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  1. "CONSTRUCTION AHEAD" Photos on Phantasialands Facebook Page (here). While the auction for some old articles of the park is finished, Phantasialand will post now every Wednesday at 5pm a new photo of the working process at the old Silverado Theater. They didn´t mention what exactly they´re working on...
  2. The contract gets annulled... LINK Good Luck to the Park and all their workers!
  3. SHOCKING NEWS: The owner of Fort Fun (Michael Ziegler) is in jail. I'm not sure how to translate correct, my dictionary says "imprisonment on remand"? There are investigation proceedings to prove the suspicion of cheat associated with the purchase of Fort Fun! Seems they even don't have had the money to buy the Park? Link to the pressrelease by the police of Meschede (written in German) That's the actual statement of the park: (LINK) The entire team of FORT FUN has been surprised by the latest developments regarding the investigation of the manager and the manager of the amusement park operated company. We have a team immediately convened to clarify the situation and keep the operations going. We are at the utmost effort to keep you on the latest developments to date and ask for your understanding that we can answer any questions at the time, even as we clear the whole background it first
  4. Oh my... I was so excited, that I had to have a short look at work on my iPhone for a new hint of the new attraction and what's now... I totally blamed myself for my excitement and PH get's me again with their Teasers I should have known it better And, yes, I liked the Log Flumes, too. For me it doesn't matter either they replace the Log Flumes or will built a new attraction or maybe nothing. But from now, I'm more sure they won't built anything on this place in this year. I don't know what they'll tell us with that letters, but I guess it won't be on that place, maybe a new show or a smaller attraction somewhere else and will hope for a big attraction overthere for next year. This year seems to be a small announcement. But who cares my guesses after this blamage
  5. You´re right, but Tranan does look so huge and I thought it won´t fit in Phantasialands free area / would be a waste of place. The other rides are a bit smaller and can do shorter turns.
  6. But... what makes me curious is the lovely smile on the face we can see until now. That´s no screamin and scared face while riding a thrillride... Maybe it´s not that big attraction we´re looking for... She looks more like she has a nice soft ride.
  7. I would agree in that, it´s the only thing I can see in it until now... A Launch bike coaster - for sure with a different theme - or an Aquatrax Coaster: (taken from the Themeparkreview Park Index: Toverland - Booster Bike) (Taken from the Themeparkreview Park Index: Lotte World - Atlantis Adventure)
  8. ^Please, hopefully no Wing Rider, except they add a new element (Flying Position seats or 4D)! But besides my wish, I would say a Wing Rider needs to much space because of his wideness, it would be wasted space. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Something curious is going on at Phantasialands Facebook Page, here is the link about their hints. They didn´t say for what these hints stay, but I´m sure they´ll inform us about a new attraction. What´s your guess, what does this picture show us? (EDIT:Today, 2012-01-26, they confirmed it´s about something new )
  9. ^ No one holds the place back... Don´t forget... there is an IKEA!!! just kidding - The truth is, I agree more with your thoughts -
  10. What do you mean with travel options? Book a flight to Abu Dhabi and take a Taxi for a few bucks to Yas Isand. There are enough hotels around and not all of them are very expensive! An other way is to take a Taxi or a Bus from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, so you can combine it with your Dubai Trip. That´s around 2 hours to drive... not that far and it was cheap for that distance. With the opening and closing times you won´t have any problems to get to the park and see all of it. Remember, it´s more an half day park until now. I would tell you what I paid for a Taxi from AbuDhabi to Dubai, but I forgot the excact price, sorry. Maybe DubaiDave can help you out with this information.
  11. Great! I have to mark that on my Todo-List for my visit at WDW in the next years! The fastest I drove on our highway with the car of my dad 8 years ago was 133mph and that was on a straight course for just a half minute - more wasn´t possible because of the traffic after that I had a normal speed around 111mph. 160mph, that sounds like fun and I guess the speedup in these cars must be amazing! Driving one of those cars must be very exciting and doing it on a real racing track must be more interesting than on a straight track!!!
  12. Robb, what would you more prefer to see or is more usable for an PhotoTR? Still Coastertube embedded video with an optional Link to the Youtube HD or the embedded Youtube Video itself; especially in HD it´s really interesting? I ask, because Youtube has now more options (720p, 1080p and 3D) and you´re using more the youtube embedded videos, but it´s your channel and you know, the videos won´t be deleted, unless you will delete them I guess I give myself the answer with the last sentence and you prefer embedded coastertube videos from us, right? Will there be a HD version?
  13. Until now there is nothing mentioned, but the park is known for their less information before the seasons start. But when you look at their actual park map, this area won´t used for a new attraction in this year! That must be good news, cause it seems they´ll need more time to built it up than a few month, so it will be a bigger attraction and hopefully a new coaster It would make a bit sense, cause they won´t have another place for a new big coaster elsewhere without getting in trouble and more noise for the neighbours! And I read a year ago in another german forum about PH, that PH had plans to get a B&M Flying coaster, but that´s a rumor only. Let´s press all our thumps for a great surprise in 2013! That´s all because of the problems with their epxansion plans. They try to get new place for new attractions, while they´re still be in negotiation with the commune. They want to expand and get the double size (around 28ha), but every ground they suggest to use around them or every masterplan they submitted caused problems with the commune, some green parties / organisations or the local residents, who wonder about the noise a themepark can make - I wouldn´t move into that area, when I would have problems with that noise - the most of these residents moved later into that area then the park was there... But that´s the way people are, right Here is the last actual proposed plan, but still in negotiation. Last News were from 8th-Okt-2011: (Taken from the press release of the district government of cologne) While I´m spreading rumors, here is a layout of a masterplan for the next years... it was spread out some years ago, but I never did find a source more save than some other german forums, so I never make a post of it (I´m not sure wether someone else did, didn´t read about it here): source: www.kirmes-und-parks.de/Forum/ftopic1660-0-asc-15.html You can recognize the difference of both plans and whats left, until now. The I. Attraction is already built: "Black Mamba"
  14. WOW!!! These ships are really powerful! To hit a rock isn´t that difficult, but to break it out of the riff and take with you... amazing
  15. Don´t thank me, there was a voice in my brain, who whispered that to me... Oh, oh, maybe I need some psychotropic drugs
  16. I didn´t find an Official Discussion Thread of Fort Fun, so I opened a new Topic: Fort Fun is sold to the One World Holding GmbH & Co. KG (a family company by Ziegler) since 23-Dec-2011. (just for decoration reasons I stole a picture of Hanno´s Trip report... forgive me Here is the official press release fortfun.de/images/stories/pdf/PM-OW-020112.pdf, but it´s written in german, so I´ll try my best, to translate it, hopefully correct The rest is a histroy description about Fort Fun and a Short Description about ONE WORLD GROUP I never really heard about this group, so I searched for them. Here are some links I did find - first the only real informative Facebook Link, the rest seems to be still under development: - Facebook Link of One World Studios and another exciting news about a new Park in Lebanon "LalaLand" - One World Group - Official page take a look at the news at the bottom - One World Studios - Official page
  17. Phantasialand: Everything, except the water rides, are opened. That means you´ll be able to ride all the coasters of the park and in the wintertime the park opens until 8 pm and has an amazing illumination! There are some small improved snow attractions for kids, too. Toverland: I knew from last year, that they normally open Troy and Booster Bike in the winter time, but it depends also on the temperature; last year for example was a way too cold and frozen for everything in all parks. But you´ll have good chances when you visit the parks in the near future.
  18. ^^Thank you Robin! ^Chadster, I think I compared it too much with Yucatan, where you don´t have one dry part on your body! But otherwise, compared to some other really wet rapid rides, it´s more a nice and normal one. The amount of water, which you easily want in a summer in italy and which is no problem to dry after you get out of the attraction. ^^^Vuurvogel, thanks for you compliment. It´s nice to hear what you think about the park. I did read your reports of italy and Japan; they were great and funny, so I want to give the compliment back to you. I didn´t know that Houdini is a Mad House, interesting, I thought it´s something like the "Zauberhaus" at Toverland. I was sad, that they didn´t open Huntik and when I hear it is the best attraction I´m even more sad. They wanted to open it at that day and everytime I come to the entrance the staff said it would open later that day, but finally it didn´t. At the side of the building I often saw fireworkers, so I guess they made emergency tests that day and didn´t get ready soon enough. I still think it´s funny we did the same Trips in our private vacation time. Sadly not at the same time.
  19. Hi Larry, have a look at my new PhotoTR about Rainbow Magicland, maybe there are some signs for you.
  20. ^ Sorry, that´s not the real operation, this picture is a merged picture by my iphone to get the complete panorama ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let´s go on with the TR... There it is... ...the 4th coaster of the park... ...a Indoor Maurer & Söhne Spinning Coaster... ...it was good, but just the good themeing from the outside... ... wasn´t good in the inside... ... and the line was loooong! Seems it was the most interesting coaster of the park for all the italians. Mystika... ... a drop tour... Always fun. That´s the building of Huntik... ... an indoor darkride attraction,... ...like the Amazing Spiderman Attraction at Universal Studios... ...Too bad that it was closed. But the themeing was great. Olandese Volante... ...the 5th coaster... a Vekoma Mine Train ...always a good ride. And like before you get a Offride / Onride Video of L´Olandese Volante (FullHD): Yucatan... ... you´lll get wet on that ride! Look what I say... WET! The last big attraction of my TR, "Drakkar"... ...another water ride... ...but not that wet... ...just fun... ...like the most rapid rides. Here is an Onride Video of Drakkar (FullHD: And finally some impressions at the evening... Ciao! I hope you like the report.
  21. The Offseason starts, but time is still more less than enough to take a break and sort my pictures and videos. But I´m ready with this Trip: Rainbow Magicland in Valmontone near Rome (Italy) At first I did want to make this Trip in May, but after I heard that "Shock - The Steam Machine" wasn´t opened, I changed my plans and did this short Trip after the big TPR-Japan-Trip, at the end of July. Besides I was looking forward to visit one of my favorite towns in Europe; ROME! While my hotel was located in the center of Rome, I had to take the Train from Termini to Valmontone. I needed around 40 Minutes to get to the Valmontone Station. At this station there was a Shuttle bus where you bought a bus ticket including the entrance Tickets. It didn´t seem really serious to me, but there were no other option from the station and it looked like a desert. I wasn´t the only person who wanted to the park and all those italien families who were there let me trust, I´m doing the right things Otherwise I would get lost in italy, but I can think of more worse things Turns out I made the correct decision and get a really great day at this beautiful park. My expectation didn´t get disappointed, because I didn´t really think that Mauer & Söhne Launch Coaster will be that thrill ride and what should I tell you, it wasn´t In my opinion it´s a really beautiful and a funny family coaster in the upper class, with a great look, launch and some nice elements, but you won´t get scared. BUT the first Hill is amazing! You can´t compare the feeling to Intamis thrilling airtime hills, but you think it´s endless in this nice parable. I hope you´ll enjoy the Trip Report! And finally, here is the Offride / Onride Video I´ve made (FullHD): Next Attraction was the Flying Island That´s the Factory Outlet "Fashion District - Valmontone" next to the Park. hey, the second coaster... ..."Bomborun"... ... a small funny Kiddie Coaster And again, the Offride / Onride Video (FullHD): Believix, the WINX Darkride... ...it´s like the discount version of "Droomvlucht" at Efteling... ... these seems to be the WINX... ...the ride was nice... ...The queue was in a shady place... ...you really need that, because it had the longest queue line of the park at this day and was often broken down. These are the cars. I´m not sure what that Show is... ... it seems they´re showing two different kind of animation videos. Maison Hudini was not opened, it´s an interactive attraction The name is self-explaintory... 3rd Coaster of the day... a Wacky Worm without the apple. a small Kiddie water ride... sadfully not opened. And now, I saw what happened to the Santa CLAW... Ohh, the building of the Maurer Spinning Coaster... ... and Olandese Volante (Vekoma Mine Train) The WINX Castle... ... the location of the 4D Cinema more in the next part of the TR...
  22. This are really sad news. Just to give additional informations - missing in this article: The man was in the cautious risk group of this attractions and had high blood pressure and diabetes (which form wasn´t mentioned): RTL aktuell (German)
  23. Sorry for my last post, I didn't want to ignore your appeal; I didn't read the last posts, cause I was stressed, but wanted to inform you about the new pictures. Next time I try to make it in the correct way and order and don't make it more stressful to you
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