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  1. Intimidator at carowinds. It was my first coaster after 16 years of being terrified of them, then afterburn. Basically any big coaster that I went on in that year I was terrified of. But intimidator was the first.
  2. I'm going to be at the food and wine festival first of November.
  3. Off topic but how many off you guys heard the invertigo, excuse me, stinger got stuck on June 6th for an hour. It's apparently getting stuck a lot from what the article said on the dorney park thread.
  4. Completely different my butt. The only difference was time. I actually found this out through wikipedia
  5. If the name is stampede they could use the elephant has the mascot of that ride since they stampede. I haven't been following the thread at all but I was seeing it a couple pages back about the name and the elephant. It seems to be a natural pairing.
  6. ^even though WWC is one of the most hilarious ones to listen to when your working orbit. Scarer: *crazy laughter* Girls: "no no no" Scarer: "yes yes *pulls chain saw and revs it up*crazy laughter*" Girls: "*scream*" And me? I start cracking up at this point. lol. It's what makes orbit bearable during haunt.
  7. It's funny that in the Canuck picture they are playing the sharks. The sharks are my bay area team.
  8. Yes and no to the A.D.A. question: The 'current' version of the A.D.A. dates to 1995- when 100% accessibility was required by the government for all major attractions not only at theme parks, but also museums, etc. (Large-scale buildings/locations.) Any attraction dating after 1995 had to be built with one of two different systems: 1.) Fully integrated entry/access to a ride, show or attraction- such as what Knotts did with Windseeker. 2.) A dedicated entry route that has wheelchair accessible minimums of 36 inches, and a slope/ramp gradient of less than 12.5 degrees, or an elevator/lift system. One or the other MUST be integrated into a park for all attractions 1995 on. However, many parks have either retrofitted or added systems for handicapped access- a few better than others, but most are now covered for all guests. In the case of Great America, they are choosing to retrofit existing attractions with lifts. R.D. Thank you for clarifying.
  9. Also a good reasoning for the lift is if a parent who can't ride but their child can; But they dont want to leave them waiting It's happened at flight deck before and we had to find out if that situation was ok for the kid to ride. So something like that would be good. What I don't get is how great America got away with it in the first place? Was there no ADA regulations whenever the rides were being built?
  10. What I was trying to explain about grizzly being coasters for "little kids". Kids over 48 inches are still little. They may be the height requirement but are you telling me that you haven't seen a kid that seemed small for the seat. Their body frame was just small. That's what I mean by little. Also when I was a kid I was terrified of upside down coasters so I would always go on the grizzly. My thought process was "this is a big rollercoaster". (pyscho mouse wasn't there). Grizzly is there for kids who need that confidence boost. I personally would rather pyscho mouse gone because its such a painful design. My lower back hurts more coming off pyscho mouse then grizzly. Grizzly is a hell of a lot smoother then gwazi at BGT and the beast KI. Gwazi caused pain in my lower back and breasts while the beast hurt my lower back and knees. I never had that problem on grizzly ever.
  11. Grizzly most likely wouldn't be taken out. I heard from ride op's that it actually has a decent wait during haunt. It's a big beginner coaster. So little kids can go on it and be like I went on a big coaster. Now let's say they did take it out I would like something like sky rocket at kennywood to go in.
  12. Did anyone notice he said their shortest coaster is 1 minute and 25 seconds and that their longest ride is 36 seconds?
  13. So I got a shared picture on facebook of this missing girl that just got found. I click on the picture and it goes to the original posters page. All the comments are about thanking god. Giving all the credit to him. My problem with this is where is the thanking for the people who searched for her. For the cops to be away from their family to bring this missing girl to hers. I really wanted to post on the original one saying "yea you know cause god came to earth and helped. And god didn't lead them to her like a dowsing rod. If he helped them then why doesn't god find other missing kids are they not important enough for god. What if the guy that found her wasn't Christian or if he had no belief in anything. What then? You mean they did police work and found her gasp?! Humans did it." On top of that I got a complicated situation where a girl stiffed me when I gave her 400 bucks to make something. I would have to fly there to get in her face. I just typed what flowed out.
  14. I basically loved all the dog ones lol. The one I didnt like, maybe because I'm sorta geeky about the book is the Audi commercial based of twilight. They sparkle they don't blow up in light. If they wanted blow up they should have used underworld or blade series. I don't know if they showed the bark side commercial for vw in the superbowl. If they didn't you should look it up on YouTube.
  15. They have plans to expand the water park. It was in the q&a of the transcript a couple pages back.
  16. It's kind of like how I refuse to ride kiddie coasters, like the ones where the ride op has to stop it themselves and you have to have a little kid to ride. They are credits but I don't really count them because I'm not a kid height anymore.
  17. Your first sentence is completely insensitive. To a person who didn't go out with someone for years because of the fear of getting hurt and then when I finally do the asshole cheats on me the entire six months we are together. Even though I am still with someone now that wound never fully heals. So unless you know how it feels don't say shit like that.
  18. Ok from actually seeing people make a normal pool in my backyard they had to wear special shoes to not damage the bottom. Also from being in certain areas of hotel water parks when it's closed for the night, the ground is sort of spongy so it's not straight up concrete. Also from working black out from black widows cavern there is very few lights in boomerang bay. It's spooky in itself and security actually found people hiding in there during one their sweeps after haunt. If you read the transcript and the q&a it explains what is going to happen to cga.
  19. So who watched the sharks vs flames game with the four blind officials that didnt see the "goaltender interference" in OT was his own team mate pushing him? (I realize that's a massive run on sentence). Its bullshit that none saw and that it's not reviewable. Drew reymenda made the case that NFL uses it to review every touchdown. Another thing would be useful in hockey would let a coach challenge one goal.
  20. ^what you just said to us say that to her. Well I got all my wisdom teeth out a day early and man they hurt so bad. The worst part about it is not being able to eat the first day.
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