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  1. I have some old photos that my parents took of Bush Gardens Los Angeles. I will see if I can find them and post them.
  2. OTSRs are not that bad, not everything can have a lap bar you know. And.....your are calling B&M rides forceless!? You seem to have strange expectations for this ride....but thats my opinion.
  3. Heck, if any sea world park needs a coaster its Sea World San Diego. For this ride i'm guessing they'll have a new style of OTSRs that are smaller like Baco. I doubt there will be a water splash because of the seating style.
  4. I doubt B&M will go for the traditional lift for this ride. I believe the ride will start underground, go though some kind of show room/ dark ride section followed by a launch to the surface. The two elements that create zero g's will most likely be air time hills . After the launch, the ride would go over the first air time hill followed by several curves and then the second air time hill several more curves and perhaps a helix or inversion (this is B&M after all) and then would dive underground and hit the brake run. I'm just speculating...but knowing B&M it will end up something like this.
  5. B & M is supposedly working on a new prototype for this park...dunno what it will be.
  6. CGI needs to combine the best elements from all their coasters and create an insanely intense and exciting ride. Taking elements such as outward banking, triple ups, the high five, fly through station, airtime, racing/dueling, overbanking curves, and good theming they could create the greatest wood coaster ever made.
  7. Seems there was also some outward banking at one point in the ride. I find it interesting that it was designed that way. These look like two very good coasters.
  8. First New Park: Legoland Water Park First New Coaster: Tatsu First Theme Park Food: Granny Apple Fries @ Legoland First Park Visited: Legoland
  9. Hi Robb, I was wondering...do you use any special equipment when on take on ride videos? I have noticed that POV's of rides such as Intimidator 305 seem too smooth to be held. If so what do you use? Just curious.
  10. Hello my name is Alex and I have followed this site for a few years now and have enjoyed every minute of it. As my username suggests, I live in Southern California and have three/four amusement parks in a 40 mile radius. These parks are Legoland, Belmount Park, Seaworld and the San Diego County Fair in June and July. My favorite wooden coaster is Cyclone at Lakeside Amusement Park in Colorodo. My favorite steel coaster is a tie between X2 and Tatsu both of which are amazing rides. As for other interests of mine, I do a unique sport called Irish Dancing and enjoy acting and singing in plays and musicals. Thats about it!
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