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  1. Well, problem solved! I also tried a new beer today, "Ink & Dagger Modern IPA" 6,5% from Amundsen Bryggeri. I haven't tried a lot from this brewery, but what I have tried so far has been very good and this was no exception. Fresh, fruity and very drinkable!
  2. That was pretty cool, thanks for sharing! Apart from Cobra I know pretty much nothing about the park, so it was interesting to see what else the park has to offer.
  3. HOLY CRAP those shots are AMAZING!!! Your pictures are making me miss this place more and more! To quote Walt Disney himself: "Adults are only kids grown up. anyway"
  4. Thanks for sharing the video! Loke will definitely give some interesting views of Balder that we have not been able to get before. I wasn't really planning to visit Liseberg this year with Valkyria opening next year, but given how great Liseberg is I could easily make the trip every year. The people of Gothenburg are really lucky to have this amazing park in their city!
  5. Kennedy Space Center is an awesome place, I loved my visit there in 2014! The Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibition is amazing, that moment when the video end and the space shuttle is revealed gave me major goosebumps! I stayed at the Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort during my last visit in 2015. You can see it on the right side of this picture. Great location, very close to the parks, and at a very decent price as well.
  6. I'm seeing a noticable increase in sour beers here as well. I'm not really into that type of beer much, but I have a friend who thinks it's the best thing ever. Oh and speaking about fridges.... Thanks for reminding me that I need to do something about this sad sight!
  7. That's an extremely convenient placement of brake fins on the trains for that kind of operation!
  8. ^Thanks for the info! Good to hear there was nothing wrong with the ride itself (which is usually the case when these things happen).
  9. I guess I'll post this here since this seems to function as the "park thread".... There was a horrific accident on Krater, the parks Gerstlauer Eurofighter, where a disabled rider was thrown from the ride during the first drop and is in critical condition. It says the rider was disabled, but it does not state in what form. The accident was caught on video from distance. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/disabled-man-seriously-injured-horror-10226274
  10. Just watched The 5th Wave. A storyline with lots of potential, but overall poorly executed.
  11. Public holidays are awesome! I haven't done anything useful today and it has been great!
  12. I love pictures capturing the different expressions on the riders faces, and you definitely managed to get plenty of those! Great report, thanks for sharing!
  13. We have full animated POV of Valkyria! Looks like a pretty solid layout and one that I look very much forward to checking out! [fbvideonew] [/fbvideonew]
  14. Well, trip to Denmark was booked today so Djurs and Hansa Park in June are pretty much confirmed! Might also make a stop at Legoland, let's see...
  15. I definitely approve of another viking-themed ride opening this year! Looks great!
  16. Nøgne Ø Two Captains Double IPA 100 IBU 8,5% ABV. I've probably posted this one before, but if anyone were to ask me what is currently my favorite beer it has to be this one. It's simply perfection in a bottle!
  17. Who gives a sh*t? That video is freaking hilarious, from his friends confused reaction, right down to the fact that he still tries to enjoy the rest of the ride. I would have too. Besides, I always wished we had video of that glorious goose exploding all over Fabio's face, but this'll do. That was f*cking hilarous!! The thing that got me was how the pigeon actually stuck to his neck, rather than flying off instantly! And of course, those reactions are pricelss!! And yes, I think we all wish there was video of the Fabio 'incident'...
  18. Football (soccer) season has started in Norway, and we're off to a great start!
  19. Awesome photos! And yes, I can definitely relate to some of your points about being a tourist in the US... Looking forward to see more!
  20. It's 8:30 PM and it's still fairly light outside. My brain is confused...
  21. Wow that tower looks incredible now! Looking forward to (hopefully) visiting the park in June.
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