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  1. IAEA Technical Briefing (March 17th 2011) about the Fukushima nuclear plants
  2. ^That are good news so far, Elissa - sadly the important rest for Japan isn´t! Really, when does the natural catastrophe finally stop for now... they have so many problems with Fukushima, every new earthquake don´t makes the situation better and they can start with a new try to cool down and handle the nuclear plants - but, everything has a limit! Hope they won´t reach this limit in the end! Until now, they´re doing more than ever expected, but it´s getting more unsave with every day it seems. I keep my fingers crossed for them. Isn´t it enough after the earthquake and this rude tsunami? So many are death and missed and now a nuclear catastrophe hope it won´t be finally a "disaster beyond all expectations" (interesting description... for me it still is by the direct translation) - in Germany we name it "Super Gau" (like in Tschernobyl). BUT, from what I have heard. Air China has stopped all flights to Japan. Lufthansa still make flights to Japan, but they don´t depart at Tokyo. Every flight today will go to the Southern Japan region from now on. AND Lufthansa made radiation controls on their last flights. Until now, there wasn´t measured any higher radiation . Hope from now on there will be more good than bad news for Japan and the situation changes to a better one! Good Luck to them.
  3. ^Nice layout so far and the artworks are looking great. Some pictures from Wouter Dekkers Twitter Account: And some new ones from the Moviepark-Preview Page: Wouter Dekkers also gave an interview to the guys at Parkscout.de. He told them, that the new attraction will have many special effects (f.e. 6 animatronics, huge screens and one fog screen for movie effects). The movies are filmed in a resolution of 2k and are a mix of real- and CGI-movies including rendered vampires. The attraction will be rated for childs in the age of 12+ and the visitors will be filmed during the ride. Most parts are in infrared. For the story and the effects during the ride they produced a soundtrack of 45min length, which will be available at the souvenir shops, too. 2 min of this soundtrack will be part of the background sound for the ride. Here is the artwork of the cars (all pictures are from parkscout.de): And some of the work progress (also published on the parkscout.de page):
  4. I searched for ^^ But back to the post. Nice artwork!
  5. Larry, why did you mention that... now there is an eruption in the south of Japan! Only because of you Larry BTW, isn´t it interesting, that all the locations of TPR Trips are afflicted in the last 2 years... Curious... are these some bugs in the magical TPR PENs? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh my god, they don´t have luck over there! Isn´t it still enough? I don´t understand why all these catastrophes in the last time aren´t finished with one gigantic natural disaster? That´s like you´re still lying on the ground and someone smashes your head again and again. You don´t get a chance to stand up. I feel with them! Really shocked what happens there!
  6. Respect to Japan. They were well prepared, but this earthquake was a little bit to heavy... and then again a tsunami. No wonder they can´t be that perfect, that they won´t have any damage. Sadfully they got the damage on the wrong buildings! Hope they get control about the nuklear plants again, so everything can get to normallity soon for them. \ If not I will need a special sunblocker on the TPR-Trip and we have to help them to clean up. BTW, wait with the volcano, I´m so looking forward to ride Eejanaika, Dodonpa and hopefully the new Eurofighter once
  7. Kirmesforum.de said it´s confirmed that Olympia Looping will be at "Münstener Frühjahrsend" (26.03.-03.04.) and "Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest" (23.04.-15.05.). They also mentioned, that the Olympia Looping will be this years at the "Düsseldorfer Rheinkirmes" (15.07.-24.07.), too!!! But that´s not really confirmed until now. That means, Olympia Looping still lives and for me the best message could be, I will have a meeting with "Alpina Bahn", an old traditional "Wilde Maus", "Spinning Racers" AND the "Olympia Looping" this year at Düsseldorf!!! That will be a great funfair this year!
  8. Ahh, Jason! It´s late here and now I got a way too hungry to go to sleep!!! Shame on you! Looks all really tasty, I got jealous and wood like to join you there.
  9. Holger the picture shows a sliding trackswitch. All coasters with more than 1 vehicle have a trackswitch to store vehicles on a storage spur. I do not assume that this ride will have trackswitches in the actual "main track" of the ride like th13theen / revenge of the mummy / expedition everest have. The drawing on the last picture shows the "heightpath" of the coaster; you can see that there will be two conventional lifthils in the ride. I hoped you won´t say that, but I expected that it´s just a normal sliding trackswitch. Wanted to get it proved by an expert like you
  10. Now I´m really hungry! Great report. I wish we would have a similar festival in my town... at best tomorrow
  11. From your add-ons, the only one I use is Download Helper, that might cause a little slow down, too. Didn´t uninstall it, cause like I said. The 13 sec. aren´t that bad. But I still miss the "Z" button at the top
  12. Some new pictures uploaded by their preview page: Is that something special? Are these the trains?
  13. 2 short movies of the Track... (These links are from their Youtube Account for their Blog):
  14. I'm sure their total cost included clearing out the old boat and lake that was there as well as the theming. I can't imagine that the ride itself cost more since it is significantly shorter, smaller trains, etc. Parks usually have a habit of lumping EVERYTHING it costs for a ride into the total number, and that will include things like marketing, media day, announcement parties, etc.... --Robb And maybe it is more expensive these days due to the depression at this time. Perhaps it´s more expensive to built a coaster like this here in Europe / Germany than in the US, don´t forget that all the Track was produced in US and shipped to Germany, etc.
  15. That´s what happens with my firefox. Especilly if I scroll down with the Scroll bar on the right side, while it loads. If I don´t touch it, while loading, I can´t really see what happens, but the progress bar is loading around 13 seconds and then it´s fully loaded.
  16. Now I have a translation problem I try to explain with this screenshot, what I mean, to get the same result: I took this button and hold on the left mouse button, then I scrolled down more and more, while it still loads. I gave it a slight jolt, to get more and more down to the actual loaded bottom. That causes a longer loading time for me. Hope my explanation was understandable and helpful ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But Robb, I agree with the most people. Besides this above mentioned, in my opinion there is no real problem with the page and it looks good until now.
  17. Just realized, that it takes more time to load in Firefox, if you scroll down to the Z section, while it´s still loading! EDIT: It depends on how constantly you scroll down to the actuall loading process at the bottom and it can be up to 1min 30sec. until it completely finished the page!
  18. Hi Robb! Firefox v3.613: - first result (view something) 5,5 sec. - fully loaded (to the bottom) 13 sec. Compared to Internet Explorer v8.00.6001 on my system it´s a difference from around 7 sec. (it needed 6 sec.) My Internet connection isn´t that fast (it uses the speed between 4Mbit-6Mbit; can´t tell you what´s actually - I guess 4Mbit). (BTW: There is missing the "Z"-button at the Top)
  19. Phantasialand has now a Elissa friendly homepage with rodents They uploaded a small trailer for their new attraction "Maus au Choclate": www.phantasialand.de
  20. I found the first official Artwork of the coaster on airtimers.com. In the last days they post an article about some artworks, but later they found out that were some early artworks which shouldn´t presented to the public. After some mails with the park, they got an official new artworks to show: Copyright: Movie Park Germany
  21. I don´t know the dates, but I personally expect that they finish all this until they open the park in April. If they are late with "Maus au chocolat", I expect, they´ll finish it until the end of may. I guess you might be safe with July.
  22. ^Hanno, yes, I read it. I asked for the exact date or day. I remember I was there in the same week and followed the "Where in the World..."-Topic and Robbs FB-page, while I was at Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Because of that I was a little bit confused to hear, that Formula Rossa was closed while they visited the park. But it can´t be a big distance between our visit. I was there on Wednesday in the first week of December and Formula Rossa was opened but they had problems. It seems that was this was the only day it was opened and on the next days the attraction has closed. Just curious about that.
  23. Same thought Great TR, I´m looking forward to the rest of your Trip! When did you visit Ferrari World, Thursday? I was confused because Formula Rossa was closed on your visit; seems it was just opened that week on my visit day then. But I shouldn´t be surprised, since they had so much problems to get it started that day I really love the amazing launch!
  24. You're right, I totally forgot about that. So there can't be a track by Gerstlauer. It was nothing else than the Eurofighter mentioned by them. But there can still be Premiere Ride and Intamin Tracks...
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