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  1. After riding Grizzly a few weeks ago, I can honestly say that Grizzly was pretty dang fun! I actually enjoyed it. Giant Dipper in San Diego is far rougher.
  2. I rode Revolution for about 30 min straight during ERT last year, and the majority of my rides were solo. Riding it at night is really cool and I was kinda bummed everyone was unhappy with it because I had a total blast riding in the front row the whole time. The ride really isn't rough in the front row aside from that one turn that was taken out when they built Tatsu.
  3. Was the video a bit cheesy? Sure, but I don't see that as a reason to poke fun at the family. Enthusiasts may not like the video but I'm sure mot of the general public eats them up. It's not like they were hired actors either. I'd rather have a real family promote the park than some fake one made from actors. The new rides look nice, and hopefully the ride height requirements will be decent.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's for haunt though because the name of the picture is "body mountain". ^
  5. Having just ridden Grizzly a few ago I can safely say it is no longer the worst coaster in CA, and I actually had a lot of fun on it! Best Steel: X2 or Space Mountain Worst Steel: Propably Kong Best Wooden Coaster: Goldstriker by far. Worst Wooden: Giant Dipper San Diego
  6. I love Welcome to Night Vale. It's really well written and has some great quirky moments to it. I recommend listening to more than just the very first episode, as it does get better with time and more characters get introduced.
  7. ZacSpins aren't that great. I'd much much much rather have something Like an El Loco that takes up just as much space.
  8. Actually from what they said last year at West Coast Bash it wasn't really their decision to move the 3rd Riddler train to Green Lantern. Back then they were actually hoping that it would be returned to them soon.
  9. I actually didn't eat at Carthay Circle last time I was at DCA because I didn't feel I was presentable in normal theme park attire. On the flip side however I've seen people get dressed up to go to it so maybe in the future it could work both ways for cruises? Shorts =/= Fancy Restaurant Attire
  10. Definitely not a big a fan of the new voice...doesn't seem quite a fitting for a god-deity character.
  11. You really don't need to update every other day, it just ends up looking poor in quality. Don't rush. Only update when you've done a decent amount of work, not because you want an update every other day.
  12. www.blueskydisney.com/2007/11/all-disneys-weenies.html
  13. I see you ran into my friend Milana at Trader Sam's! Her costume was absolutely gorgeous, and I was ecstatic when I saw that she'd won best original design! Bummed I had to miss out on the event this year. Maybe I'll make it next time around.
  14. A FREAKING MASSIVE spoiler for the upcoming season of my favorite animated show was leaked all over the internet over the past few days. It amazes me that animation studios even allow tours still with how easy it is to sneak a camera in...
  15. Just to clarify, the resort isn't "at WDW"--it's about 10 minutes away. I clarified it.
  16. Pretty crazy story today about a Sinkhole taking out a resort building near WDW. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/local/breakingnews/os-sinkhole-damage-disney-area-resort-20130812,0,376846.story
  17. ^Because Timberliners are still being tested on larger woodies. Yes Hades 360 has a Timberliner train now, but this ride was designed before GG probably felt the Timberliners were ready for such an aggressive ride.
  18. Indeed, it was getting really bad. This only shows a fraction of the issues. I took these Sunday afternoon. In the morning most of this wasn't here... Defacement of the sign
  19. I can see CGA from the balcony of my hotel. I'll be in the park tomorrow pretty much all day with a friend, if anyone is going to be around.
  20. I'll be at SFDK tomorrow and then CGA on August 4th, so if anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know.
  21. I'll be at the park for most of the day tomorrow, anyone want to meet up?
  22. I'm looking forward to the announcement. Should be interesting to see what they have in store.
  23. Considering that they come on to land during the shows on a regular basis I don't see this dolphin as "stranded". One tail movement and it would be sliding back into the water no problem.
  24. I stumbled across the trailer for Blackfish today. Donm't even watch it. It makes me sick how the film makers are presenting it. SeaWorld capitalizing on their whales which cannot be released back into the wild is bad? Yet capitalizing on the death of a Sea World trainer who loved what she did, then using her against the company is good? That's a little hypocritical.
  25. The queue was really the only thing looking incomplete though, everything else looked 100% in place. The cars definitely do not look like they've been cycled at all yet.
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