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  1. As of today I can confirm that Undertow does not look like it will be running anytime soon. The queue is still under construction and there wasn't all that much activity going on around the site...it was just sort of sitting there...
  2. Closing the Crown Colony would be an absolute shame! That has to be my absolute favorite place in that entire park, and it had some of the best theme park food and ambiance! If this is true I am VERY saddened.
  3. Just read an interesting article over at Theme Park University regarding online forums and the Point of Maximum Anticipation. http://themeparkuniversity.com/editorial/our-online-role-as-magic-makers/
  4. Wasn't he like 2 rows back? Would he have actually been able to see it and if so how did he know to look? I am calling BS on his tweets. The fact that he called it a "restraint" and the fact that he actually sounded like a somewhat intelligent human being gives me a little faith in his story. Much more faith than the click lady. Just because he was two rows back doesn't mean he wouldn't or couldn't have seen exactly what happened. That and the fact that he actually seemed genuinely disgusted by what he witnessed (and has now locked his twitter account), I would be much more willing to believe his story. I feel terrible for anyone who had to witness this awful tragedy.
  5. Absolutely awful news. My thoughts and prayers go out to those involved. And please no one make any jokes. :/
  6. And it was honestly worth the wait! The re-do looks absolutely fantastic. This really was a great way to bring the coaster into the modern age and now it looks to be one of the best indoor coasters out there! I actually like the way the launch works now, and it actually fits in with the storyline which is kind of fun.
  7. Lone Ranger This movie could not decide what it was, where it wanted to go or what it wanted to be. I really wanted to enjoy it but I just couldn't get past the bizarre and continuing tone shifts. You'd go from scenes of Indian slaughter to Depp and Hammer griping at one another, to scenes of people's hearts being eaten, to these bizarre and out of place comic relief sections. The finale as a whole felt a silly and frivolous romp with all the seriousness leading up to it dropped in favor of the classic carefree craziness without consequence. There were also several characters and back stories that never quite get explained or fleshed out, especially the manner in which the story is told from. Weird movie. I'd recommend seeing it just because there are some great action sequences in it and some rather clever bits that make it entertaining. Just don't be surprised by the weirdness that goes on.
  8. Merlin has one of the cleverest marketing departments in any amusement company. When they saw the rumor about the rotating track piece and how much hype it was generating without their involvement, a simple picture of the ride with the area in question omitted was like a spark to a keg of dynamite. It was a brilliant move that gave them a lot of free advertising and public awareness than they would have otherwise had. They let that hype run its course and then die down far before the opening. Stunts like the sheep and posters were soon talked about instead.
  9. Can a mod put this on the front pages? Seriously, this is front page worthy material!
  10. I've never really had an issues with being a teenager and enjoying theme parks. In fact, most of the time I usually end up helping people plan trips and telling them about all the new and upcoming attractions. Since I've entered high school I've gone away from most of the "enthusiast" components and instead focused on making my passion for theme parks into a viable career. This may seem a bit odd, but throughout most of these enthusiast communities I haven't found much in the way of "here's some viable ways for you to land a job in your field of interest". In fact, even on this site, the few times I remember asking for advice on the subject I was treated to some rather unbecoming, crass, and rude responses, dismissing my genuine curiosity entirely. My advice for anyone who's looking to turn their passion for theme parks into a career is to briefly step back from it all and ask yourself what you want to do, and how you could possibly pursue a career in it. Look outside the enthusiast realm/scope and you'll be surprised how many doors are open for anyone! This isn't to say that the communities are bad, and on the contrary they fill a very much needed niche, but for younger enthusiasts like those in this thread who may want to pursue careers in the field, stuff like this is very good to know.
  11. ^Awesome! I was loving all the pictures on FB of the game centers being chock full of Nintendo rather Microsoft. I'm not quite progressing as fast as everyone else due to a National Championship I'm training for, but my town is slowly coming together. Timmy and Tommy's store is closing tomorrow for the first remodel and I'm about to make a second bridge for my town. Still trying to acquire Regal and Steiped furniture so if anyone has some, I'm willing to make a deal. Also, I believe someone was interested in Blue Furniture? I acquired a blue bed recently.
  12. ^Plus they still have plenty of attractions that have been announced but we've heard nothing at all about (Avatar) that they can use during the event.
  13. This has been all over Twitter, surprised it has taken this long to get over here. http://orlandounited.com/word-of-hatetofly-return-of-the-king/ Discuss.
  14. I'm going to open my gates if anyone wants to stop by! Town Fruit is Pears, so if you have another kind, bring some. And it's raining! (Hint hint) Gates closed. Had to cut it short due to router issues. I'll be on later tonight if anyone will be open. And if you have any Regal Furniture or Wallpaper/Flooring, I'm buying.
  15. -Unpainted tracks appears outside B&M Plant -Oh look it must be for KI This happened when the Green Track for Heide Park was still at the plant too. I think we should wait a little longer before assuming it's heading for KI.
  16. Been experimenting with the game's built in screenshot function. in front of the town hall with my custom flag. fishing at the beach gazing towards a moonlit horizon...
  17. I'm opening my gates right now. My FC is a post or two above so add me! Edit: Gates are open! Bring some fruit! My town has pears.
  18. Alrighty, finally got my copy: Name: AlexanderK Town Name: Axelan AC Name: Alex Friend Code: 2320-6637-2668 Fruit: Pears Still have my tent at the moment, but I've been gathering a considerable bank account. Hunt for sharks at night, I caught about a dozen of them over the course of an hour and a half!
  19. LSM Premier uses LIM launches, which don't make much sound. Intamin LSM launches are a different story. Premier uses LSMs as well as Intamin. LIMs are the older system.
  20. According to my package tracker, mine should be arriving today...I'll post here once I recieve my copy.
  21. I believe in the end the only chances that were made were slight, aside from the addition of the "blastin'" figure. In an interview with Season Pass Podcast Garner Holt actually talks about how they want to do a lot more but weren't able to at the time because of the limited budget. I would also guess that the artwork and conceptual drawings are once again being brought out.
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