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  1. The 1983 horror movie "The Dead Zone" features Christopher Walken riding the Ghoster Coaster at Canada's Wonderland: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLdbjXF7Ubs
  2. According to Weigand's website there are now 193 installations. There's the four installations from ADG/Alpine Products, inlcuding the new one in Tennessee. I can find three built by Erbschloe; one in France, one in Slovakia, and one in Russia. . And then there's Brandauer (English PDF) summer toboggans, which have single rails. I count 35 of those. 193+4+3+35 = about 235 alpine coasters worldwide.
  3. A lot of them are probably just odd/bad translations, but there sure are some weird coaster names in China. A few of my weirdest favorites: Hidden Anaconda, Dizzy Love & Whirling Passion, Happy Racing Boat, Lovely Fruit Worm Pulley, U-Shaped Roller Coaster, Bat Diving Speedy Car, Big Worm Inertia Train, King of Kings, Bull Fight in the Sky, Coulourfull Four Ring Coaster, Suspended Looping Coaster over Water, Crazy Jungle Squirrel, Golden-Dragon Tackle, High Altitude Rolling Sliding Coaster, Pig Bug Coaster, and Super Speed Cool-Cool Bear.
  4. Not rounded, but they slant down a bit behind the ears. I've been on rides like X, Kingda Ka, Goudurix, Leviathan, Sheikra, etc with no problem. Just depends on your comfort level. I always get my glasses a bit snug. When I had a slightly heavier and loosier pair of glasses, I used a strap on some rides just in case. Once I was white water rafting and fell out of the raft, and the strap kept my glasses on. So I think you're fine on any roller coaster.
  5. I ride all the time with no strap, and I've never had a problem.
  6. Yay, Andy's photo TR! I plan on making a few cameos. The Rock-O-Plane at Coney was "great." I just needed some rolaids after. Also it's too bad you missed the train at Sticker's Grove, because there was an incredibly life-like hippo. I thought I had been transported to Africa.
  7. Just a thought - if your partner isn't really in to coasters, and can't do a fast-paced coaster trip, why not just go without him? You could do a shorter/cheaper trip by yourself (or meet up with some TPR people to split a hotel and car and save even more money). Then with the time and money you saved, do something with your partner that you'll both fully enjoy.
  8. On a peninsula? Surrounded by water? No more room? Hmm, can't think of another situation like that... Cedar Point could easily build another 10 large coasters without running out of space. I remember when Millennium Force opened some people said they were out of space. But they sure did find space for Dragster, Maverick, Gatekeeper, Wicked Twister, Maxair, Skyhawk, Shoot the Rapids, Lighthouse Point, etc... just remove some old rides, move around some existing rides, squeeze things in, or build on top of things. Easy.
  9. Bizarre. They're incredibly lucky the detached car made it through the loop backwards, otherwise it would have come back and slammed into the rest of the train. That would have been a real disaster.
  10. Well it's an SBF 29mt drop'n twist, but I'm not sure where it is. http://sbfrides.com/product/en/819/DROPN-TWIST-29mt.
  11. I think it just depends on how it feels to you. I've only been on one alpine coaster, and it definitely felt like a roller coaster, so I count it. I don't count log flumes, alpine slides, dark rides, non-permanent traveling/fair coasters or powered coasters. I also don't count moved or re-themed coasters as a second credit, or racing coasters as two credits. Overall I'd say my count is more "strict" than most people, but to me an alpine coaster is definitely a roller coaster. In the end, as Robb said, it doesn't matter what someone else counts or doesn't.
  12. A gingerbread porter and a cream ale at Boatyard Brewery in Kalamazoo.
  13. It's pretty easy to hit a bunch of the Jersey parks in one day, depending on if you're just trying to get coaster credits or if you want to spend more time at each park. Here are some examples: Photo TR: Jersey Shore Skycoastin' Steve's 2011 Season Extravaganza!!
  14. Time for some Branson Missouri keychains. RIP Ozark Wildcat. Bonus crazy lasers. Silver Dollar City keychains! My favorite US park.
  15. Yay, got mine in the mail today! Thanks secret santa! OMG Obama joined TPR and he's my secret santa!!!!! Hmm, it can't really be from Obama... let's check the tracking number... Chantilly? OMG it's DC! Obama really is my secret santa! Thanks Mr. President! Holy crap that's a lot of stuff Ha. Funny card. I'm sure we've all dreamed of this. YAY, Frozen pajamas! Oh wait, this is just newspaper. Well I'm super disappointed. Worst Chrishankwansivus ever! PS the girl on the left has some giant feet. First up, a little monkey guy! WOOT! And USB-powered party lights! Definitely taking these to the office tomorrow... Friday Chrishankwansivus party time! Awesome! A dogfishhead pint glass! Good job, secret santa! And some adult coloring books. These should be fun. (I actually secretly love coloring) What's this? Cool, a design your own roller coaster book. Comes with all the parts you need to build a paper coaster. My kitchen table will soon be occupied. I've always wanted to design my own finger tattoos. I think I'll go with "Die Bart Die." It's German for "'The Bart The." Annnnnd I found something to do on my lunch break tomorrow. Done and done.
  16. Mailed mine on Tuesday morning. It's in the hands of the USPS now!
  17. How about a 4-park Walt Disney World keychain? I like that each of the Orlando parks have a big centerpiece to represent the whole park.
  18. Picture from "Superdude123" on Lagoonisfun.com Sorry for the large size.
  19. ^they're all within a two hour drive of Pittsburgh. But honestly this was a bit much for one weekend; it only worked because we both already had been to Kennywood, and I'd already been to Lakemont and Del Grosso's. I think three days is easily enough to hit all of these parks if you've never been. Lots of credits, unique rides, and a couple of awesome coasters!
  20. A couple of keychains from the bay area: Goldstriker and Great America Gilroy Gardens. I love the little garlic guy!
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