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  1. I think when the San Jose sharks win the Stanley cup and the warriors win the basketball championship then the world will end. I don't know the technical name for the NBA final.
  2. How I got over it was having a bf who explained it then got me on it. If your going to go on a high drop ride do a sit down non inversion ride. It will get her used to the height and speed. The front helps but can also make it scarier. I personally get more motion sickness in front on inversion rides because the back has to "catch up" to the front which creates a push pull sensation. Now personally, my thought process was "I'm not going to wait in an hour line and not go on". Screaming helps a lot because it releases nerves and emotions. Let her know that she is not alone about being scared and don't force her on anything because that will ruin the experience. I was scared of coasters for 16 years and I got over my fear by riding intimidator at carowinds. Oh and if there are test seats let her sit in it because that's what sold me. If there isn't ask a ride op if she can try it (by going up the exit). At Disney world I saw someone do that and they let them. That's all I can think of at the moment.
  3. I think you should watch the link I posted right above your post.
  4. What I think about the end of the world is perfectly made in this video:
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvVVQGgbKk0&feature=youtube_gdata_player http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WKX46HCaxA&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  6. I'm going to gettin my wisdom teeth removed on the 17th of this month. The bottom ones are super close to a nerve so I'm expecting a lot of pain in the recovery period. To add onto that I also have epilisey so I have a chance of having one when I go under.
  7. Let's not forget about the new CEO people. We don't know exactly what he is going to do. We are going on the dick kinzel era. From what I heard is that the new CEO wants to make cedar fair more disneyish. More family oriented and theming. Also wanting to add hidden snoopys. Plus cga has more of a shot to become a good park for families. Small coasters that pack a punch I could see coming. Like sky rocket at kennywood. Happy hollow is not comparable because of two things. It does not get a lot of people, it is a historical landmark so it's not going anywhere period. The biggest thing that I see go into happy hollow is the walk n wag. I apologize if my post is scatter brained I am extremely tired and literally typed what I was thinking. Basically I needed to get that out of my system to be able to sleep. Sleep time.
  8. Sauerkraut. It is still the weirdest food.
  9. It's ok. I basically am trying to spread awareness. TPR is one of the best ways I can think of.
  10. I am copying and pasting from the email defenders of wildlife sent me. They need 50,000 electronic signatures and they got 42,000 something right now. Please help. https://secure.defenders.org/site/Advocacy?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=2345 Save the Lolo 75 Wolves like this could soon be targeted by aerial gunners in Northern Idaho. As many as 75 could be killed. Tell U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to stop the aerial wolf killing before it begins. As many of us prepare for the holidays, federal sharpshooters are preparing to take to the skies of Northern Idaho in an ill-conceived attempt to kill as many as 75 wolves to artificially boost game populations. Idaho’s wolf-killing plan is unscientific and misplaced, but the Obama Administration appears to be going along with it. To stop the killing, Defenders of Wildlife is launching a flash mobilization campaign. Speak out now to save these wolves. Urge United States Department of Agriculture head Tom Vilsack to stop the killing before it begins. The proposed plan – requested by state officials in Idaho – is for Wildlife Services, a program under Secretary Vilsack’s supervision, to use federal staff, helicopters and other aircraft to gun down wolves in the Lolo region and the Clearwater National Forest – public lands also under Secretary Vilsack’s supervision that belong to you and me. Conservation groups like Defenders have sought for years to protect wolves from unscientific persecution like the actions that led to their endangerment in the first place. So why is the Obama Administration continuing these outdated, pointless practices? Help save the Lolo wolves. Take action now. The stated reason for the wolf-killing plan is that some believe that wolves are reducing elk numbers. But elk numbers began decreasing in the area long before wolves returned, as suitable elk habitat in the area declined due to natural changes. A lack of sound science isn’t stopping anti-wolf extremists from declaring war on the Lolo wolves. On December 14th, Ron Gillett of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition told The Los Angeles Times bluntly that: "We want these wolves dead." Wildlife Services is participating in the plan under a cloud of controversy, since a 2006 photo (below) came to attention. The photo shows a small plane covered in scores of wolf decals indicating the number of wolves that have been shot down by federal agents in the plane. Federal officials say that the stickers have since been removed and have stated that their mission is to resolve conflicts between humans and wildlife and to help create a balance that allows coexistence with reduced damage. But by helping to implement Idaho’s plan, the agency has not changed and continues to count “paw prints” as a measure of success. It still prioritizes killing wolves and other predators and puts almost no resources into nonlethal strategies to reduce conflicts. The only change may be that under the Obama Administration Wildlife Services is expanding from killing wolves for killing livestock to killing wolves for killing elk. The federal taxpayer should not be getting into the business of artificially boosting game populations, particularly during this time of shrinking budgets and program cuts! Because of the controversy surrounding the Lolo wolf killing plan, Defenders and our allies have a unique opportunity right now to not only save these wolves, but also to advance a more scientific, wildlife-friendly approach to wolf management in Idaho and the West. But we can’t do it without you. To help stop the killing, we need to send at least 50,000 messages to Secretary Vilsack before Christmas Day. If you -- and just two of your friends who care about wolves -- will take action, we can easily meet our goal and send a loud clear message to restore science and integrity to wolf management efforts. Help save as many as 75 wolves in Idaho and support sound, science-based decision-making in wolf management. Please take action.
  11. About math in general, they should teach basic algebra. Anything else, unless your using that in what you are going to be studying, is basically pointless to me. Your memorizing stuff your not going to use. Basic algebra you use.
  12. You are correct, 80% of people don't look at the signs and if they do, if it has to much text people lose interest. Basically a persons attention span is 15 to 30 seconds ( in the 80%). I know this because I am making one for class. The enthusiasts and executives of coaster related stuff make up about 1% to 2% of the whole. The rest would be casual readers.
  13. If anybody has ridden the giant dipper recently, because they did retrack it.
  14. I think that if they were going to put in a coaster that wouldn't be a woodie it would be something like sky rocket at kennywood. I've also always wondered if they don't update the permit site regularly. The reason I say this is because the company wouldn't want the public to know a ride is coming out before they announced it. So it might be possible that they don't put the permit up there until CF announces it. Now when I told my mom about CF getting the park back she actually said "i should be worried". She said this because cedar fair has been trying to sell the park constantly. I tried to explain to her some other aspects of it but her point was that they have tried to get rid of it twice so what would make them not try to sell it again.
  15. Mat Kearny- Down It took his breath away holding the bank page He got the letter they’re gonna take their house away I’m bout to have a daughter he yells it in the air Feeling the weight of a world that just don’t care He lit a cigarette felt in on his lip Driving home on a long road with regret He pulls the window down shouts it out loud Pushing the pedal and praying lord help us now He’s looking for a reason watching the sun coming down Can you hear when we call There where we fall Standing our backs against the wall Top of our lungs hallelujah Where pain and love bleed into one Baby when all you see is darkness We all need forgiveness Coming round now http://www.hotnewsonglyrics.com/mat-kearney-down-lyrics.html It was Monday night under the street lights She’s turning seventeen in seven nights Out on the fairgrounds walking in monotone She kicks a bottle as empty as her soul On the road alone in a house that’s half home They give her pills just to kill when she feels alone She’s looking for a reason watching the sun coming down Take these broken streets Take these broken dreams Hold my hand like we we’re walking free Tell me it will change I see it in your face The hope the fear the love the faith I’m working late again slaving to make the rent I’m slanging coffee with dreams heavy as cement They’re coming one by one the face of falling love I write a song with a prayer as I slide the cup Can you hear when we call There where we fall Standing our backs against the wall Top of our lungs hallelujah Where pain and love bleed into one Baby when all you see is darkness Coming down now We all need forgiveness Can you hear when we call There were we fall Standing our backs against the wall At the Top of our lungs how far we’ve come Were pain and love bleed into one All that we need its so bitter sweet The pain that opens our eyes to see Baby when all you see is darkness Coming down now We all need forgiveness Coming round now
  16. ^ well an orca whale is the largest species of dolphin. So if an orca kills a whale than technically the gp was right.
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