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  1. Wow, this looks so great! Thanks for the TR. Have to go there. I only know a small model like the "Wild Eagle" at Fort Fun, but no one where you will have a longer ride on your own.
  2. Don´t know what that issues came from, I suppose it was something with coastertube. The files that didn´t work were deleted at my next account visit? I took another try on the next morning - then it worked fine with the same files??? But my files aren´t great converted. I need some tipps for making better files for this "BLAtubes" (coastertube and youtube, etc.) My original files look much clearer, sharper and the sound is better? Can someone tell me, where I can inform me about the best options for uploadin video files?
  3. OK, did have some problems with my preparations for evening sequel - first with uploading on coastertube, now with youtube! - will post the links to youtube if the videos are online, so you are able to see the Pyro-/Fireworkshow in HD (720p) - --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I told you, the day I was at CentrO Park was a special day in Germany, called "Tanz in den Mai" (Dance into the may) = april 30th. I want to share some evening photos and videos of the show they made for the audience, so that you get a little impression about the promenade (little boardwalk like at the universal studios ) The small park with this "afterparty" is a great day of fun. Let´s go on with the story... I was a little bit hungry and thirsty, looking for some food and a tasty, cold beer: This is the banner for the show That´s the "Coca Cola Oase" a huge food-temple with all well known international fast-food-restaurants and more In the past that was the location of a "Planet Hollywood" Now up to the rest of the promenade... Mm??? Brauhaus... there I can have a great beer, hearty food and some pretzels for Elissa ... sounds good... OK, shouldn´t buy pretzels for her, yet - the TPR-Trip tour is 1 1/2 month away so let´s see what´s next coming... Hey, beer garden, we´ll see us later... mmmmh, yummy! That´s another cafe on the promenade... Oh, what seeing my eyes overthere... Yes! I need to drink one and should eat here. But before I will go there and it´s dark when I came back, I have to show you the beach club, they built up there. ... That wasn´t much of the promenade, but I hope you get a little impression of it... Now we come closer to the evening show... Here are some evening views of the promenade... There it is, the final Pyro- / Fireworkshow. It was devided in 3 parts with short breaks about 90 minutes: (Have fun and enjoy it) ... and don´t mind my comment at beginning of the last video [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=01_-_Pyroshow_-_CentrO_9wou[/coastertube] [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=02_-_Fireworkshow_-_CentrO_g3bc[/coastertube] [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=03_-_PyroFireworkshow_-_CentrO_n6dk[/coastertube]
  4. Because Rob took the wrong turn and gave Alissa the nickname and Kerstin is her kid Another reason might be the: 4 8 15 16 23 42 Sorry, can´t stop saying that Try out this link to the topic Why "Tums"??? Sometimes the "search"function above will also help - you can find it above the topics between the "statistics"- and "calendar"-option
  5. Yes, they´re called "Kanadagans"... Kanada=canada; Gans=goose - so it´s called Canadian geese translated in german
  6. Can´t decide wether it is an upload or an viewing problem. After the upload is complete for 99% the following message comes to the top: (The file is an mp4-file and 38,9MB large) It´s the third time now; with different files
  7. I have problems to upload my video! It´s a MPG4-File with a file size of 38,9MB. It seems the upload worked correct, but after it finished this message came across the screen: That happend the third time now???
  8. Thanks for the compliment; I´m glad to here that. I took all photos with my Sony HD Handycam (HDR-CX6EK) in a resolution of 6 Megapixel, since I don´t have a photocamera anymore. It doesn´t have a panorama function, so I have to take the shots by my own sense. It´s not that difficult, pick a marked point for you and turn the camera in the direction you want (like you do if it´s fixed on a tripod), so that this point at the end is on the different fringe and can be found on both pictures - don´t use the fokus while you doing that. For stitching those images I use tools like MAGIX PanoramaStudio or Canon Photo Stitch - a tool of my old Canon IXUS 330 and there are many other options - open source, too. Sometimes you won´t have success, but in the most cases, those shots are usable, too.
  9. "CAMEL BALLS"?!?! Ugh... no matter wether they´re sour or not... I don´t like to suck balls... Are they shaved or not I like your TR. I want to make a skandi Tour in the next years, too. Watching the TPR videos of their trips and those Photo TR it seems, that a skandi tour is a must have done tour. Sad for yout, that the weather wasn´t good.
  10. Hi, searched in the forum, but can´t really find a topic like that. If I´m wrong, I´m sorry. What are the optimal settings for coastertube to get a video that looks clear and sharp, but don´t be a large file. Can´t find anything about the restrictions for coastertube? Are they equal to the forum video restrictions? So here are my additional questions: - optimal bitrate - optimal fileformat (thought it was .mp4) - optimal container (AVC/H264?) - best framerate - optimal resolution - max. playtime - max. size - is it / or will it be possible to uploade HD-Files? Hope I didn´t overlook the restrictions for that!
  11. You´re right! Oscar Bruch Jr. is the leader of the park since 10 years. This will defenitively the last year under his management. We´ll see what will happen to the park next year and what attractions will stay there. Until now, they say the park will open in the next years - either under a new management or by themselves.
  12. Now I´m curious about the next episode! Thanks for posting this. By the way, hope you won´t be annoyed about my last Photo TR. I met Gertrude on april 30th in a German park before she went to the party bus. Don´t know what she were doing there???
  13. Hi Larrygator, while you already recognized my Photo TR of the CentrO Park, I took a collection of some Heidepark photos for you, because I don´t know when I will be ready with the complete Photo TR of it. I guess you don´t have some photos of the "TopoLiLaLaune Schlacht" (Splash Battle), until know, so here are they: Sorry that I don´t have any Photo mentioned on your list. I didn´t plan to go to Heide Park, so I missed to watch on it before I traveled. At first I wanted to do a trip to Hansa Park, after a visit at Hamburg. Panorama Sign Entrance Piraten Arena Park Map 2010 Maya Tal (in the front: "La Ola") left: "Aqua Spin"; middle: "La Ola"; right: "Huracan" A panorama of the "Schweizer Bobbahn" - maybe you are interested in.
  14. Hi there! The CentrO Park is located next to the shopping mall CentrO in Oberhausen. Next to it are Sealife, the STAGE METRONOM Theater (actually with the Musica WICKED), the König Pilsener ARENA, and the AQUApark Oberhausen and there is an entertainment, bar and restaurant promedade, too. The park is more designated to families with small childs, but it has a small coaster credit, too. I think it´s interesting for people who will make a full family entertainment in this area, not only in this park. Many netherlands came here with a bus trip for a shopping tour and you can have a really nice evening here! EDIT: Something important, I forgot to mention is, that the whole parking area is FOR FREE all the time! I spent my afternoon (1 hour before park closing) and evening at CentrO on the 30th april - that is a special evening in Germany, which is called "Tanz in den Mai" (Dance into the may). So I´ll post a few pics of the evening show at CentrO after the Park. - EDIT: Watch now the pyro-/fireworkshow on page 2 - NEWS 2011: The new Owner of the Park is MERLIN ENTERTAINMENT; watch here for more information! Let´s begin: The whole area (sat-picture by maps.google.com) That´s the sign of the whole area. ... a view of the promenade with many restaurants, bars and so on... (feels a bit like holidays) another picture of the promenade the bridge to the park behind. You can see a part of the mall entrance in front of you. There is the "Coca Cola Oase" - a large food hall . On the left you can see the cinema complex and behind it one of the huge parking areas (which are for FREE). Park entrance Waveswinger ... and one for the small ones... a small indoor play area entrance of the "Piraten Flotte" theming??? ... "What are you looking at me, eh?!" It´s an oldie of the newer splash battles ... but there are hungry aligators... The next attraction is "BEE BEE" Yeah! The one and only coaster credit... There are some education path also... ... with informations about the plants ... and explanations about technical enviroments... a small maze Oops! What are you doing here, GERTRUDE!?! Didn´t know that you make a journey to us before you will go to the party bus in may! The next attraction they called "Traktor Bahn"... ... this is the entrance building with a shop of the... ... in germany well known "Benjamin Blümchen" - they take him as mascot that´s the "Traktor Bahn" "Rodeo" "Goldwash" a place with goldnuggets which you can press to coins. there are 4 playgrounds, too. This is a smaller one located next to a fast food station. "Power Paddler" "Trampolines" "Bungee-Trampoline" Beg Wheel... Panorama with a view on the CentrO Mall and the park... Oh, there is something interesting... Huge slides... I have to try one! The "Shanghai Express" drives only around the slide hill area, but it´s cute and fun for small kids. The theming often looks like you´re in a botanic garden... "Oldtimerfahrt" (classic car drive) a water playground ... here are the other playgrounds... oops, sorry! Don´t want to disturb your romance. There is "Benjamin Blümchen" again. This time as a pirate captain of the... ...next Attraction "Pirate"... ... the pirate ship you will ride on. Now it´s time to say goodbye to the park... WAIT!... ... one more ride! ... and now take some "Elissa friendly food"
  15. Did it! Know I hope it will reach my destination before I´m on the UK-Trip
  16. Oh, sorry. I think there is a missunderstanding. Thougth you use one without using your computer to make the backup of the cards, while you´re on the trip. This drive won´t work without a Computer, like I understand the description. I search for a device which works for itself. You push the card in it and it will do a backup of the files on it. There is my problem. I only know portable backup devices made for picture-files or standard-mpg-files and so on. But never find informations about a device, which works with m2ts-files, too. I found exactly two devices with informations about that function from this company, until now. But they are very expensive in comparison to normal devices. Maybe someone knows a better solution than I found for a backup of m2ts files WITHOUT using the pc on trips. EDIT1: ... OK, this would also be the portable device I searched for, but it doesn´t support my cams, they´re to old. What a bummer! EDIT2: ... Seems I have shopping fever, now! Actual solution is gettin a new cam Then I never had to start this topic The new cams (from this year) will have so much solutions... We´ll see...
  17. I´m not that informed about the portable devices, cause of that I post this topic. Thought the most ones only backup the standard file formats directly. Which device can handle m2ts files from memory sticks? That´s exactly what I´m searching for. Do you have an example where I can find one. I confirm in having a backup feels much safer Taking all these movies and pictures and stand to loose them somehow will be very annoying.
  18. Hi Robb, this might be a question especially for you, cause you already have one same camera model, like I have. But maybe there are other members, who can help, too. I do have 2 Sony Cams (one Handycam HDR-CX6 and the HXR-MC1P). Both take large AVCHD Files (m2ts) on Memory Stick Pro Duo . How would you store/backup all your movies taken with this cams while you are on longer trips / make a journey? Do you have many Memory Sticks, or do you take your laptop with you. I don´t want to take my laptop with me on every journey I make and search for another solution. Does somebody know wether there is an external HDD, which can backup files from these cams, while directly connected to the device - without a laptop? Remember, this HDD should recognize and handle m2ts files! I only find a DVD-Burner for that job on the sony side, until know.
  19. Found an interview with Rudi Mallasch here:Newspaper: Main-Spitze
  20. I never was such a fan of cruise ships, until I read the topic about Robbs birthday cruise. But this ships they are going to built sound like a much bigger experience with these effects in it, I ever believed! Awesome.
  21. The Tijuana Toads (Toro and Pancho - or like we call them Sancho and Pancho): ...oops, to late with my post...
  22. Want to say thanks for posting this to us, Robb. And many thanks to the park to share with us this direct information!!! Hope they´ll find out what happended soon and can open the ride again. Especially because the timing - looking forward to the big summer season - isn´t the best for them! Expedition GeForce is the greatest major ride of the park... they do have other great rides, but it´s defenitively a ride many visitors looking forward to ride. - Me too Maybe we´ll hear what happened...
  23. One major issue is that it´s located 2 1/2 hours by car away from my hometown, so I can´t ride it as often as I wish! - Hope they will find the issue and open the ride as soon as possible; I´m curious what really happened -
  24. There is a new newspaper article: Rhein-Zeitung (German local paper) It´s been told, that it seems to be a technical issue on the axle of the car. It seems to be proved, that the axle derailed, while the coaster was on the ride, so it caused the accident. The TÜV (Association for Technical Inspection) keeps going on the tests at the coaster and the ride stays closed, until the analysis completely finished. It seems to me, that you could be right with your speculations:
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