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  1. If you still have gear and live near an ice rink they usually let goalies play for free since no one wants to stand in front of the net. I work at a rink so I get a discount on some of the stuff there.
  2. THAT'S RIGHT!!! GO YOTES!!! Sorry, I have to rub it in a little after this severe beating you guys handed us earlier this season . I haven't heard much out of Backstrom this year, how's he playing? Backstrom's record is 5-4-2 Hardings is 4-1-1 Personally I don't look at records and stats because every goalie has an off game. I'm a half glass full when it comes to goalies. Man we pummeled your goalie (assuming your a coyote fan). It was like he had the force with him. So yea I follow goalies because I am one and I adapt multiple styles into my own. Haven't perfected it completely yet but then again my team can't play for shit. (low level hockey)
  3. Concerning the video, the NHL wouldn't have to make new rules it would just be under delay of game. I wouldn't be surprised if they did call him.
  4. Sharks fail. Smith played amazing, 31 shots saved. Sharks are my team but I'm a goaltender at heart. So when I went to the wild game I was happy backstrom was playing.
  5. I hate it to. I have to get them removed soon. Some people actually have a big enough jaw line and it won't affect them and in others the wisdom teeth don't come up so it doesn't affect anything.
  6. At cga, rue le dodge actually does have cars that go faster than others. Maintenance actually told me that.
  7. Well when my ex said that to me when we were together it was to break up
  8. I got the email and I need money bad at the money so I'm taking any jobs that come my way.
  9. All of the San Jose sharks, rookies as well. Apparently before Kim kardashin was a media attention wh*re, I swam in the same pool as her at the grand wailea in Maui. Greg maddux, my uncle was a pro baseball player. My brain isn't working well
  10. The subway commercials where the adults have kid voices.
  11. CA FL VA WV Maryland SC NC GA TN KY Missouri Kansas Hawaii Colrado Ohio TX NV AZ PA
  12. http://www.metrolyrics.com/cheers-lyrics-rihanna.html To long to post all lyrics
  13. You know what touches a nerve for me. Is when people post their private lives on Facebook then get pissed that people are snooping. Don't post the shit if you don't want it to be found. It's the Internet. Another thing is bad grammar. Just because it's the Internet doesn't mean you can post like you have a low IQ. *end rant*
  14. ^^ I can tell you that when I went through underworld alley it wasn't that scary. I think it is more of the location of underworld alley and themeing that got it, its win. You guys were more creative in scaring. Underworld alley was people just standing and looking at you. But like everything GP speaks and park listens.
  15. This is true. On really busy nights, it really is hard to keep people from line jumping. I know at Cornstalkers we had 2 Blackouts we had two blackouts walk up and down the line to make sure no one is line jumping. I was doing that at black widows cavern.
  16. ^yes they do move them to other parks that is what the breeding program is. If it wasn't you would have an over population of animals. Criminals are living pretty happy right now in the main jail. They got video games direct tv so ya.
  17. ^ you do realize any animal they capture they have to rehab it and the US fish and wildlife service decides weather for them to release it. I have given thought to there claim. The fact is that a lot of what they are claiming isn't true. In all reality those animals have the life. They got huge tanks, free food and no predators.
  18. Speaking of line jumpers I just caught some and told them to go to the back of the line or I would call security and they went to the back.
  19. When I was at the front of the line at flight deck telling them it was down a lot of people came up to me asking where the bathroom is. What makes this weird is the fact you pass the bathroom on your way to flight deck.
  20. Lol ya I was thinking about saying at their doorstep but I decided to give them some credit. Lasts night haunt though was the Zenith of leaving brains wherever they are from, coupled with alcohol. Facepalm
  21. ^flight deck was acting like a 5 year old brat that wasn't getting it's way. The conversations usually went like this. Me: it's down and I don't know when it will open. Gp: when will it open Me: I don't knowol I had a lot of people come and ask where the bathroom was which was odd. The most annoying was when they got it cycling again people flocked to it. Luckily when it started I wasn't down there but I took her spot which is when I saw angry_gumball. The kids right in front of me asking a ton of gp related questions. "has anybody died?" etc. My best one was when the kid went, "my mom said that grizzly was the oldest ride in the park." my answer: "actually demon was built in 1976. It was called turn of the century. The newest ride is psycho mouse after they took out invertigo which is in dorney park in PA." They kept trying to get me to confirm or deny rumors. Then I got replaced cause I had to go on break.
  22. Tilikum killed a trainer, good enough for me. Ok..? But that has nothing to do with slavery. It is a wild animal but so is everything even dogs an us to an extent. They aren't in cages when they are not doing shows. They have super huge tanks that I forget specific dimensions to. They made it deep enough for it to replicate the open ocean. What they should do is put that whale down because it's actually killed three trainers. It's what we would do to a dog.
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