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  1. ^Which is why if you go to Fright Fest, just act like your going on a regular MM trip, and enjoy the Halloween Festivities (if there are any) going on that day. Any other way is just setting yourself up for disappointment. ^Closing rides because of wind is not because of the danger of the coaster track falling over because of wind, lol, it has to do with the ride not making it through the circuit. As you know X has a difficult time making it around in the circuit in cold mornings as it is, and with Tatsu on top of Samurai Summit where the wind is probably the strongest means they need to close those rides so they don't valley. I'm sure Sky Tower was down too, there's a wind safety factor on that as well. Goliath runs faster than it needs to, it will probably never valley (unless 4 wheels blow at once or something) and Superman, well, there's not much room for wind to cause the ride to not come back. It's all done electronically. There's your reasons for closure. *still crossing fingers for CGI woodie to take over Psyclones RIP area (maybe it'll weave through Deja Vu and Ninja?)*
  2. Those restraints have GOT to be painful. Is that metal bars directly on your thighs? I liked TTD's themed trains before the pieces started flying off them at 420 feet.
  3. ^^I was gonna say the same thing. You go upside down. Its an inversion. If you read the history it explains why it may not have been updated after its modifications.
  4. Hahaha! When I saw this I couldn't stop laughing because of how uncomfortable it looks. Boinking your head on that concrete tunnel would swell up pretty well! Good ducking Robb! I can't think of any comparable head choppers right now. But keep posting photos, this is a great thread for them. Some of those pictures are sweet.
  5. I thought they did a section of track every haunt as to keep it up in "some" pattern. Gotta disagree about Ghostrider going to crap. Like most wood coasters almost decades old, its got rough spots. But I had an awesome ride on Ghostrider last Friday night at about 2 am. Fast as hell, rough in some spots, so much air on the 1st bunny and after safety's, overall probably one of the best rides i've had on a coaster in a long time. 2009: Pre-fab woodie at MM in graveyard coaster corner?
  6. Gotta be honest I don't mind people asking dumb questions. Its better to know for sure. I'm just wondering why it took 3 pages of thread to get someone to tell the young lad "no..."
  7. Not taking shots at all, I just wanted to address some of your points. They made me think. 1. Play between the wheels and the rails are a major factor in how smooth a coaster is. But with the wheels of a wood coaster on the outside of the rails, I think the track, and wheel run surface could be better supported, causing less ware and tear on the ride overall, making and keeping it smoother. Think of the track on B&M's as compared to Arrows loopers. Those are great structures for coasters. If designed properly, the track could be adjusted and more consistent overall. 2. But the track in which the wheels ride moves and flexes on woodies less consistently than on steel, causing quicker damage. That's what makes an old wood ride rough, and a well designed new one smooth as glass. Usually steel coasters are rough because of the above mentioned wheel to rail gap, bad track transition design, or just plain getting old and used. 6. I like your thinking. Perhaps something more along the lines of an off road truck suspension would work out as well. Wait, so whats this topic of this thread?
  8. What about something like an invert that halfway through a zero-g cuts downward like an immelman, but continues in a loop form, and finishes the last half of the zero-g ending the element? Woah. That'd be sick. Or maybe that's what you were already saying?
  9. ^Unfortunately I don't, and I don't know why. One of those things you just don't think about when its right in front of you, y'know? Basically they're just electric rooms with computers and circuit boards, all stored in 6 foot tall metal cabinets (on the left and right sides), sending information back and forth from hut to hut, and to the main computer thats at the station. Honestly if you got a peek inside, you'd see its nothing too spectacular. Just tons and tons of wires with electric and computer components organized as well as Intamin could at the time.
  10. I think it would be very interesting to see a wooden coaster where the lateral wheels are on the outside of the rails instead of on the inside. The structure would look way different and I'm sure the train would ride a little different as well. Instead of being confined by the rails, the trains could hang over the edges. For some reason I don't see much like this happening with woodies. But then again I'm wrong a lot...
  11. Haven't been on many Arrows. Although the best suspended Arrow will have to be Ninja for me.
  12. ^^^^^Circuit boards for the electric rooms that run along the middle of Superman. Basically, power runs through it and sends that information to the computer. Although they don't break all the time, if you look under the station (where the trains launch) you'll see dozens of broken and re-built ones on the work benches down there. Just replacements for when they go bad. Very nice trip report! Very nice pictures and some angles of the park I have never seen before. Keep em coming, its always nice to have an update from Magic Mountain.
  13. I never thought of that before, and I can't imagine it'd be anything but awesome. I always thought that bend ended the thrill just a little too quick. It'd be a nice length freefall drop. Rough ending, that I wouldn't complain too much about (its what makes those 1st gens sweet), but awesome drop. All gravity. Siiiiick. Not like those "artificial" Intamin drops that overdo it and pull you.
  14. Wow that is so cool. I've never seen that before. I'd imagine the rides so much more thrilling indoors when elevators and stairways are flying by feet away while you're falling. Gives you more perspective than being out in the open 300 feet above the ground. Musics kinda corney though...edited in the 70's? -J
  15. ^^I'm handsome, strong, handsome and studly. I'll have a blonde hottie with an ass that won't quit on me the entire night. Hope that helps, LOL. -J (but seriously, I don't know how to describe myself so you'd recognize me...there's so many people there haha)
  16. Haha, guess I was WAY off. I see a problem with this area going in though. Not so much about the quality of installation, but the attitudes of the employees. They are the determining factor of how successful a new kids area will be, and I gotta be honest, I don't have too much confidence in them. My predictions are they're putting this where the petting zoo is now, and taking out Granny Gran Prix. It makes no sense putting it in the back corner, I understand some peoples reasoning to "increase flow" but I don't see a Thomas Town increasing that much flow. Nobody (probably including the kids themselves) wants to walk their kids all the way back there when it could be right next to Bugs Bunny World. I don't see multi-million dollar Deja Vu getting torn down for a kids area because: 1. There's no problems with it. If it ain't broke, why spend dough tearing it down? 2. Its intense, unique and the crowds LOVE it. 3. It costs no more to upkeep than several of the other coasters in the park. 4. I'd guess it'll be the last one standing, much like Freefall is one of the last standing 1st generation Freefall rides. Why is it the worst time of the year? I'm excited that all these things are up in the air and nobody knows when or if they're actually going to be happening. I think a lot of it has to do with the company not knowing what they're going to be doing either. 2008 is going to be a VERY interesting year for the park, hopefully all of the changes are for the best. -J
  17. I don't see a Thomas land OR Tony Hawk ride being installed at SFMM because it just wouldn't look right in the park. Both of those attractions look like cheap solutions to "family" theming, something that wouldn't last for more than 2 years at Magic Mountain. Maybe nothing will happen in 2008 while the new GM gets his feet on the ground. i don't have a problem with that.
  18. I'll be there Friday night. So I guess it doesn't matter that its so early in the month, sounds like they still do a pretty top notch job.
  19. I don't get this, what's not reliable about Deja Vu? I know the Georgia one is a nightmare, but as far as the one at MM, its running perfectly fine. And I don't get why people want it removed, theres only 3 of them in the world, and its not like the rides lame. It's intense, unique, and the general public loves it. I think enthusiasts are the only one asking to get rid of this one. ^^Goliath and Riddlers sure. But I don't know about Viper. Even on some of the busiest days I've seen Viper is ussually walk-on these days.
  20. Seeing as how this ride is 12 years old and has now been relocated for the 3rd time I can't imagine what kind of head shock this coasters going to be once installed. I mean, first its a Batman coaster (intense enough as it is just staying in 1 spot for its entirety), now its moved 3 times to kink with the structure, spine, trains, etc. I just can't see this ride being very fun to ride, because of how uncomfortable it might run. But maybe B&M's are good at re-locating.
  21. I was thinking the same thing after I saw the announcement for the Evil Knievel wood coaster they're installing at SFStL. SF already is spending money on wood coasters, and it would fit perfectly in the layout where Psyclone once was. But of course being at MM it'd have to be BIGGER and BETTER. Although I don't know how long they could keep it running like new with the understaffed maintenence crew and all. Why is everybody thinking Deja Vu is going to be removed? Besides yearly rehabs the thing is like, never closed anymore...
  22. Back in the day when it opened with only lap bars and seatbelts, the force going over that drop made it even that much more intense. Then of course, that fatty had to fly out... The only ride that's ever made me feel like I was going to die was on X. First drop followed by that face first dive raven turn. Holey crap I wasn't ready for that at all. What does "most thrilling" mean anyway? Kind of a vague term...
  23. This ride looks like it ought to be a lot of fun. I guess its too much to launch a coaster over the top hat and have it drop more than vertically, so supposedly having a vertical lift is the next best thing...For some reason I see them having issues with that (Intamin?). You know, cause of their reputation... ^^You shouldn't take it so personally. As long as you like it that's all that matters, right?
  24. Awesome idea! The trains could have the blue, red, and white theme like Evel's ride suit, too, haha. This coaster looks really good, and gives me more motivation to get my a$$ to planning the Missouri Vulva Excursion for next year! I agreed to an extent...but then the park already has a wood coaster that's white.
  25. Yeah, gotta admit looking at Maverick makes me wanna take a trip out to CP. Its always nice when its sunny out there. Looks like you couldn't ask for a better weekend to go. Very nice pictures and TR.
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