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  1. ^Sundays aren't too crowded this early in the year. Try to arrive before opening, since Sunday mornings are comparatively dead and you should have time to get in a lot of rides before noon. If you haven't been here before and you're trying to make sure you hit all of the credits, I'd head straight to Superman. It often has the longest lines and agonizingly slow loading procedures. Then you'll already be at the back of the park, and can hit Scream Machine and Ninja with no wait. You shouldn't have a problem riding all of the coasters at least once.
  2. My haul from Heide Park from the 2012 TPR Europe Tour. We had an AMAZING session on Colossos in torrential rain. I got more soaked on that ride than any water ride I've ever been on. Also Krake was a surprisingly fun ride.
  3. Oh, I like that Legoland Windsor one! Some more: Mexico City parks! Legoland Florida. A royal walrus and Dragon Mountain? Why not? Parc Asterix keychains.
  4. Today's keychains: Odin is cute! Club TPR carabiner! This counts, right? Galveston Pleasure Pier had a pretty good selection of keychains. Cedar Point keychain book that folds out. A chilly ride on Cyclone at Coney Island.
  5. A few more: Tobu Zoo, home of Kawasemi! OK, technically this one is a cell phone charm, not a keychain. But isn't it adorably Japanese? Remember "The Amazement Park"? This is from the defunct Fun Spot in Indiana. From Deer Forest (Michigan's Adventure). This elephant key was used to make the animatronic fairy tale scenes come to life. Oddly, SFMM made "grad nite" keychains. Deeply discounted at West Coast Bash in September! A cool Leviathan leather keychain.
  6. I've been collecting coaster and amusement park keychains since the mid 1990s. I've been inspired by recent threads (Martin's shirts and Bill's mugs) to start a keychain thread and post some pictures here. I currently have about 435 keychains. Most of them I bought at parks, but a few of them were gifts and some of them I bought online. I'll be posting some of my favorites and some of the more unusual ones in this thread. Of course feel free to post pictures of your favorite keychains! Let's start off with some of my vintage keychains... My collection! Deer Park - later renamed Michigan's Adventure Oh, Hi lady. I have no idea who this is. Remember these? I found this at a garage sale in Atlanta. Let's see who is inside... An old park near Anniston, Alabama. Disney World Six Flags "over" Magic Mountain Cedar Point 1970 Cedar Point 1970 (reverse)
  7. I knew the park would be closed for the winter, but it was really weird because Stockholm was having a "heat wave"... it was around 48F (9C) and mostly sunny. The coasters definitely could have run. Jealous of everyone going on the Scandi trip! This park looks incredible and is really unique being in the historic heart of a European capital.
  8. Also SFoG, *kind of* has a water park already. Six Flags White Water is a separate park about 20 miles away, but Six Flags sells combo tickets and season passes that include both SFoG and White Water.
  9. Sitting Bulldog IPA from Gotlands Bryggeri in Sweden. Pretty decent.
  10. Those new Vekoma trains are still awful. Morey's SLC is one of the worst I've been on.
  11. So, you may have heard there's been a little bit of snow and ice in Atlanta... View from my apartment on Tuesday afternoon Car stalled out on Peachtree Street blocking traffic
  12. Southside Pride Red Ale from Terminal Brewhouse in Chattanooga.
  13. What an epic drive across the country. Looks amazing. Keep the updates coming! I'm looking forward to some Grand Canyon pictures.
  14. Slow motion banana boat scene! I was terrified by that as a child.
  15. Yeah, even the "Gildan New Mexico Bowl" was awesome!
  16. I think this final batch of BCS bowls may have been the best yet. All 4 plus the championship were very entertaining games.
  17. It was there when it opened, but they didn't use it. Raging Bull was an excellent ride when it used to run brakeless.
  18. I actually managed to wait until Christmas to open mine. It's an awesome Japanese-style tea pot with built in filter! It's pretty neat because I don't have one like this where you can brew loose-leaf tea. It even came with matching cute little cups! Thanks secret santa! Now I just need to remember to take a picture of it.
  19. With Notre Dame's bowl win and Michigan's bowl loss on Saturday, the Irish are now the all-time winningest team by percentage.
  20. Crooked Tree IPA from Dark Horse in Michigan. One of my favorite IPAs.
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