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  1. Those sketches are actually from the late 90's when Garner Holt was brought in to do touch up work on the attraction. They are not recent. That's when they added the figure who says: "There's Blastin' ahead!"
  2. What exactly is the story behind the ride? it looks like the theming is going to be excellent and those train are awesome!
  3. ^I guess I'm a sucker for having a physical library of games. Plus the GameStop Pre-orders usually come with some cool little item or art booklet. Pretty much every game I have for the 3DS supports some kind of StreetPass features. I suggest poking around each game and discovering what it has to offer. MK7 had ghost time trials, Fire Emblem allowed other people's heroes to join your party (or you could also fight them), Super Mario 3D Land had item drop areas where you could send/receive power ups. The list goes on and on. The ones built into the system though are just as cool. When you travel around with the system closed and pass by other people, you'll not only swap Miis, but you also trade and compare game scores and other special prizes. There's even a little RPG game built into the Mii Plaza that you play using Miis you've found through Street Pass. Swapnote also works this way, allowing you to create a doodle, then send it to someone you pass by. I was pleasantly surprised with how deep the system is. The AR Games themselves have a lot more than what meets the eye. Once you complete the first world, you enter another whole area of games that you can unlock using the play coins from walking. I'm sure I missed some, by as I said, by poking around, you'll discover all kinds of cool things. I've had a lot of fun with the AR Cards and the camera, as you can manipulate the characters and the tools in a lot of different ways. Once I find my 3DS I'll post my friend code here. I left it around my room somewhere, so I'm currently looking for it.
  4. Due to Nintendo's recent and rather strange habit of not shipping enough physical copies to stores outside of Pre-orders, my copy won't be coming for 4-9 days. After talking to several different people it sounds like they're really pushing the downloadable service and discouraging buying the physical copies. For Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Paper Mario Sticker Star they've done the same issue. Lesson Learned: If you want a 3DS game the week it comes out, Pre order it! GameStop did ship it to my house for free which was pretty cool, but I really want to play it! Looks like such an improvement from City Folk!
  5. This isn't the first time that style of elevator has been used. I can think of two previous attractions that use the style. The log flume at Klotten and the defunct mountain flyer coaster at Walabi Belgium.
  6. Going to pick up my copy this afternoon at GameStop! I absolutely cannot wait! AC has always been one of my favorite Nintendo franchises, and this one looks like a much bigger change from City Folk (which IMO added very little). Also glad they decided to keep the original people style, rather than the weird Mii style shown at one point in early development.
  7. Have any media of the system in action? I would love to get a closer look at it.
  8. This looks awesome! I really wish Lego would pick this system up for real, as I could see some really cool ideas coming out of it.
  9. Not really. The track got delivered today, nothing was known about the track yesterday, when he made the post, everything was pure speculation. He turned out to be right, but he still passed out unconfirmed information, as if it were confirmed. No need to get all snippy. I had correct information.
  10. Based on what I've seen and heard it seems like there was a delay between major ground work and track arriving on site. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but there's no point in speculating. It will open in July. No need to gripe about it.
  11. The green supports a few pages back are indeed for Heide Park's new coaster.
  12. Finally got around to uploading my Footage of Coast Rider from Memorial Day. Fun ride for sure. It runs a bit faster than Technic Coaster at LLCA. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  13. Seeing as this was the state of the ride on Monday when I took the video, as well as all the logs still being in a shed next to Xcelerator, this doesn't surprise me.
  14. ^The park wasn't overly crowded in the Morning. I was actually pretty surprised. We waited around 30 min for both Silver Bullet and Supreme Scream around noontime. It may have gotten more crowded as the day went on, but the crowds were pretty spread out. Here's the video of them craning in some of the final props: They finished this up around 30 minutes after the park opened. There were staff standing by to prevent people from passing as the props were lifted into place and the crane was taken back across the street. They must really be in a time crunch if they were doing stuff during park hours and on Memorial Day.
  15. Just got back from the TV Shoot. It was a ton of fun and I got to meet a lot of fellow site users. Coaster Rider and the other new additions are great, and the area looks fantastic! Log Ride seems to be running a bit behind considering they were still craning props into the upper levels until about half an hour after opening today! (Memorial Day no less!)
  16. This is something I see happening a lot, especially in these forums, so I thought I'd make a thread to discuss it. I guess you can also call it "anticipointment". We see these big attractions going up, we're all excited, they look great, then once they finally open, there's always a huge amount of people who feel "disappointed" with what the parks installed. I really enjoyed Forbidden Journey, but I rarely hear about the dragon encounter, the ominous dementor's kiss projecting my face onto the fog and the immense size of the Whomping Willow nearly crushing you with a trunk. Instead I'm usually greeted with grumbling about the projector portions and how they ruin the ride. Same goes with Radiator Springs Racers (not fast enough, darkride portion at night), Antarctica (too short) Transformers (not Spider-Man, didn't have fire, lack of sets) etc. It happens a lot with coasters too. "Leviathan, X-Flight, Wild Eagle and Gatekeeper are forceless" etc. I'm not trying to say that criticism is bad, I'm just questioning if communities focus too much on negative aspects rather than positive aspects in general. Do we set ourselves up to be disappointed by new attractions?
  17. I'll stick to PC for most games and then maybe get a WiiU for the new Smash Bros and Zelda, but those won't be out for another few years probably so who knows. Also, this is how you name a new gaming console: Root Name + Letter or Number Symbolizing some aspect Xbox One too many, and you can't count Playstation 4 goodness sake stop Wii U gggh what is Nintendo doing Honestly Next Gen consoles really aren't that appealing to me right now. Especially when I can get Mass Effect 1&2 on Steam for $10, where the Wii U Mass Effect 3 is close to $60. Steam has really caused a PC reaurgance.
  18. ^I could see this encouraging them to put in some serious investments to draw people into the park while the Superbowl is going on.
  19. I doubt the closed beta will begin until well into the middle of summer. They still have a ton of work to get the game ready for a Fall release. I'm interested in seeing how they manage the upper tier of rewards (200+) as they're not quite as clear cut as 100 and below.
  20. ^ Not only that, but the rights to the re-recorded music scored for the ride were lost to someone when HRP went bankrupt. So we'll never be able to hear the full music track legally ever again. I'm not quite sure of the legalities of it, but legally SallyCorp cannot release it, beyond the partial use in their promotional video.
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