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  1. OK, now I´m a little bit confused... I read a german article about the press release of disney here and they mentioned that the new themepark itself will be the "Les Villages Nature de Val d'Europe" (Nature Villages of the Europe Valley). It sounds a little bit like an Epcot thing with an "eco-touch" than technological progress, I had to think about the World Show Case of Epcot or something like that mixed with a style of Disney California Adventure Park. For example they can take some scenery of the alpes and rhone villages and we got a Ötzi the Iceman-Version of Expedition Everest - OK, just kidding. Don´t know wether this german newspaper - which normaly is really serious - translated something wrong, but what they mentioned about Disney´s Plans would make more sense to me than the english press release, cause we can´t read anything about their plans for the new park there. Otherwise I remember the whole german newspapers still talk about a new Harry Potter Theme Park, so they can be wrong in this case, too. EDIT: BTW, didn´t recognize this on the forum before. On this newspaper page, there was a link from Nov. 2009 - here -, where they talk critical about an other Disney Park project in Shanghai??? That was new for me, but I guess you already knew about. ... OK, I find the Topic...
  2. Thank you for the Trip Report, it was so much fun, to follow you. Hope you had a good flight home. Sad that I can´t meet you at Octoberfest, but my only possible time was on saturday and because I had a long drive from my hometown, I make a break on the half of the track to get some rides on Expedition Geforce so I reached Munich later than planed in the evening. As a firsttimer on Oktoberfest, I really enjoyed it, but the attraction region was smaller than expected. The difference to our largest funfairs in my region is only a second large coaster (Olympia Looping - a good reason to have plenty of rides ), some more flat attractions, instead of one or two same type of attractions and the main reason which is really different, the huge and many beer tents! We have a few and maybe one "large" beer tent- which in comparison means it would be a small one at Oktoberfest - strayed on the complete funfair / not packed in one place. But therefore the tradition in our region is to go more in the oldtown of the city and have a huge party overthere. Both funfairs here, especially the "Rheinkirmes" is visited by international guest too, but it´s not that extreme like I recognized yesterday at Oktoberfest - like you mentioned the most language I heard wasn´t german They seemed more to prefer the beer tents, I guess But another reason could be the Oktoberfest is two weeks long and yesterday was a really rainy day Plohn seems great to me and I´m looking forward to visit this park in the next years, or on a TPR Trip. I expected your opinion of Belantis, but was really taken aback of "Huracan". Thought it´s great and worth a visit at Belantis, but now I won´t do that, after I have a good chance to put this park in a trip with other parks in this region. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like this idea. You´ll have a big possibility to do that on your Europe Trips in the NRW region; for example while you visit Phantasialand, Toverland, Moviepark Germany and smaller Parks like Panorama Park and Fort Fun when you normally on the Trips in Jun.-Jul.. For example the Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf (a 45 hour drive from Phantasialand) will be in the Jul. in the next years: 2011 - 16. Juli - 24. Juli, Superfeuerwerk: 22.07.2011 2012 - 14. Juli - 22. Juli, Superfeuerwerk: 20.07.2012 2013 - 20. Juli - 28. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 26.07.2013 2014 - 19. Juli - 27. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 25.07.2014 2015 - 18. Juli - 26. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 24.07.2015 official page Cranger Kirmes will be from Aug. 05th. - Aug. 14th and similar in the following years (official page) Those 2 funfairs will have the most attractions of the Octoberfest with the exception of Olympia Looping. Both funfairs have normaly the same attractions, so you only have to do one of them. As a standard, there were the Alpina Bahn (after Eurostar was selled, since a few years), Spinning Coaster, Höllenblitz, the great water ride and the wild mouse as top attractions. Betweeen those two largest funfairs in the North-Rhine Westphalia region is mostly the "Annakirmes" in Düren: 30.07. - 07.08.2011 28.07. - 05.08.2012 27.07. - 04.08.2013 26.07. - 03.08.2014 25.07. - 02.08.2015 Scharzkopf Coaster "Teststrecke" is located on this funfair. (All of them can be found as Photo TRs in the forum) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Robb and Elissa, I want to take this chance to call your attention to a small Kiddie Park called "Ketteler Hof" - it is worth a visit especially for KidTums and all who likes the great playgrounds and slides in german Parks. They have an alpine slide, many monkey bars, slides, a waterplayground and some do it yourself attractions. It´s concept is more for Kids in KidTums age and up to 16 years - I would say. There are also many picnic areas. BUT THERE IS NO COASTER, ok a small steeplechase like in "Freizeitpark Märchenwald" If KidTums like this german playgrounds, you have to visit this park sometime with her
  3. Here are the planed dates for the Rheinkirmes in the next years: 2011 - 16. Juli - 24. Juli, Superfeuerwerk: 22.07.2011 2012 - 14. Juli - 22. Juli, Superfeuerwerk: 20.07.2012 2013 - 20. Juli - 28. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 26.07.2013 2014 - 19. Juli - 27. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 25.07.2014 2015 - 18. Juli - 26. Juli Superfeuerwerk: 24.07.2015 (The Firework begin normally at 22:30h) You can find the dates here
  4. Thanks for the great and funny update! Hope I will see you on saturday at the Oktoberfest! Have fun today!
  5. Elissa, everytime I read about the Oktoberfest here, I get depressive! I wish so much to meet you there and tried to get some free days off work, but it didn't happen. I have the whole next week until friday Night Watch at work and thats very difficult to change. But I will be at Holiday Park on saturday to ride Expedition GeForce are you going there too? Maybe I will have a chance after that to join you for one night at the funfair. Would you please be so kind and mail me the schedule for saturday and sunday? So I will try to do my best to say "Hi!" to you and some other participants of the UK and Europe Trip. If it won't fit... Have fun everybody and keep care of the beer!
  6. Hi Gutterflower. Sadly there is no option which totally will fit in your answer for Phantasialand. They only have a two Day Ticket for one person for 54,50€ in the main Season until the 1st Nov. Here is the link They do have a Special for 4 persons in cooperation with "Efteling". You get one ticket at the second Park for free if you purchase 4 tickets at the first Park. Look here (German Link ) But, if it's possible for you, I would recommend to visit Phantasialand in the Winter Season. That's a beautiful event and riding Black Mamba, Colorado Adventure and some special attractions in the dark with the beautiful lights and theming in the Winter Season is amazing. It starts at 26th Nov. and has opened then until 8 p.m.; you'll have to pay 28,- for 1 day or €43,-€ for 2 days then. Here is the link (German) You can Watch my PhotoTR of last year's Winter Season here. I don't read anything about it until now, but there was a special price then, when you visit the park after 4 p.m., like I remember it was about 12,50€ p.P. and you got 4 hours in the dark with a huge amount of rides, cause of empty rows!
  7. ^ You forgot to mention the "World Famous Jeff Johnson Credit Count".
  8. I´m not a specialist for munich, but I´m surrounded by two famous cities with good beers, especially one of them is well known for =Düsseldorf and Cologne I guess, it will be similar to the "Rheinkirmes" in Düsseldorf or some other events in cologne and so on... you won´t be the only person who will be interested in that, so you will meet there international guests, too. Like here, it will be very filled at the funfair, so the ones who don´t get a place in the tents will leave at some point and walk into the town area to visit there the bars. And like I said before, many germans - especially the younger ones, until the age of 50 or so - can understand you a bit or more to talk with you. Some persons would tell you they can´t speak english, but that´s more because they are afraid to make mistakes or have forgotten some vocabulary If nothing works... you still have your hands and feet to communicate
  9. Don´t be scared to go to other tents. The most germans understand english and can speak a few sentences and if you get in trouble, you already have your hands and foot to communicate. In the worst case, this will happen to you The german ordered for them a beer, but for himself, too. He acts as if he translated what the Japanese said When he gets asked why the Japanese wants 3 beer instead of 2, he told that he don´t know why... he doesn´t speak so good Japanese to know why There will be also many international visitors in other tents than in the Hofbräuhaus tent.
  10. Just bought an iphone yesterday to read the magazine at work ... No, thats not true, but TPR and the UK-Trip had a big influence on my decission to get one. For all who don´t have an iphone or ipad or more prefer to a printed version... print the magazine as a small brochure, it looks great, too. I did that, before I decided to buy an iphone. It´s "Theme Park Review: The Magazine", what else do you expect?!? Ugh, great plans ... I would like to watch the Coastertube videos for ipad/iphone too, hope it will be possible with an upcoming update of the Flowplayer-Software or do you have some hints for an app, wich can play the movies? OK, since youtube has an HD support, Coastertube isn´t really up to date, but there are still great videos from many TPR Members.
  11. That will be another Trip where you can count me in! Oh my, seems I won´t never come to america, while doing the rest of the world of coasters but I can´t resist
  12. Maybe it is this X-Works Track, but repainted. It could be that the B&M prototype wasn´t planned to build at gardaland first and they use now a different theme. For example, there was an announcement for Thorpe Park for 2010 in the past and now Merlin decided to built at first the Gardaland Project.
  13. Ahrg!!! Can´t wait to ride Geforce! A friend is interested in riding it, too. It would be his first time. We´re trying to find a common off day, but had no chance until now. After this pictures I can´t wait anymore... have to go there alone next week... I need:
  14. Here is a short update of the still existing homepage, but nothing new happened and it seems that this project is dead. I´m only curious, why the homepage still exists... never heard some news again. Here is the homepage of Diamonda ThemeparkS! Only the english part is working.
  15. Wow, the radiation is high at Gardaland! I tried to watch, what´s happening on their homepage: They have still problems with radiation at the construction place. There is a new statement of the "GENETIX INITIATIVE" by X-Labs, who will inform us about the strange things going on there:
  16. This Topic is only a short question - or call it an idea - to Robb and Elissa and maybe the other moderators and the master of the TPR Park Index After I recognized there were several Topics about a park new created and locked in the "Themeparks, Rollercoaster & Donkeys" Section, while already one "official" topic exists to discuss things or some news, I thought by myself that it would be also helpful to find a link of that official disussion topics in the TPR Park Index like the Photo TRs. So everyone who wants to get some latest informations about the park can find them there, too.
  17. Alpina Bahn & Teststrecke in July and August [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Alpina_Bahn_7oto[/coastertube] [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Teststrecke_-_Double_Looping_-__On-_Offride__f6br[/coastertube]
  18. Elissa, you did update this topic, great! I just think about how many new coasters will come up every year now and some new countries, also. Amazing!
  19. I totally agree in that. Thanks for the TR, can´t wait for next years TPR Trip.
  20. Oh my! The monsters will rise everywhere in Europe! "Das Ungetüm" in Germany, another monster at Gardaland now and I guess there will rise another one soon in the UK... are we secure against attacks somewhere? BTW, this would be a huge fried egg...
  21. Hey Dibilele, thank you for the great updates and information. Didn´t know, that this factory outlet is the parks outlet, looks interesting. And before I forget, the bad english is my job, ok
  22. You can find more information on the first 2 pages: Source: Parchionline.it The park is planed to open in 2011, so it sounds like they will finish the work of the Hotels and the outlet one year after the opening in 2012.
  23. Great new update! Oh, I can´t wait to visit the park. Just planed my travel this week. Will come in Nov/Dez. for one week to visit Ferrari World and do some sightseeing of Dubai then - incl. the Wild Wadi Waterpark and Aquaventure, Dubai Fountains and the great buildings over there... maybe some small bonus credits, too. Thanks again, Dubaidave and Bearcat89. I booked the ParkIn in Abu Dhabi Your hotel window picture got me ... I´m so excited and looking forward to Nov/Dez...
  24. Here are some groundwork pictures shot by the owners of the "Rainbow Magicland Unofficial Page on Facebook":
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