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  1. I was thinking the same thing. I won't be convinced that this "priority of delivering a high quality guest service experience" is 'real' until it starts happening consistently. At ALL the parks. Not just for the inaugural summer of the new owner.
  2. I'm a smoker and will admit that I've smoked in non-designated smoke areas at Magic Mountain. If security walked up to me and took me to the gate to boot me I wouldn't have any problem with that because I deliberately broke the rules. And I'm a big fan of making examples out of people, especially ones that plead ignorance. Like somehow they're oblivious to the repeatedly posted signs and loudspeaker notices at the front of the park. "Sorry sir, I don't care how many people you saw smoking out of designated areas today. The rules are clearly stated throughout the park. I caught you smoking, and now I'm making an example out of you." I bet we won't hear about people getting escorted out of another SF park again for smoking, mainly because I don't think there are many employees that do their jobs and enforce the park rules. But I would love to be proved wrong. Keep it up Six Flags!
  3. Not surprised. Work at a theme park and you'll see some things you'd never even think you'd see when it comes to safety and sanitation. Its honestly always been a miracle in my eyes that people don't die at theme parks on a daily basis, all the stupid crap that goes on, and all the numb nuts in charge of peoples lives not caring about doing their jobs. Glad OSHA caught this, wish they would have fined them more. Doubt this will do anything to change other SF parks, they'll cut corners till they're caught as well.
  4. This may be stretch, but is there any way anyone living near the park that would be willing to pick one of these up for me maybe when they're already at the park, or if they work there? I'll send them payment in check or whatever, and I'll pay for shipping and throw another 10 in just for the inconvenience. I'm just not sure if MM or Knotts will be getting any of these (it doesn't appear so) and I would be thrilled to get my hands on one or two of those models. ^Yeah, but why can't some people just be motivated on their own to build the models? Its not THAT MUCH of a complicated process... Jah-"Wah! Walk me through every step!"-ames
  5. Anybody see a pattern here? I could be completely wrong...but here's my idea: B&M coasters that require a quick turn after the lift or are floorless, generally (or from the pictures I've been looking at, almost always) have a pre-drop. Rides that can continue straight ward after the lift and are sit down or flying coasters, are designed without them. Perhaps its a rider comfort issue, seeing as how getting pulled into a Batman-like-drop in those inverted seats without a pre-drop seems to me like it would be painful. But being pulled down Nitros drop straight after the lift, or Tatsus drop is comfortable enough to not require a pre-drop.
  6. So many people I ride Goliath with can't say enough great things about the ride, but to me, the ride is not so well designed and could have made a couple minor changes to add to the rides overall "greatness." However, the ride has changed since it opened, simply because the Goliath trains move way faster than they were designed to. Two things to mention are the slow down "creep" over the top of the lift, and the MCBR which didn't used to slow down the train nearly as much. These two things alone create an imbalance of the ride, no consistency or pace, which I feel are pretty important when it comes to a coaster. Its a constant bad timing/bad design nag I feel when I'm riding and it ruins it for me. Yeah I'll ride it for the drop and a couple pops of air, but honestly, there's much better non looping coasters out there.
  7. Very simlple, lack of maintenance, care and repair, which ultimately had nothing to do with an earthquake and more to do with a park that just didn't give a crap. Which is mostly the reason behind all of the coasters at MM going to hell in not too many years after they open unless they're B&M's. B&M's take pretty damn good care of themselves because of their simple designs, where as you can see Arrows, Vekomas and wood coasters require extensive maintenance on a day to day basis that Magic Mountain doesn't bother to provide. Yes, there are "daily" checks, but these daily maintenance routines are just that, daily checks to open the ride for the day. They don't provide the kind of care that coasters which run almost every single day depend on, if there are hopes for them to be running in the long run. Ride Maintenance at Magic Mountain is understaffed and has been for almost 2 decades. Plain and simple, its amazing that some of the coasters have lasted as long as they have. Psyclone (and the rest of the rotting coasters at MM (which is pretty much all of them)) is a product of Magic Mountains horribly organized maintenance staff, and the parks unwillingness to set aside required funds that are vital to a coasters (not to mention a wood coasters) lifespan.
  8. I think its already been asked but I read through the thread and haven't seen it asked recently. Will these trains be available online for $20? If they already are I didn't see a link on Coaster Dynamix, and if they're going to be any idea when? Those inverted trains are sweet.
  9. Kinda disappointed in the layout, mainly because there's not much substance or variety in elements. However, the trains look sweet. Hopefully the new train design will provide a better ride with more airtime and create a feeling of more vulnerability while sitting in the seat (which is hard to come by in most B&M's seeing as how the middle 2 seats are generally blind spot seats). Placing seats "in between" the wheel assembly instead of "on top" which seems to plague past B&M hypers may be the solution to their usually tame speed drop rides. Lets see if B&M does this hyper correctly.
  10. I'm guessing 3-4. Once it gets up in the 5's and 6's i would assume it gets dangerous for everyday guests, so that's why I'd say 4. And if I remember correctly, although I haven't ridden Kingda, but have ridden TTD, the highest G's aren't necessarily from the launch, but after the launch, when you ride the curve upward to vertical. *edit* Found this link. Apparently the launch is only 2 G's seeing as how your only going in a straight line for the launch. The change in direction (horizontal to vertical) causes a higher number of G's as explained closer to the bottom of that page.
  11. ^Thanks for the quick response. Dunno how long I'll be there, but I figured I might as well take advantage!
  12. So I guess my question should have been...do I need to RSVP for the park event? ^Guess we'll find out. Two trains running would be nice, I wonder if they rehabbed them during the paint job.
  13. I just want to make sure that if I have a 2007 pass and I show up at 8am, I'll be admitted to the ERT. I don't think I need to do anything else...do I? I'm looking forward to riding a freshly painted Ninja.
  14. Its definitely very odd to see a big open area where Psyclone used to be. Anyone come upon or get any photos of it being 1/2 way gone? For some reason I have a feeling they just took off those support cables and a couple other supports and the thing probably toppled with a little nudge from a bulldozer or crane. Musta been sweet to see-although I'm sure the demo crew could care less...
  15. Well Wicked is taller, but Maverick is longer. Wicked is listed under RCDB as having 4.8 G's, and the price range of Maverick is more than double that of Wicked. But I think we all know those factors have little to nothing to do with how "fun" the ride will be. IMO, Wicked looks tight, compact and quick. And for some reason I have a feeling parts of Maverick will be fun, but will have the drawn out, over-engineered flow of MF. Vertical launch? I'm game.
  16. Anyone know if they've started taking parts of Freefall off at Magic Mountain?
  17. I was thinking the same thing about the name only changing on the east side of the freeway...that's not even a problem at all then...Except for those living on Magic Mountain Parkway that now have to change their address to that ridiculously long and tacky money making street name...its like fight club guys, soon we'll be calling planets "Starbucks" and crap all for the money! What the hell happened to originality?
  18. Looks like a blast...Thanks for pointing out the not so obvious stuff...like why there's no park name on the banners for the 2007 play pass etc...Magic Mountain stuff at 50% off? I better get my ass down there...everyone in my family's getting Tatsu shirts for Christmas this year!
  19. ^^^Oh I see thanks for the answer...I guess that kinda stinks...but launching into a 95 degree drop probably isn't the best idea. And if they've gotten all the trackwork out of the way for 4 months of themeing...Dang, if they've planned to spend this much time on themeing, they must really be amped up to make it look as good as they're talking about!
  20. I think this is great news for Magic Mountain. I think it'd be a mistake to overlook Busch buying Magic Mountain...Think about it! I mean really...a lot of work is done for them, they pretty much just have to clean the place up, repave the parking lot, etc...hell, for its first year, I'd be fine with that. The rest they'll take care of as the years go on when they can add On-Resort hotels and more "stay for the weekend" stuff...the place could be sparkling! And outta complete curiousity...Anyone know what ever happened to the last pre-park opening at Magic Mountain? They musta lost my invitation in the mail or something...
  21. Wow this coaster looks amazing. The 95 degree drop with the "looks like your gonna hit the rocks" effect is sweet...A very nice addition to the park. Maybe now that Magic Mountain is staying open maybe they'll take a hint from Cedar Point...except have it hug the mountain terrain better than Tatsu. But seriously, this ride looks quality and I've tried to look up specs, but doesn't this ride have 2 launches? On the specs I only saw a listing for 1 launch...are they both just 70 MPH? I've read about 5 pages into this thread...gimme a week and I'll get through it all...
  22. I don't have pictures either. I also don't keep track of which coaster is "#100," or how many I've even been on. I just kinda go on stuff and decide whether or not it's worth my time to ride in the future. ... ...kinda makes you wonder, don't it?
  23. I was on the "Media Shoot" train of Revy when they shot the fireworks and confetti and stuff as it dueled with Tatsu...Third Row...it was sweet cause we got to test it like 5 times before they even did the shot to test the timing...and it was nice cause it felt like I hadn't ridden Revolution in forever, felt like I had some catching up to do. It was still slow but very smooth. New wheels I believe. Basically the trains "Duel" when Tatsu is cresting the bottom of its first drop, as you begin to drop on the second hill on Revy. It's cool because you can ride and watch Tatsu at the same time while on Revoluton, definitly provides for some different views! Corkscrewed: Your "EXCLUSE SIGNATURE TATSU ENTRY SIGN SHOW WITH ELEGANTLY COMPOSED LIFT HILL AND SKY TOWER IN BACKGROUND!!!11!!!1!!! " was the first I had seen...And it turned out sick. Nice shots!
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