be over 3,000 times more likely to die in a car crash than on a roller coaster. It is also generally agreed that if coasters were used in travel, they would become the safest form of transportation, overtaking airplanes. If coasters are unsafe, cars are unsafe, all forms of transportation are unsafe, and the sun is unsafe. In fact, people are unsafe, because you are more likely to be murdered than killed on a coaster. So, anyone who thinks coasters are unsafe has never climbed in a bathtub, used any form of transportation, refuses to get in cars, and has never been exposed to the sun for the risk of skin cancer. They have never eaten any unhealthy foods for risk of heart disease. Here here *holds up bottle of newcastle*
  5. I saw that to and was like "what the hell?" I mean cars are more dangerous if I'm not mistaken.
  6. A couple for me, The Beast at KI, Hurricane at SCBB and Magnum at CP
  7. Anybody going to the park tomorrow? I will be there later on in the day.
  8. I beg to differ, I think Intimidator beats Diamondback by a long shot. I rode the front and back of diamondback and didn't get that much air and Diamondback is rough, really shakey.
  9. Well hurricane at SCBB has officially made my not be able to bend my all the way to the left because of the helix at the end, so that would be the worst steel for me. Wooden it would be either the beast (never ridden son of beast) or hurler at carowinds. Vortex made me scared of coasters for sixteen years not because of the roughness but because of how compact it is. Intimidator at carowinds broke me of the scaredyness.
  10. ^yea I worked 2:30 to 7 something. My shift was supposed to go to 8:30. How was the line or "line" at demon?
  11. Actually no that is not true, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gerw55hois0. This guy filmed both shots of bert. One was a roll back the other a near stall. So the park wasn't closed.
  12. Did anybody go to the park today? I know it was rainy and cold, this weekend it's supposed to be in the 90's.
  13. Correct me if I am wrong but didn't they take out the second log flume because someone got seriously injured on it?
  14. Is it possible to get a round trip on Delta Flyer or is that kind of request frowned upon. I could probably ride that all day. I'm always bummed that it closes so early Yes you can. Make sure who ever loads you in the cabin calls the other side. I believe it's like any other ride, ride it twice then have to get off and stand in line.
  15. What ride do you operate? Sorry, if this has been mentioned before. That is correct, that is where the Yankee Clipper station was is it was sort of a mirror image of the Logger's Run and the drop on Yankee Clipper was unique in that it went straight down, as opposed to Logger's double dip, with a little jump at the bottom after the drop eneded. The neat thing about Demon for us ride ops was on Saturday when the park opened, we sometimes would start with two trains (but usually all three). Then as the day got busier, usually around noon, WE plus a supervisor, were actually the ones that would add the third train, it was awesome. I always thaough it was kind of funny how when all thre trains would stack, the last train would be stopped partly on the turn before the transfer track, it had to stop it there as if it stopped on the level transfer track we would have to go push it into the station! Ahh good times! Is the transfer track slanted backward meaning that if another train stopped there it would roll backwards? Just curious. I work at Flight Deck, sometimes you will see me at delta flyer and rue le dodge as well.
  16. If anyone remembered on Sunday the ride op talking through the cue line that was me. My attitude is that I don't want to wait in a long line so why would other guests.
  17. In Doswell, Virginia. If only there was a "like" button for this post. the worst wooden I've ever been on was The Beast. My back was killing me the rest of the day and Grizzly never has done that to me.
  18. Yes the loading spiel for flight deck at cga is this "welcome to flight deck please place all loose articles in the gray bin there is no hats sunglasses prescriptions or flip flops allowed on this ride" of course there are variations of this spiel but that is the foundation.
  19. There's a reason why I know the parents are sneaking their kids on the ride. The key word is "try" to sneak their kids on the ride. I'm always standing in front of the line with a height stick to stop anyone under the height limit. Here kids between 42 in. and 48 in. are required to ride with parents, but over 48, can ride by themselves. Of course the 48 inch kids might have trouble pushing the pedal so you have to watch for that (that's what I do when I walk around the track). Yea on Rue Le Dodge you have to be 48 inches to actually be physically on the ride. If the kid is under they can ride the bumper cars at kidsville. As for the rain, the rides stay open in rain unless there's a thunderstorm and/or damaging winds. I remember operating rides while it was pouring straight through.
  20. No head-on bumping in bumper cars? What's this world coming to? Next CF's gonna say No screaming on roller coasters. I guess I'm giving CF too much credit since this is the same company that doesn't operate their rides in a single drop of rain. When I do seatbelt checks on bumper cars and I see someone that might be too short for the ride, I ask them to reach down to the pedal and push it. If they can, they're good to go. If not, I ask them to ride with their parents. I had a problem with this twice earlier in the season so I decided this was the best way to take care of it. Generally speaking, if they're between a certain height requirement, they must ride with somebody else. -- I've actually only had to press my E-Stop button once for a kid that fell out of his bumper car. Most of the other times, I'll manually stop the ride and call the person out over the microphone (generally this is for the unfortunate people that got broken cars and think it's okay to stand up and walk out onto an electrified track filled with 20 or so moving cars). For operating swings, I have to deal with swingers and people who twist in their seats as well as the people that think it's fun to form chains. I call them out before the ride starts (I actually had a run in with someone who thought it would be cool to swing back and forth... not pretty) and they comply. People who kick their shoes off are pretty annoying as well. And then there's the parents that try to ride the kiddie rides with their kids thinking they can actually fit inside of a tiny airplane or bumper car. Then the genius parents that sneak their little kids that are clearly too short to ride, on the ride. And then proceed to bitch and moan about me not letting them on when they're clearly too short to ride. Then there's the middle schoolers... those guys are a hoot (most are level-headed, but the non-level headed ones are completely obnoxious). Luckily a lot more people follow the rules than you'd think. Well at CGA we ran flight deck while it was pouring rain. It has to rain a straight 15 minutes in order to shut down the ride. At Rue Le dodge I stop people before they go on so I can height check them. I don't let them sneak past me. The only reason they would sneak past you is if you didn't care. You can recommend that they can go into with their parents but if they are 48 inches they can ride by themselves. I beg to differ on following rules statement. I work at an ice rink as well and GP don't follow rules. The main one on bumper cars that people don't go in the same direction which causes jam ups.
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