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  1. Point Buzz would not be too happy about that. Also, what could fit there? A ball coaster?
  2. Reading over these quotes are hilarious, but this one is just sad: "Yes, choosing Intamin was not the best idea ever, given their history." Intamin's history kicks the @$$ of any other company. And this is coming from a B&M fanboy! Anyways, still pumped for opening day. Hitting up Mantis first, then Millie. I still think there should be a Blue Streak meet-up though.
  3. I don't consider The Beach as the name of the attraction, I think of it as a generic project name. I mean, it isn't really an attraction anyway. It's a beach! The idea, anyways, I think is a great one. It's going back to the amusement park roots! It'll bring more families in search of relaxion. And can the park keep one teacups ride?
  4. With the recent surgence of "favorite" threads, I've decided to throw my B&M thread out there. Mostly because they're my favorite manufacture-er (sp?). Anyways what's your favorite B&M, or your top 3, or top 5 and such? P.S. Mine is probably Raptor, not including my pre-thunderstorm ride on Diamondback.
  5. That's great that it's being themed! Still not the best SLC ever, though. New trains would definitely make the ride worthwhile though. I feel like I've ridden this before though... maybe at every Six Flags park in existance (w/o a Batman)? P.S. Best SLC = Great Nor'easter with its new trains.
  6. ^ True. SF better be getting a boatload of money to advertise on El Toro though. Still, I don't see why they don't make the ads mix in with the train. Why not say "Presented by Stride" on the side of and inside the coaster cars? Granted, it won't be as noticable, but I'm being turned off by the current ad. What's next, the "Stride Uber Bubble Boomerang"?
  7. Fixed. This is a freak accident situation really. 99% of people wouldn't be riding Dragster with their head turned to the side during the launch. I rarely move my head while riding a coaster, even to talk! Why does no one listen to the auto-speil?
  8. ^ CF really is dulling things down. At least they had the sense to remove SoB And I think FoF should add an extra car on its train. It was really packed back in the Firehawk/Flight of Fear area when I went. My family skipped FoF even though I REALLY wanted to ride it. It turned out for the better though, as I scored the last ride on Diamondback before it was shut down (rain, lol CF). It was coming down hard!
  9. The brochure is still in it's six page form, but the picture of STR makes it look like they built a ride in a Brazilian forest. I still have no idea why our family never got/ordered one of those getaway guides. Maybe it's because we only went to Six Flags World's of Adventure. I was so underprivileged (sp?) when I was six.
  10. Great non-photo TR. I also like that 3/5 of the top 5 coasters were B&M's. It's funny how the old Arrow beats the new one, although my friend said X2 was great when he rode it recently. I do agree that the theming for X2 great and a step in the right direction for Six Flags.
  11. ^ DORNEY NEEDS IT CUZ I LIVE CLOSER! Kidding aside, I'm also happy DD didn't get scrapped. There are only so many of those rides left, and IMO they're great rides that any park could have. It's a thriller that can help little kids make the step to bigger rides. I would know, I got my first looping credit the day I rode "Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall". Plus, if you scrapped that, what would happen to its 10 million tires?
  12. ^ Little kids are so annoying! Especially the ones that chicken out at the front of the line. In Cleveland, you either ride Millennium Force or you ride Millennium Force. (Bad experiences...) Anyways, really pumped for CoasterMania. Any expectations on crowds?
  13. IMO, I like the track color. It looks nice up close and I don't think the colors clash that much. Also, if this renovation turns out for the best, I'm definitely making a trip to Texas. You know, not including the other 3 Six Flags parks in Texas.
  14. Knoebels is a traditional, old-school park. Intamin kicks a ton of ass, but a Mega-Lite wouldn't fit at Knoebels. Maybe Cedar Point because, well, CP just has a buttload of Intamins. Seriously, the last 4 coasters and STR are all made by Intamin.
  15. Think about this: 90 Degrees... WHILE RACING! IMO 10x better than regular. Seriously though, it's AWESOME that The Gravity Group is putting more coasters out there. Their current designs are already astounding and filled with floater airtime. I just can't wait to see where GG takes racing coasters.
  16. That's what I said! IMO, they should just tear it down. It's caused a ton of backaches for everyone, figurativly and literally! They could still put up a great coaster in it's place, one that wouldn't have the painful memories SoB has.
  17. *Gets referred to the post about there being arsenic in pressure treated wood* I'm just hoping it'll be a spot for a new Gravity Group woodie. Mmm... 90 degrees makes me happy. For an added bonus, Gravity Group is from Cincy, so you never know.
  18. ^ We can only hope it gets there ASAP. Kind of sad about missing the credit, but SoB was a freaking disaster. Two accidents within three years, not to mention the pain and suffering it dished out for the 9.5 years it operated. I'm just hoping they'll put a sick coaster in it's place.
  19. ^^^ That interview is GOD-AWFUL! The dude knows some stuff, but the reporters is dumb as a rock. Plus, I don't think Cedar Point should have built that new water park. STR cost enough already. ;D By the way, any ideas for a meet-up opening day? I probably won't be there, but I'd suggest around Blue Streak. TPR takeover, anyone?
  20. Invertigo was open last time I went, but I've heard on Boomerangs having mechanical problems, not to mention the bad capacity. Anyways, I would argue for a B&M standup to take the place of SoB. Cedar Point only had TWO inverted track coasters by the time Mantits was put in. Also, there are lots of good inverted coasters out there, but not as many stand-ups.
  21. ^ In the far-away pictures the yellow and white looks nice, but the pink up close is kind of wierd. I'm sure the supports will be yellow because they've been painted that way in the picture. No idea for track color though.
  22. I don't know what my last coaster was, but my last ride was Demon Drop at Cedar Point. I love Intamin 1st generation Freefalls, and all the tires that come with them. R.I.D. (Rest in Dorney)? Seriously though. It's one cigarrette away from the world's biggest tire fire.
  23. Nice TR! I wish I could be there right now. I gotta wait out 29 more days for Cedar Point to open. About GASM's loops though, it looks like when you don't get the "large half loop" in RCT so you just have a billion of the small slopes in a row. Arrows are very "RCT-ish".
  24. BGW already has enough B&M's (I actually said it!) and an Intamin just wouldn't seem in the mix due to the fact that neither Busch Gardens have an Intamin coaster. A racing woodie would fit perfectly fine to match Tampa's Gwazi. A 180 foot Intamin would KICK ASS too, though.
  25. ^^ We need something like that in America. Do you know how tired I am of black signs that say "Closed"? It's good to see the "dark ride" section of TH13TEEN is working well now. When you hype a coaster for the theme, that's what's gonna draw people in. If the theme doesn't work, you'll have some unhappy campers.
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