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  1. Even though we knew this would be happening, its really nice to see the official announcement. The question of whether or not these new trains will make the ride more bearable I'm sure is still up in the air for everyone, especially the park. But x2? I dunno, i guess if you're gonna be dropping ten mill, you might as well try to make the most of it, right? So a new name and some new paint are in order, which I'm fine with. Lol, the fifth dimension, who are they kidding. Maybe we'll get a new logo at the entrance too. Hopefully this special effects tunnel will be a couple hundred feet long, but something tells me that these special effects might not be workable after a year or two...
  2. I'd love to try and get on both of these, for some reason that 1.8 second launch sounds sooooo tempting. ^^^^I'm not sure where you live, but I'm here on the west coast, and unfortunately get out to Cedar Point once every, maybe 4 years. So for example, if I went I'd wait 3 hours to get on Dragster and Millenium Force, rides I've already been on but don't get to get on hardly ever. Just because, well, I forget certain parts of the rides, I made a trip all the way out there, and I'll be damned if I don't suck it up for the thrill. But I can understand how some people wouldn't. If I went to DL, Knotts or MM and there were 3 hour lines for everything...hell, maybe even 2 hours, I wouldn't even have to think twice about not riding.
  3. Oh my god totally. Especially on this first drop. That feeling the first drop gives me (the one like you've just jumped off a building that's over 150 feet) is one of the main reasons I get on coasters in the first place. To get the crap scared out of me. And thats what this ride always does. Like X, it terrifies me.
  4. ^I'm sure kraxle is capable of handling it on his own. There's no attack going on, he made a statement, and I'm informing him that what he said wasn't true. Maintenence is in 3 departments-but that doesn't matter, they all work in the same shop. A Vekoma problem is a maintenence problem for everyone in maintenence i.e., we all hear about it reguardless of what department. So it doesn't matter what company the rides made by, when a ride goes down, has problems etc., we all know what happened and what was fixed. Your #5 seems like a very probable explanation of the problems of Dejas at other SF Parks. Consider, however, that there was likely was more than just one simple reason for their demise. But I can't agree with your last statement more. I'm glad Deja Vu at MM will be around for years to come.
  5. And you know this because you were hired into their maintenance department? No? So you really shouldn't be able to make such a confident statement now, would you? Just because the ride is up and running more than the other two in Illinois and Georgia doesn't mean it's not a maintenance nightmare. Hahaha...hasn't anyone ever told you what happens when you assume? Apparently not... I was on Maintenence crew for the Intamins and Arrows @ MM. Which means I probably know more about the coasters at that park than 90% of the people on here. Especially you. You learn A LOT being in maintenence. More than any ride op or super who gets their info by word of mouth. So please, stop sitting around waiting to take shots. Deja Vu at MM used to be a nightmare. Now? The thing runs better then when it was first installed. -J
  6. I'm not saying they're supposed to be rough, but sometimes it comes with the territory...that's all I'm saying. I think it was a great concept that didn't go as well as planned. But oh well, atleast now they know!
  7. ^Okay, how about the ride itself? From the GP point of view. Unique concept, insane vertical drop backward and forward, extremely intense, awesome forces, fun as hell. Can barely ride this thing more than twice in a row, sounds like thrills to me! Now please, don't take this seriously, I'm just gonna pick out how my opinion fairs against your reasons for not liking Deja Vu. I'm trying to be sincere here, really. Rough riding, head banging: Welcome to Roller Coasters. Knee breaker: well, don't put your legs up there! lol... Poor capacity: Go on a slow day, single rider line... Downtime: Are you talking about yearly rehab? MM's doesn't have downtime. Unless you're talking that rehab. Magic Mountain's isn't a Maintenance Nightmare. The RIDE itself, I think, is fun as hell. Its not that rough for me. I like the seating layout...unfortunately it just takes the stupid GP more time to figure them out. Not Vekoma's fault. I think Deja Vu's fun as hell, a must ride for people who never have been on one, hope its here to stay for good.
  8. But see that's where you wrong. I do know it all. Look, I'm sorry if it sounds like I know it all, but I know I don't. If people don't want their opinions criticized, maybe they shouldn't publicly post them? I don't have problems with people criticizing mine. But honestly, I think some of you take my disagreements/posts/how I go about stating my opinion way too personally. Like I'm taking personal shots or something. All I'm doing is telling it likes I sees it. And I don't know why people have a problem with that. Why I'm singled out, I'll never know. Maybe I say things that are true and people don't wanna hear? I don't know. Trust me people, I'm just as clueless as all of you! ^That wasn't sarcasm. *shrug* ^^Is less then a month ago close enough for ya? And I'll tell you, you don't HAVE to be an employee to figure out how the place works... -Back on topic, I don't think any park should think they're required to hand out comp tickets. It's their choice, and simply, as others have already stated, its a business decision.
  9. ^Take a trip to Magic Mountain and take a ride. Really, the concept is awesome, and so is the ride. Dunno why anybody wouldn't like these, other than the fact they like dumping all over SF whenever they have the chance... Maybe they'll ship some of the pieces from this one over to MM so they have backup parts for the future. Really sad to see these being taken out...however, I'm glad the one at my home parks here to stay.
  10. No ride is worth a 150 minute wait if you already have the credit. ? I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one... ^^You'd think the ride be smoother with those tires...it sounds like Superman?
  11. Robb is awesome with his filming. He does a great job with these coaster videos, its truly appreciated. I was gonna ask about that...not only because its on the water like that, but because it looks similar to Ghostrider's structure-like it'll be worn down after a couple years and will require a lot of maintenence. That and the rapid wild ride as the train goes through the circuit I'm sure does damage on a daily basis. But the ride looks like A LOT of fun. I'm sure the video doesn't do it justice.
  12. I always prefer the back, on woodies or metal. Especially on X, Ghostrider and Tatsu. Fronts seats are fun for a different thrill, so I wouldn't write it off. Space Mountain offers a great ride in the front, as well as launched coasters like others mentioned. Sometimes when you just want a different ride with a new perspective, the front seats a great place to sit.
  13. Yes, you're a responsible employee- there are some of you around the park-and thank God! Trust me, you're appreciated! But I've worked there, I know how things go. The number of kids who don't care far surpasses employees like you. Even new kids who had no clue what the job had in store for them shortly turn into these "bad" employees in not even a month. I've seen it happen. I haven't called anyone any names. Its something I don't do, its immature, uncalled for and unnecessary. So I don't know why people shouldn't take my views seriously.
  14. Nemesis has to be the most popularly photographed coasters out there. I always see new pictures of that ride and none of them ever look the same. Its got to be one of those "got to get on that one" coasters. *sigh* someday, perhaps...
  15. I've lived in OC all my life and not once have I seen or heard of this coaster. ... Guess I'm out of the loop *shrug* Santa Monica pier? That's where this things at?
  16. It wouldn't matter if they did. If you're familiar with MM employees (and you very well, unfortunately, may be) they'd be too braindead to be telling guests anyway... Communication between "MM staff" and the bums you see walking around in blue shirts and khakis is almost non existent. Sorry Jahan. That was uncalled for. You just act so professional and i'm just, oh i dunno, so jealous of you, your hilarious avatar, and your popularity!
  17. So where's B&M's answer to this re-vamped Intamin site? Very nice face lift though, thanks for the heads up!
  18. Woah this is like 2 weeks old but yes! That's exactly what I was talking about. You pictured it perfectly. However, I was mentioning how it'd be sweet if B&M did it with their invert. I had never seen that element before and was drawing it, and then I looked right now and the picture you left is exactly it. Thank you!
  19. ^Maybe you should read, understand and think about my post, before you leave your two cents. Jahan was so quick to say people weren't given comps for their park tickets, when clearly he had no clue what he was talking about. ^So...whats the problem with my post?
  20. Who cares if its the tallest, blah blah blah...this is just another Six Flags scam anyway. I'm sure the tree's not even 125 feet. Like everything else Six Flags does, they'll find a way to ruin it. I mean, c'mon, its a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!
  21. Wrong. Oh, and thanks for confirming that wildfire is an act of nature out of the parks control. From the posts on this site, it sounded like people were confused about that... Some of those photos with the fire in the background are AMAZING. I sure wouldn't have wanted to be out there with those bad air conditions. I could barely stand the air conditions out here in the OC!
  22. I think after the construction of TTD and Kingda Ka parks and coaster manufacturers understood that they didn't need the worlds tallest or fastest coasters to get people in the doors. Seeing as how its been 3 years since the worlds tallest coaster was built, I think its safe to say we won't be seeing any height or record breaking speed coasters for years. However, for a while, it was a hot topic. But to answer your question, yes, they did have that "sacrafice quality for big numbers" mentality for a couple years or so. But today, even after just a few years of the worlds tallest/fastest coaster competition passing, I'd have to say you started this thread a year or two too late. -J
  23. So why is that last bunny hill on the B&M Goliath a mistake? Has anyone mentioned removing the double dip on Colossus? They ruined one of the most popular parts of that ride forever only to run it with three trains for maybe 5 years.
  24. I went on Speed in Vegas and after riding that I knew both of these rides had to be legit. Batman with that huge tophat had to be fun. And those Zero-G rolls before turned hills look smooth transitioning. Many thanks for the video. But the audio, is that Pink?
  25. Because fat people couldn't follow the rides rules and were flung to their death while riding coasters with those types of restraints. Can't stand how some parks let their rides turn to trash because they're not willing to fork over the money to make them last. Its like, you just made a 20 million dollar investment! How about investing 1/20th of that a year to keep it up and running like new? Its not that hard a concept...
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