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  1. Facebooks new alternate news feed above your chat list. Freaking annoying.
  2. My only expectation is for it to stay open. If the add stuff awesome. If I'm excited about anything it's to see what jma ventures does.
  3. To answer your question 6 years later, no it's not you have to hold the dispatch button until the ride comes all the way in.
  4. Flight deck is one of the most underrated coasters in my opinion. I'm working this weekend
  5. It would actually be a bad idea to get rid of cga due to the money it brings in for Santa clara. Trying to see postitives but it's hard.
  6. I do wonder if kids that had the "first gen" of texting mobile phones in the early 2000's will be different from kids that get a mobile phone with a full keyboard today. I can almost understand when you had a crappy phone with three letters and a number on 1 key, or even T9 word, but today, it's almost just as easy to type on a mobile phone as it is on a keyboard. Well the current generation is called the Igeneration. I guess because of all the phones etc
  7. Let's say it's hypthetically is true. I wouldn't see it happening this year. If they did take it out I would guess it's to make room for another coaster. I don't think CF is fading out the park since we are the main competitors against sfdk.
  8. Interesting though I doubt there is any foundation in it. Attendance has been up and with haunt just around the corner attendance should get higher. Like already stated it's not on the permit site and invertigo removal permit was on their before they announced it. It's probably just a troll trying to get a reaction like that.
  9. I'll be working tomorrow as well but on delta so come say hi if ya want. I'm not as cool as nibbler though
  10. Why no matter what you do or how hard you try, you can't please your parents. It just makes you feel defeated.
  11. Was anybody on flight deck around 11:30 am on labor day? I was on the mic saying "who's happy to be here on labor day?" Just trying to guest relate well.
  12. I believe that the media said that hurricane Irene blew down kingda ka. This was like actual media that reported it. I laughed when I read it. http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2011/08/hurricane_irene_did_it_destroy.html The last paragraph is GP worthy.
  13. ^yea and I just say what cedar fair's press release was "it was taking down for a new coming attraction" the catch 22 to that is the don't give a time limit on the press release so the gp can assume away.
  14. One thing I notice on flight deck at cga is that almost everyone including the employees think that the zero g roll is a corkscrew. The convo usually goes like this With employees: Them: "the train is going through the corkscrew we can dispatch" Me: "you mean zero g roll" then I explain the layout. Their reaction "oh" With the gp most of the time when I correct them on that they actually are cool with it. Maybe cause it sounds cooler I don't know.
  15. I actually had more people ask me where invertigo is today then the entire season. It's like you didn't see the green patch or the fact it's been gone the whole season. I just tell them it's in PA if they want to ride it. Though one day a girl told her mom the reason they took down invertigo is because cga has to many rides with dangly legs. I didn't even correct her because it was funny.
  16. Nope but if you went to bay area day I was working flight deck ert and there is a pic of me. I have short hair.
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