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  1. NIWS is gone. Completely. It was gutted and rebuilt with a new theme for FMP. There would be nothing left of the dark ride to be relocated, plus it's built into a mall.
  2. Make sure you use your different ammo type to your advantage, especially in Big Daddy fights and EXPLORE. Exploration is paramount to gather supplies.
  3. It doesn't look well supported in the center. It looks well supported on the sides and looks unsupported at the top. If you knew the basic physics of how a coaster moves through an element like that, you'd understand that the design is perfectly safe and well engineered.
  4. Not sure about you guys, but every time I visit CGA, the Log Ride has a huge line. Considering they did all that refurb work around it this past offseason I can't imagine that they'd get rid of it anytime soon.
  5. ^On their Facebook page they mentioned a while back that they were installing a revolution style ride called Super Storm.
  6. Carnival ride means it can move, and the last time I checked you can't easily move a wooden coaster whose layout does two 100ft+ long tunnels that's been permanently installed. A carnival ride means it isn't permanent and travels.
  7. The video talks about theoretical technologies that could have applications in amusement industry rides in the future, not for The Smiler. Not sure where that whole "rumored for this ride" thing came from, but as far as the video goes, it only proposes concepts for the future. You can smile on the Smiler, but it won't "alter" your ride experience aside from making you look happier.
  8. ^Yeah they didn't break enough broken records or provide a unique enough back story with the ride either. I expected a longer dark ride portion with a rotating tunnel piece and enough strobes and laser to make an ordinary person epileptic They really needed more elements you know? /sarcasm
  9. IGN has already been contacted. Ah okay. I was just wondering because I hadn't seen any coverage on it there yet. Good to hear we may see something in the next few days. That publicity would really help.
  10. ^It was a joke, hence the . I like the look of the movie anyway.
  11. ^I think he means that it is still in rehab and yearly maintenance is taking place.
  12. It would be neat if the conductor had a "wand" that he could use to check the tickets, and trigger some kind of "magic sparkle" effect on your ticket via a projector.
  13. Saw the trailer for the Ender's Game movie. Since my friend's best friend is playing Petra I'm obligated to like it , and so far the art style and story look cannon... HOWEVER The trailer reveals one of the climaxes of the biggest battle in book, and it's a MAJOR spoiler. I'm sure not everyone has read the book, so it's disappointing they chose to include that little clip of the scene. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to seeing it in the fall. The book plays a lot with perspectives, and I hope the movie accomplishes this just as well.
  14. I'll be throwing in a donation of $100 within the next few days. I'd really like see this project succeed, but I also wouldn't mind helping design a flat ride either. EDIT: Anyone here know anyone who works for or with IGN? If it could end up there, it would achieve success very easily I think.
  15. Glad to see the concept brought to life in Manta West is being picked up by other parks: Short dark ride portion > launch > ground hugging layout > second launch > more layout.
  16. You obviously haven't ridden Ghostrider in the back row the last few years. It's an intense ride, but turning it backwards wouldn't help it's case. In fact it would probably make the ride experience less enjoyable. It's also not as simple for wooden coasters to just "flip cars around". B&M's Chassis allowed for Batman and Swarm to easily be turned around, but PTCs are a different design. It would take way for effort than it would be worth.
  17. Gerstlauer's small Eurofighters and spinning coasters are on the cheaper side of the coaster spectrum but all the fanboy speculation is sort of silly. If they wanted a high end spinner they'd go with Mack. I haven't seen the theater space you're talking about but it seems like an awful lot of infrastructure to tear out for an indoor coaster that could be put in a Pre-fad shed for the same cost.
  18. ^Engineering such a train isn't as easy as say, a building. They have a multitude of dynamic forces acting on them. Ere's nothing wrong with them taking their time and making sure they're deriving the best possible product, and the fact that the style is already running on two other coasters is far from "an embarrassment". I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but from what I understand, it sounds like the Timberliners used on both Twister and Wodden Warrior are designed for smaller layouts in mind, whereas the ones being developed for Voyage (and now Hades) must undergo a much larger set of forces the that chassis of the small model can't handle. Maybe someone can officially confirm/deny this, but that's what I've heard.
  19. Feel free to complain and pout about Boomerang while you're doing that, I'll be riding it.
  20. I don't think Haunt is going anywhere, nor do I think it is being "downgraded". Knott's Berry Farm was the pioneer of the modern haunt event, and they continually improve the event year after year. I'm not sure if you went to the 40th, but it was the best year the event ever had quality wise. Every maze was trimmed down to remove blank corridors, props were added, Trapped debuted, layouts were reworked etc. They put in quite a sizable investment, and it makes zero sense that they would now go away from everything they've built up. The only "noticeable" publicly known change the GM made to the Haunt so far was the removal of the alcohol stands throughout the park. That's only to improve the atmosphere. I still wouldn't mind hearing from the park on the matter. I REALLY doubt that this is true though.
  21. Sad to hear the park won't be opening this summer. The comments on FB were pretty ridiculous though.
  22. Instead of a huge outdoor drop tower you could also do something akin in one of ABC's Indoor drop rides like Reaper Drop Ride to Doom or Nemesis Sub Terra. Intamin also had an indoor drop tower with two stacked rows for a ride vehicle.
  23. The Music was written and composed by Danny Boyle (Nightmare Before Christmas, Batman '89, Oz TG&P). This gave the soundtrack a unique feel from all the HM Clones. I think it's important for people to understand that this is NOT Haunted Mansion, and should not be compared to them.
  24. My most recent ride facade drawing... Steampunk/Time Manipulation trackless dark ride.
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