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  1. I did a Holland America cruise and it was great. A much smaller ship, and the crowd was mostly older (as expected), but it was a great experience that focused more on the natural beauty of the landscape rather than the ship itself. Of course there was still a pool, shows, casino, etc. Unfortunately Alaska is one of the few states without a coaster!
  2. I had an Ommegang Zuur, Duck-Rabbit Oatmeal Porter, and Sweetwater IPA this past weekend.
  3. Sure! Reminds me of the Milagro Mine Ride. You could have a TPR trip that stopped in your back yard!
  4. I was about to suggest Vertigo at Walibi Belgium as well. [also the Step-2 coaster is made of plastic. I only count wood or steel, and I don't know anyone who counts any other construction material]
  5. Other possibilities include Skytrak at Granada Studios and Bronco Buster at Wild West World in Kansas. [and no, the fisher price "coaster" does not have tracks and nobody would consider it a credit]
  6. I'd absolutely count it as a credit. It fits the definition of a roller coaster. Just my opinion. Obviously some people wouldn't think it counts as a coaster; it's subjective. Some people count Dive to Atlantis or Superman:the Escape as coasters, some don't. Some count powered coasters as credits, some don't. There are no hard and fast rules, but the Pie Coaster has tracks and both rolls and coasts. It's at least as much a coaster as the Butterfly shuttle coasters that are listed on RCDB, or the Blue Flash. I think I actually have a pretty conservative credit definition. I don't personally count racers as two credits, I don't double-count "upgraded" or relocated coasters (like X vs. X2, or Batman:KF vs. Dominator) as separate credits, and I don't count powered coasters, Intamin 1st gen freefalls, etc. But I have no problem with people who count all of these things as credits. To each his or her own! I agree with you that the definition of a "rare" coaster is up for interpretation, and I would certainly count Thunder Eagle as rare, and the Hard Rock coasters assuming they don't reopen.
  7. I don't think a coaster should have to be open to the public in order to be considered a rare credit. Think of a rare coin or stamp that is rare because they made a mistake and it was never put into circulation, but is now coveted by collectors. The Nickelodeon Pie Coaster is a perfect example. Only a very limited number of people ever got to ride it. Hence, a rare credit. As for random coasters in North Korea or Turkey (etc), they of course are not rare from a world-wide perspective. Many North Koreans have ridden the North Korean coasters. However I think it's completely valid to argue that they are rare credits from our perspective. Of people that post on TPR (and the roller coaster enthusiast community in general), probably only the one person has been on the Wacky Worm in Turkey. In my opinion that makes it a rare credit, at least from our cultural perspective.
  8. I found a video of the Nickelodeon Pie Coaster: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJ9i5DDuWdo
  9. Here's mine. This year I rode for the first time one of my favorites (El Toro) and one of my least favorites (Coaster Express). I tend to rate Hell Cat (Avalanche) in Wisconsin much higher than most. I had some fantastic front-seat rides on it back in 2006. I also rate Lightning Racers lower than most. The ride just didn't do that much for me. I rode Kingdom Coaster for the first time and found it to be a surprisingly fun/peppy ride although it still ranks fairly low. (*edited to clean up list) Top 15: 1. Phoenix, Knoebel's 2. El Toro, SFGAd 3. Avalanche, Timber Falls (Based on 2006 rides) 4. The Voyage, Holiday World (Based on May 2006 rides) 5. Raven, Holiday World (My Favorite Steel [Millennium Force]) 6.Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce 7.Cornball Express, Indiana Beach 8.Thunderhead, Dollywood 9. Hades, Mount Olympus (Based on 2006 rides) 10.Shivering Timbers, Michigan's Adventure 11.Wildcat, Hersheypark (Based on 1998 rides) 12.The Beast, Kings Island 13.The Boss, Six Flags St Louis (Based on 2000 rides) 14.Viper, SFGAm 15.The Legend, Holiday World Bottom two: Coaster-Express, Parque Warner Madrid Son of Beast (SBNO), Kings Island
  10. Exactly. It's not a serious proposal, just a general concept... probably some grad student in graphic or architectural design put together the concept pictures. There are already compact urban amusement parks that are well connected to local transit systems, just not that many in the US (Coney Island?), and obviously none in skyscraper form unless you count Stratosphere.
  11. This architect has a concept design for an skyscraper-like urban amusement park. It's not a proposal, just a general concept to combat the suburban-style parks and help address issues of pollution/traffic/sprawl that can often be associated with large amusement parks. It's probably not really practical or cost-effective, but still pretty interesting. Like a souped-up stratosphere tower. Here's the original site and the archdaily article. Also Design Co. has an analysis of the concept.
  12. I rode I-305 with the trims and it was good, but not great. I know mine is a minority opinion, but the trims killed the first drop and the overhead restraints limit airtime and were too restrictive. Still, it was a fairly fun ride, and probably sits somewhere just outside of my top 30 steel coasters. I still prefer Millennium Force by a long shot - the two rides aren't even comparable in my book. I'll be very interested to see how the re-profiling/re-triming on I-305 goes. Also, for what it's worth, I like I-305 better than Carowind's Intimidator.
  13. It's still quite rude to make a comment about how "disgusting" a place is, especially to someone who lives there, directly after he had indicated how much he likes the place. He wasn't being disrespectful, Elissa was. Anyway, fantastic addition. The waterpark is always popular at Michigan's Adventure, so it makes sense to keep adding to it.
  14. I was at both parks last Saturday (SFGAdv in the morning/early afternoon and Dorney in the late afternoon/evening). Crowds were light at both. The longest line of the day was 20 minutes for Dorney's Wild Mouse. I didn't see any "roving bands" of rude guests, although there was a Glenn Beck rally at SFGAdv, which brought some interesting customers to the park. The employees at Dorney also seemed more professional and friendly than at SFGAdv. I'm sure you'll have a great time! Keep in mind that if you exit Dorney after 6PM, you cannot re-enter. So if you need to go and get a jacket from the car, do it at 5:30.
  15. The most obscure coasters I've been on are at Luna Park in Beirut. www.rcdb.com/5270.htm
  16. I stumbled across this coaster in January of 2006 when I was going for a short hike in Bendix Woods. I thought I saw some tracks in the woods, and I was shocked at what I found. I took some pictures and sent them in to RCDB. During the summer, you would not be able to see the coaster unless you were off the trail, as the tree cover is relatively dense. The coaster as it stood in 2006 was in really bad shape. It is not a complete circuit anymore, with at least 1/2 of the track missing, and trees fallen over it in many spots. It is a fairly large coaster, and placed along a hillside. The station area is at the top of the hill. There were a few small dips at the top of the hill, then the s-curve, and then a large swooping drop to the left down the hillside. I would estimate the drop had at least a 40ft change in elevation. All of the track after the drop is missing, until the end-of-the-ride lift hill back up into the station. What you have labeled as a "double down" is actually the lift hill, part of which has collapsed. If you look closely you can see the track on the current Google Earth photo. I outlined the remaining track here. The part I outlined was over 600feet long, so the complete coaster would have probably been at least 1000ft long.
  17. Went on Intimidator last weekend. I don't know if it was the trims or the weather or both, but it was very disappointing. Easily my least favorite B&M hyper out of the ones I've been on (SFoG Goliath, Nitro, Apollo's Chariot, Raging Bull). The first drop was great, but after that there was very little airtime, and little to no positive G-forces. They also made me take off my glasses, which seemed odd. Anyway, it was a decent ride, and very smooth and fast, just nowhere near my top 25. It was my first time to the park, and I had fun overall. Didn't have to wait longer than 25 minutes for anything. Afterburn was easily my favorite at the park. Excellent coaster.
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