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  1. Thank you for this TR. I wanted to go there, but can´t because of work and bad weather when I was able to do. On this way I got a impression of what I missed.
  2. It seems that Merlin starts a similar publicity campaign to Thi3teen for their new attraction at Heide Park. That´s what they wrote on Friday the 13th august in their news-section: =495&cHash=3ea1f51e6d18dc05d9b16e420649b1eb]Heidepark%20website]Heide Park Website
  3. I´m not belgian, but would also fit in the car, I guess - it depends on the time you´ll drive? I´m looking forward to ride this monster again and don´t want to wait anymore, planed to do it with a friend and work collegue, but we won´t have so many same off days, so that is a problem.
  4. Yes, that are only concept artworks. Don´t really now, why they took a Vekoma SLC, another reason could be that their first vision was to put one in the park... their artworks are from the start of their vision. It took years after they really start the construction. In this time many things changed, I guess (like you can see a B&M Inverted Coaster in the background, too). Some more informations I found in the web: Source: Parchionline.it
  5. The park doesn´t offer an option to by an onride footage from your ride, until now. For an really good Footage in the RAW, buy this: "Rollercoaster in the RAW DVD - Vol.4" or the download Version Should get a credit for this commercial Robb
  6. Hi Eggfreak, again, great Photo TR. But I have always problems viewing some of your photos, when I use Firefox - often some pictures aren´t correct loaded, don´t know why? (EDIT: same with Internet Explorer) Also I would like to thank you for your first report of Oecher Bend, because of that I was there at friday evening, too. Don´t know when you were there last time, but perhaps we met up without knowing that Would like to add a video of "Teststrecke" to your evening photos - don´t want to create another Topic for that, but think it could fit here. Hope you agree with that (if not, send me a PM and I will delete it immediately) Click for Youtube 720p HD video[coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Teststrecke_-_Double_Looping_-__On-_Offride__f6br[/coastertube] ... and you forgot to mention, that there was a "Hidden Lou" attraction over there
  7. Hello again! For everyone using facebook, here is the "Rainbow MagicLand UNOFFICIAL PAGE". The language of the site is italian, but there are many up to date construction photos. Not sure I´m allowed to post them here directly.
  8. It´s exciting to see what happens in Europe and it totally fits in my plans for next year! I try to do a camping trip with a good friend through the northern of italy to visit Gardaland, Movie Studios and Mirabilandia in 2011. And perhaps there will open Rainbow Magicland in Rome, too! I´m curious following the new coaster type of B&M grow up and ride it as soon as possible. Hopefully there will be different coaster types in Gardaland and Heidepark and Thorpe Park, so the range of different types in Europe grows again. We still need Flying Coaster, Dive Machine on the mainland Europe and in my case I would like to see an X2-type coaster over here... Should save money and go on shopping tour in the next years or put it on my wishlist for santa claus - and don´t tell me he don´t excist
  9. Ha, ha, can´t stop laughing... That´s great... and her glimpse say... OK Dad, if you want me to do that... cheeeeese... Great Trip report again! Thank you for sharing your journey. I´m sad, would like to speak to you at Efteling, but thats the problem if you don´t recognize over there who is who and met up with some people you were on the Trip before (in my occasion on the UK-Trip) Hope we´ll meet up on another Club TPR day in Europe in the next years. Loved to ride Joris en de Drak!
  10. Just watched the construction of "Hard Rock Park" on a documentation channel in germany. They introduced it with the words "If they finish the construciton of this park, they will write history" ... that sounds now like gallows humor. At the end of the docu, they show a subtitle, which informs you that the park has renamed and operates "NOW" as "Freestyle Music Park" and is presented as a success... without words.
  11. Can´t stop laughing I excactly remember times with Luca like that Thanks for this really great report, it was very interesting to experience what happened "behind the scenes" and what you think about the days. Now I wish you a great new Trip with a huge amount of fun.
  12. That´s the only hotel I found by my search too, with accurat prices for my idea. Thanks for your convert, but I have to convert it in Euro BTW, that is a great view out of the window. Thank you for your fast information and help.
  13. Maybe it´s a stupid question, but does somebody have a tip for me to go there? Cheaper hotel to stay in the near of the park? I only find those expensive luxury hotels... can´t believe there is anything else. Maybe I´ll try to go there in Dec. But have to look on the price, cause next years Japan Combo Trip EDIT: Has somebody heard something about the price for the entrance tickets?
  14. This is my last post of the PTR, with photos of the Friday nights Firework at the Rheinkirmes. Many Touristships are coming from around the whole Rhine region from Koblenz until Duisburg. The TV channels (WDR3 and CenterTV) shows this fireworkshow, too... Back again Tourist boats came for this fireworkshow from about the complete Rhine area, until Koblenz and Duisburg. Then the firework begins... And if you´re interested in, here are the videos (30min):
  15. ^ Maybe because the most of them are using a stone baking oven like in the past? That´s a more tasty pizza than in those sh... todays baking oven! For example in germany you have a lot of trouble to find a restaurant where they already have an original stone baking oven.
  16. Didn´t know about that accident! Yes and now. Like I can see, that are the same seats/cars, but the ride is different; more like a starflyer. The ride in moscow has only one of these cars and turns around a huge arm. But that wouldn´t make a difference to the accident, cause the cable snapped of the seat/car and this could be happen here, too. You broke the first two rules. Don´t speak about Forgot about that.
  17. Nowihav afew drinksss tooomutsh.... let´s go on... Wow, that funhouse was great... like the name of it says "Lach-Freu-Haus" and you get a bavarian accent lection... Balluna Let´s have a look at "Rocket"... You´re sitting sideways of a rocket themed construction. I have to think of the "Flying Machines" at Pleasure Beach in a modern version. The rest is like a starflyer and the same height, but... You´ll turn around and hang upside down "Rotor" an old traditional attraction... you stand on the wall of a barrel wich will turn that fast like a centrifuge... ... the ground will go away and you are stuck on the wall... Next stop another Düsseldorf brewery tent Kristal Shake Another view of the "Alpenwelt" region Yummy, grilled salomon! 3 floor Darkride great theming... ... but, when I rode it last time, it was only an outside theming... inside there were nothing! Ahhh, there it is... the good old Wild Mouse! Must have a traditional ride Power Tower II (height: 66m) Sweet, an old attraction which I never saw for a lot of years... "Flash" more beer Kiddie boat drive "Die Bootsfahrt" Starflyer the ferris wheel looks great. "Future World" Traditional Tobbogan ride (I think that´s one of MACK?- not sure) IMO, the funniest thing about that is the fast elevator, it´s entertaining and you´ll have a lot of fun by doing it yourself see what I mean like this ride - especially as teenager ...hug-time... And they want that you´re kissing each other... ...beer again... I took a ride on the ferris wheel... beautiful Alpina Bahn... Höllenblitz - an indoor coaster, which isn´t that good as it looks from the outside. ...right next to the Ferris Wheel you can find the Spinning coaster - "Spinning Racer" in the exit section of the Ferris Wheel is a cafe/bar area located Again a great beer and food area - you have to buy a "Spanferkelbrötchen"!!! "Spinning Racer" Pizza Time (is this Elissa friendly food???) ... A coffee house - austria style That is the train of "Höllenblitz" like I said before, a nice theming from the outside, but inside... nah, not that good ride. "Devil Rock" OK, have to go now, it´s late and the next day I have to work again. Will take the Ferry to the old town of Düsseldorf... Can you read the time? - Yes, it´s a real clock. (The biggest decimal clock; listed in the Guinness book of records) ... Next time, I will post a few pictures of the great firework and a video...
  18. Since the last TPR-European Trip and their visit at a Würzburg funfair, to get ERT on Olympia Looping and the great experience the participants had, the interest on german funfairs might be rised, so I guess you like to see some pictures and information of other large funfairs in Germany; like I read before, it seems that many of the Würzburg fair attractions visiting Düsseldorf as well. I proudly present you the... Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf - 3rd largest funfair in germany - Rheinkirmes is called the largest funfair at the rhine. It has about 4 million visitors and is the 3rd largest funfair in germany. Octoberfest in munich with 6 million visitors and Cranger Kirmes with around 4.5 million visitors are the two larger ones - by the way, Cranger Kirmes is located in the near of Düsseldorf in Herne and starts after the Rheinkirmes. The most attractions which where located in Düsseldorf are going to the Cranger Kirmes as well (this year it will be from 06th - 15th August). The Rheinkirmes starts annually in the 3rd July week and ends, like every year, with a great firework. - This year it was from the 17th-25th July. Since I recognized here are many gay members on this side it might be interesting for them also... Monday is a huge traditional gay meeting there. If you ever plan a visit, Phantasialand, Moviepark Germany and Toverland are around 1 hour by car from Düsseldorf away, so you have a great chance to combine the funfair with some theme park visit. By train it won´t be a problem, too. There is a little tradition in the attractions placed there, because of that it is a long time ago, that the Olympia Looping was located over here. Most times we had the Eurostar, which is gone and selled now to Moscow, and in the last years, the Alpina Bahn was located at the funfair, most rides of the entertainer Oscar Bruch. There are 3 other coasters located at this funfair (Wild Mouse, Spinning Coaster and Höllenblitz indoor coaster). Every year they will put some new attractions in, but the coasters are most times the same - so I have a tradition in riding them Lets have a look at the pictures: Fun-Fair-Map with attractions listed I came from the oldtown part of Düsseldorf with a ferry over the Rhine to the funfair, so I start in the middle part of the fair next to Alpina Bahn: This is an old traditional attraction - a swing, where you can do loopings Looping the Loop Happy Sailor "POWER TOWER II" - Drop Tower - (high 66meters) Go-Kart Track about two floors In the back: new attraction "Rocket" Oh, an international guest... Buddha... have fun over here, you´re welcome! Not only hidden mickeys are here... everywhere you can find hidden boobs ... there is also something for the women or men who like that I like these Kiddie rides! Started with them as a child... If you want to get a little punched and hurt without riding a vekoma... go into this one... if you´re already drunken, forget it, your brain will hurt enough on the next day Fight Club That´s a better place... have fun, food and drink a lots of bavarian or Düsseldorf beer and listen to bands. (Sidenote: In Düsseldorf the famous "Alt" beer brew is located and next to it in Cologne the "Kölsch" brew) Alpenwelt inside the Alpenwelt And now, something you have waited for: Yeah, Alpina Bahn!!! Although there are no loopings on that Schwarzkopf Coaster, it´s a really funny ride. Let´s see more pictures of the coaster... Alpina Bahn Want to see a small look offride video of Alpina Bahn... [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Alpina_Bahn_7oto[/coastertube]click for Youtube HD video Crazy Outback - A great funhouse. with hotties and you can get a little soaked like in a car wash ...wait please, I need a something to drink... If your energy is down, you can take some electical shocks from this to test how cool you´re and to impress the babes Or do you want what will happen next? Want to win something... can´t see fluffy fluffy... these are fluffy... If you´re drunken and forget how to... you should win this... WTF, who will ever forget that!!! Now close your eyes, if you don´t want to see... ... Boobs again... ...good old Breakdancer... The new attraction... "Rocket" wow, a huge amount of Tigers... I´m under the impression, that the tigers grow every year??? ... and they get babies!!! Scary... ... recognizing this, I need a gummi bear liquor... another kiddie ride 2 floor darkride You can buy ready hearts or can have your own text on it... Booster Maxxx Another new ride "Höllentaxi"... ... mmh, it´s fast, it´s intense, but I didn´t like it... Ah, an old tradition stunt show... ... they drive on the wall of a huge barrell with this motorcycles and... cars!... What´s that? ...German pancake girls are sometimes not the same than in the UK at Gullivers "Das Omen" a walkthrough in the dark, with actors... mmm, is that "Jason Myers" he looks like Michael M., but uses a chainsaw???... oh sh... he saw me, let´s go away! OH really! The sign says in german "lebende Akteure" = living actors... didn´t know that they are alive, thought they´re zombies... ahh, thats boring then. Circus Circus Wildwasser Bahn - Log flume ride ...it´s great, it´s fun, it´s also backwards and has a good theming... "Omni" Here you can buy your unique styled gingerbread = "Lebkuchenherz" Mmmh, tasty... but I would prefer to see one special person with that again - Some of the European Trip members know what I mean It´s more dark now and the attractions are more beautiful with lights on... But before I´ll post more of the attractions, I´ll have to make a break here - like I did at this beer tent at the funfair... .
  19. Mikel and I had exactly the same problem in the second Premier Inn - I guess it was in Grimsby. We had a one bed room. We didn´t tell you that, cause there were some changes at all and you spoke about something that there are some people that will have a single room. Later we figured out, that only the woman had a single bed room and the others still had to beds in their room But it wasn´t a problem, we couldn´t handle, only a funny moment we recognized, that we were the only one
  20. BTW... I never thought, that it is possible to get ERT on Olympia Looping or any coaster on a funfair!!! A great respect for that! Same respect for the beer tent. I have an idea! Next time, you should built up a TPR-funfair on the field next to my house with all great Schwarzkopf coasters cruising through germany, while you visit Phantasialand, Moviepark or Toverland and make a bonus stop over here If you get that, I bring the HARIBO and beer stuff
  21. ^ I was so sad, it wasn´t possible for me to follow you all on the Europe Trip! But since I heard, that Elissa and Robb figured out a funfair with Olympia Looping, I expected a great ride and a hughe amount of fun and party - that made me more sad not together with you all! I wished I was there!
  22. At Windsor, after the Wagagagaga-restaurant - was it called wagamama?... I smoked outside and she came with Kathryn and told me that I´m not allowed to smoke over there. - There were a sign, which told that it´s not allowed into these shopping area it isn´t allowed. I stood outside, but no matter. Can´t resist her and followed her instructions and made the cigaret off, I just fired up Said to her, that she is right with her opinion. She was so shy telling me that - Katrhyn animates her to do - , but after I followed her instruction she get so proud. It was nice to see
  23. Like I wrote in a past topic somewhere, I were in a relationship with a small child. He grow up with me from 8month, to the age of 8. Now he will be 10 and I feel still, like he´s my adopted son and our contact is very good, same with my ex girlfriend. We start traveling like you in the very early years with him - most times in the europe region, but to different regions. Would have done more like you, if it were possible to us. By the way, he will visit the states this year for his first time. Like you said, the teachers recognized that early, cause Luca got many impressions and different cultures he learned from and he´s still so interested in cultures and countries. He lost some memories about details, but can remember every place he was and if you talk about some memories, they often came back... So I agree in your opinion. And you can be proud mum - I´m sure you´re - that your parents are also with you on this journeys. They´re so nice and I guess these are all amazing times for Kristen. BTW, you have a really cute and nice daughter - she´s looking like a best of you and Robb together... so cute - Cause of smoking and my language issues, I myself was a little bit shy, to speak more to you and especially to Kristen and was afraid of disturbing you and her and being a bad influence. I often watched at her and you, while she was playing or something else and loved to see such a great mum and dauther - she looked always proud and happy with you. Robb, I saw you playing with her, too. So you´re also included in my compliments - so please don´t feel offended. I guess, Kristen will later teach their teachers P.S.: Is there a way to adopt me, so I can get on all your travels
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