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  1. More funny about that is, two germans talk in english and don´t understand each other (Ok, in actual fact I misunderstood.)
  2. "Van Helsing´s Factory": is the new name of the attraction They announced this on their www.moviepark-preview.de-homepage and I found a press release at the www.Ruhrnachrichten.de-page. (all in german) They mentioned, that this ride will get a theme around vampires and so on and you will take a ride through this area in order to help Van Helsing to find Dracula and defeat him. Nothing new is mentioned besides this about the ride. www.moviepark-preview.de www.ruhrnachrichten.de/lokales/kirchhellen/Movie-Park-praesentiert-spektakulaeres-Fahrgeschaeft;art4249,1180871
  3. In Germany it´s not available, too. It seems you can only get this Compilation in Italy or maybe only at the park? Look at this Fanpage for more information about the compilations: www.gardalandtamtam.com
  4. ^ I´m jealous now. I would like to spent there one night, but it´s too expensive for me. It must be amazing to live there
  5. I won´t swear, but I guess with TPR it would be the same price (if we do more than Abu Dhabi and Dubai) or less than Europe. Especially your private extra costs would be much cheaper in the VAE than in Europe! DAY 6 (Dec. 05): (includes a credit POV ) We began in the morning with a Helikopter Flight around Dubai City and started at the Hotel Atlantis... "The World" ... it looks like nothing happens overthere The Dubai Mall / Buji Khalifa area Left you can see the "Dubai Mall" and another record building, the "Dubai Fountain" The seven star hotel "Burji Al Arab" and next to it "Wild Wadi" That´s the "Mall of Emirates" with the indoor ski area and the Kempinski Hotel. We stayed in a hotel next to it (around 500meter away) More skyscrapers - did I mention that Dubai is much bigger than expected!? Leisure area with villas and golf course more of it And with a small turn back to the highlight of this Helikopter Trip... "The Palm" with a view from the sky The "Atlantis" Hotel is so beautiful and totally fits into the layout of "The Palm" Here you can see the "Aquaventure Waterpark" next to the "Atlantis Hotel" Back again. Here is my video of the flight around Dubai: Some more City impressions, while we visit some places in Dubai that day: Let´s begin with some pictures of the indoor ski area inside of the "Mall of Emirates" Beside the ski course, they had some special attractions like a tube slide... a Merry Go Round with tubes and Zorb Balls in the background (but we didn´t visit this place) This guys are inside of the great Dubai Mall And, yes, there is for sure the Sega Republic Indoor Park Sorry, but I don´t have more photos of this park, I didnt´take the cam with me, while I visited alone this park, just to ride once the coaster... Inside the Mall are some other attractions, like the "Rainforest Cafe" grrrrrr. Yummy, sweets! Interesting, christmas time and Santa Claus in Dubai... Didn´t expect that. The "Dubai Aquarium" Sharks... ...more Sharks... it´s possible to dive in that pool with the Sharks It´s fun to watch it from the outside through this large display ( I would say it´s around 10 meters high and 30 meters wide or so) We had a nice view from "Joe´s Cafe" in the afternoon, while they made tests at the Fountain, for the evening show from 6pm until 10pm I like that view Burji Khalifa... that building is really tall and beautiful. It´s getting dark. Oh, it´s evening... So we leave to the Entrance of "At the Top" of Burji Khalifa at 7pm... Burji Khalifa (828 meters high) We´ll be soon in the 124. level of this building There it is, the super launched Elevator Credit Ride You´ll drive up with a world record speed of 10 meters per second!!! Yeah Let´s have a Elevator POV Credit-Ride and some views from the Top to the ground: This Bridge looks like a coaster Finally here are some nice impressions of the great Dubai Fountain show: And now it´s time to close this Photo TR or with other words, "It´s time to say goodbye" - So watch this video!
  6. Thanks for this great Trip Report! It was fun, to read your experiences and see some well known people of my last Trip (UK-Trip). We might met at Thorpe Park, Phantasialand and Efteling, since I was there, too. Or with other words, I remember being in the near of you with some people, but we didn´t really talk that much It´s always interesting to see other people´s view of your homepark - like for me it´s Phantasialand and at Efteling was another ClubTPR Event I joined and really loved to have ERT on Joris en Drak. Sadfully I had to leave the park early, after lunch, cause I were really bad tired and didn´t stay until the evening at the Hotel with some friends
  7. Hey Jason, that´s a great Trip Report and I love to read different Reports and see different views of the Trip. After more than a half year gone, it´s really funny to remember some experiences of the Trip. Sad, we won´t met in this year, but I´m sure there will be another Trip. And like I remember there will be happen something big in your life this year, so good luck with your plans and my best wishes -------------------------------------------------------------------- BTW, I don´t understand really understand, how people could have been disappointed by the Trip Plan, it was one of my best journeys ever and I was so overwhelmed by what I got for my money!
  8. Whaaat? ClubTPR Cruise?! ... This Fall? Oh no, I guess it won´t be possible for me, but I like this idea. Back to the PhotoTR: Thank you for posting it. I loved to watch so many details of the cruise, especially of the new Disney Dream. I wasn´t in Cruise ships, cause I thought it must be boring to be on a ship and I´m not that fan of Tours, with a fixed timetable. But since I visit this page and read so much about your cruise ship trips and have been on a TPR Trip, well planed by Elissa, I´m more looking forward to do a Trip on a ship, too. Especially in a group and especially with the Disney´s Cruise Line and their new Disney Dream, it looks so amazing, beautiful and detailed - it can´t be boring any more!
  9. I understand what you mean Erik, since they made this 2 times in Germany. The biggest waste was Universal Studios Germany at Krefeld And then it was their wasting of time, to get an decission and some protests of the civil, that this Park was never built But in this case I like how they wast your money and hope, it will be built Here is the link to Council Committee Meeting Agenda of December 1, 2010 with an interesting PDF. But it´s more interesting for the dutch people, since we can´t understand the language I guess this picture shows how they want to connect the "Grand Canyon" Part to the rest of the Resort, they would like to built in the future: It seems, that the project goes another small step, like De Limburger dagblad mentioned on Dec. 9th 2010. Like I understand and translated - with an online translater = really bad - they town has given the permission to build the park; that means it´s more save and helpful, to find more investors? Please correct me, if I´m wrong with this information. Look at this small PDF-Presentation, there are some interesting concept arts: www.brunssum.nl And if you have a greater look at the Resort Concept Art in a higher resolution, like I finde here, you can see 4 interesting rollercoaster in this project: Here are 2 of them (one Wooden and one Indoor Coaster) And here are the 3rd and 4th. (Looks like a B&M Dive Machine)
  10. It´s track 12 of the "Gardaland Compilation 2010", but I can´t find anything about the artist.
  11. ^I don´t know when Dave does take the pictures, but in relation to his posting date Jan. 22nd, and the different colour of the tracks, it´s impossible. The Supports at Fuji-Q seems to be grey, in Dubai white and the colour of the Track at Fuji-Q is black, in Dubai wasn´t any track in black mentioned. Repainting and installing the Track in that short amount of time, seems not possible to me. I guess Dave wanted to confirm with this suggestion, that there must be different coaster tracks in Dubai and there could be a Gerslauer Eurofighter, like discussed before in this Topic.
  12. I didn´t recognize it before, but after the last post with the car, you really can see the seats on this picture, too:
  13. ^^ Ah, ok, then it was more my fault and I missunderstood what you did tell. Then I would agree in your opinion. You can have this option there, too. Look at the Park Map, the inner round of the River is only for relaxing, like at Typhoon Lagoon without Rapids.
  14. Dou you really think it´s equal? In my opinion, those two parks are very different from one another. - Wild Wadi has his great concept with Tubes and Watercoasters instead of a large River Rapid, like Aquaventure has. - Wild Wadi got Proslides now, Aquaventure has more thrilling Watercoaster and Slides in his Temple, with this amazing Shark Pool. - Aquaventure has a tall Beach; Wild Wadi doesn´t - Wild Wadi has 2 Flowrider; Aquaventure doesn´t have a Flowrider Oh, oh! My plans are to go someday with you all to China, Spain, and Dubai in the next years. I fear of having a problem next year if all of this would happen next year... is there someone out, who would spent me money, to go on all of these trips
  15. Hi All! While you already talk about Atlantis Aquaventure, let´s talk about with some nice Photos about that park! Day 5 (Dec.04th)- Atlantis Aquaventure On that day we have to take a look at the Palm and I couldn´t wait to visit the Waterpark overthere. We took a cheap Taxi and then the Monorail, which drives through the Palm. It really has 4 Stations, but only the final stops are in function, until now. Our target... "Atlantis The Palm" - this Hotel looks amazing. Next to it and a part of the Hotel Resort are "Aquaventure" (The Waterpark) and the "Dolfin Bay" - 3 large, connected pools where you are able to visit and swimm with dolphins. On the left side of the Hotel is a Helikopter landing place, but that will be part of Day 6! There is it, the beautiful Atlantis Hotel at the End of The Palm Jumeirah! The outstanding Temple with it´s slides. Wow, the inside of the hotel looks amazing, too! ... And it´s so big... ... they could put a Sealife like Aquarium in it. Next to it with large windows are also a Restaurant and some Luxury Hotel Suites with a view inside of this Aquarium. Amazing! I took a Panorama shot of one of the high detailed artwork at the top of one hall Aquaventure Park Map! Like you can see, the Monorail Station in the background is located between tha Park and the Hotel. Here is one of the many big pool sides with free beach loungers and so on. Kiddie area,... for small Sharks or small Tums I became also a Kid again and love those Splashes so much Like at Wild Wadi, you can get Tubes, to drift through the River... The Lifeguards are everywhere and watch the people through the river and elsewhere Being a Water Rat, I absolutely have to take a complete ride around that amazing park! Take the Tunnel, again! What´s that, Escalators in a Waterride? Ok. Wow, that´s slow. Oh, do I forget to mention, those great rapids at some places in the river Whoohoo! Ah, yeah, there are some great watercoasters, too. Some are only allowed to ride with a tube for two persons and, in my opinion, they´re more thrilling than the ones at Wild Wadi Oh, with this smile, I have to smile, too. Yeah! Splash! ... back in the river... You need around 40 minutes (incl. one Watercoaster) to finish one round in the river This Temple is the center of all Slides and Watercoasters. You have to climb the stairs up, to enter the most slides or with other words, the most thrillful of them That´s "The leap of Faith" a speedy slide through the Shark Pool! Woooosh! Plop! There are two slides through the Shark-Pool. The speedy one and a normal Tube-Slide, called Shark Attack... At first you have to ride through a really dark section, until you reach... ... the slowed part under water and can see the Sharks, Mantas and whatever is swimming around you You can view this pool from the outside, too. Look, there is "The Leap of Faith" And thats the view from the outside of this pool. You can see the "Shark Attack" overthere. The nice beach of "The Palm" with a view to the mainland. Sadly this Park closed at 6pm, too. At this time the sunset begins. I don´t really understand why both parks (Aquaventure and Wild Wadi) don´t stay open until the late evening, because it would be an amazing experience, while they already have a beautiful lightning... Yes and the Atlantis Hotel does have, too On my next and last update, I will show you some impressions I get from the City, a Helikopter Tour through Dubai and a view from the highest building of the World "Burji Khalifa" - and in the inside of this building is something that could be rated as a credit from a different point of view Oh, and don´t forget the romantic and beautiful Dubai Fountains at the Dubai Mall!
  16. You mean the fastest really working coaster in Europe until now (Ringracer)
  17. Hey, the first letter for the name of the attraction is listed on Feb. 01ste at their Twitter Account and on their Facebook page they made a small riddle for that = They want to know the third letter of SpOngebobs name So, O will be one of the letters of the new attraction. BUT, they tell, that the upcoming letters are not in their correct order! EDIT: - Feb. 02nd: You should count the letters of the attraction "Side Kick" divide them with 2. The 4th letter of this number is the next letter: vieR (german = 4 / four) - Feb. 03rd: This day you should search in the section "Wetenswaardigheden" on thier dutch page for the first mentioned english word in a special passage. The first letter will be the next searched letter: Camber of commerce - Feb. 04th: They searched the name of an other Spongebob Cartoon: PAtrick Star - Feb. 04th: They published a second letter this day without a question: T - Feb. 05th: First letter of King Harolds Kingdom in the movei Shrek: Far Far away - Feb. 06th: The last letter is published Y Today in the morning they affirm that one word of the attraction will be: FACTORY 2 more videos are listed at the Movie Park Preview Page: (In video 10 they find a map, which shows something like an old wrecking yard) and they uploaded new model pictures at the Movie Park Preview Page:
  18. Is this a source? It´s unnamed and they don´t tell the park, but this seems to be the project: Ride Entertainment.com I hope this coaster will open before we are on the TPR-Japan-Trip
  19. You need between 10-20 minutes for one round with that coasters and slides, there are 8 different coasters, 5 slides and 8 different ways you can go in one round. So only with this attraction, there is enough to do there It´s amazing and so much fun! I wish we would have something similar in Germany or somewhere in Europe. Waterparks are on a low level in Germany, I know only two, which are a little bit comparable and they´re to far away for me Another interesting point I was surprised about was that the majority of the local visitors aren´t able to swim! They all wear the free lifejackets, which hang around everywhere, and have often problem to keep above the water, while the wavepool was in action. But at the same time it seems that this pool is the highlight of the park to them? The lifeguards had so much to do there! For me, a person who loves the sea and lives so far away, it´s unbelievable that people who lives next to it never learned to swim?
  20. Chat works for me with Firefox, but the TPRBot returns every 1 minute with the same Error - like you posted Robb. And I wasn´t able to Logout, I just closed the window now.
  21. At first I got this screenshot: I tried to write something, it didn´t appear for me. Then I logged out, but the real Chatroom appears and I could saw my posts and TPDave, Robb and so on are logged in, too. I tried to send a message again, but after a waiting time of 2 minutes no message appears. Now I closed the window, but was still listed in the Chatroom. Hope that helps a bit. Good Luck!
  22. I guess darkride fans love this artworks: "Rainbow Magicland official Facebook Page": httpwww.facebook.comref=logo#!photo.phpfbid=194578490552520&set=a.178319888845047.46725.144872515523118 "Official Blog of Rainbow Magicland": httpblog.rainbowmagicland.it "Official Blog of Rainbow Magicland": httpblog.rainbowmagicland.it --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh men, I just realized, that they have some construction pictures on their official homepage "www.rainbowmagicland.it"! You can find them on every page of the attractions: - Shock - The Steam Machine http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/launch-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/launch-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/launch-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/launch-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/launch-coaster.asp - Drakkar http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/spillwater.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/spillwater.asp - Spillwater "Huntik - Secret & Seekers" http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/rapids.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/rapids.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/rapids.asp - Huntik Interactive Dark Ride http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/interactive-dark-ride.asp - Olandese Volante http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/mine-train-coaster.asp - Gran Theatro http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/live-show.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/live-show.asp http://www.rainbowmagicland.it/live-show.asp ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I talked to one of the admins of the "Unofficial Facebook Page" to get permission to upload again some photos of them overhere. They took so many pictures of this park in the last month and there is a fast progress, so I would like to share them here. Let´s have a look and big thanks to their photographers! If you´re interested, watch here for more photos. These photos are taken during Nov. - Jan That´s the Family Coaster Yeah, all coasters together - except the Spinning Coaster Is this a small Freefall Tower for Kids? Ugh, that place looks huge! This park looks so amazing with this great themeing... I´m very excited and can´t wait to visit this park. That´s the building of the Maurer Spinning Coaster That´s only a building for a restaurant! Amazing Themeing! I like the dragon. Like I got told, this are official papers. I don´t really understand why they don´t use their authentical artworks for an official commercial. (This is still the artwork with the Boomerang and B&M in it) That´s the Flying Island. It don´t looks that huge overhere,... ...but look at this person on the right Seems this thing is bigger than we can see now! That is the Platform of the Flying Island.
  23. Noxegon - I like your TR about Ferrari World at your homepage, I think you´re right in many points about that park, but really, I would defenitively come more often than one year to this place, if I would live next to it - especially for Formula Rossa SLUSHIE - You´re harsh with the park, I would say it´s not really underwhelming. In my opinion it fits to the target group they want to get for the park (F1- and Ferrari-Fans, OK and after that Tourists) - Yes, there is still much place, but that´s normal for a new Indoor Park, who would like to expand in the future - They did a really good quality building there; same for the Look in the inside, and the Technic of the building. It totally fits to the rest around the race circuit and to the Yas hotel. Did you visit the park, or why do you have this opinion? - Like I heard in a german documentary TV movie about the park, the cars will change after a while and used like said before as a exhibition - a good way to present your newest product. BeemerBoy - Sadly I don´t have more pictures of Galleria Ferrari. I missed so many shots I better should have taken for this PhotoTR, but while I was on the Trip and made pictures I sometimes missed some spots or forget to take them Thanks dubaidave, I totally understand what you mean, I actually saw it with the great PhotoTR by Jay about Phantasialand. BTW, I still would like to see the rest of your TR of Ferrari World. Is Formula Rossa working again? Swiminn6 - No, you´re right, it was very empty. Read Noxegon´s article (I´m not sure wether I´m allowed to post the link) it fit´s in many points about that: - another reason might be the season when you visit the park and that tourist don´t know much about the park or even heard about it, so they don´t come, until know For all who are interested in, here are some links to the official Grand Opening Special by Ferrari World: Let´s go on with Dubai now... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok, Day 4: Time for a visit at Wild Wadi Waterpark Parkmap Yes, we got a Cabana! Very expensive, but free drinks, direct entrance on the watercoasters, secure region for my cams, towels, an exclusive feeling and so on ;P Nice view so far... ...more of this So hot! Around the whole park was a river with this tubes... ...just take one and swim around Ahh! That´s the reason I wanted to visit this park! Because of their great idea of connected Watercoasters and slides to a hughe megaslide Let´s have a ride... You don´t even have to stand up or get in the line, you´re swimming in the line! Choose which slide or coaster you want to ride next Take the Tunnel Mmmmh, I guess I saw a similar photo somwhere in a Photo TR before??? Again a pool where you can choose one of those slides and coasters All last slides ends in the great river around the park I didn´t count how many options you have... have a look at yourself at the parkmap. Let´s go up to this tower This speedy slide looks great You have a good view around and can see the Mall of Emirates,... ...Atlantis... ... and Burji Khalifa, but all with a little sand fog. Oh, a Flowrider They have two of them in different sizes. Uh, what can see my eyes in the background... great new Proslides! Do you remember them from Robbs Report at the IAAPA last year? Sadly these slides weren´t ready at my visit, but they´re open now. Oh, how bad. It´s early 6pm and the park closes... so goodbye Wild Wadi. Here is a short clip with a POV of the watercoasters and other impressions of the park: Next update will be the Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis - The Palm
  24. ^mmmh, I guess there is something true in it and especially when they sold the park, because of money issues. But to speak for the park, it was the first day after the Grand Opening and some attractions were closed because of the installations overthere. The tribune and some other scaffolds were built around the entrance of GeForce, so it can´t be opened that day. They told me the same reason for the "Paddock" and the "Pitwall" attraction, but I didn´t see anything built up there. I don´t know whether the attractions opened the next days, but I hope so. They told me "V12" and "Flying over Italy" are the only two attractions which aren´t fully functional and can´t tell me, when they plan to open them. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this park has a good chance to get successful, if they can get enough visitors in the first year and I recognize many active construction zones in the surrounding area. For example for the Water Park and I really think for WB Moviepark, but I´m not sure. But the construction zone was at the place I think WB should be. I hope so and will come back there in the next years. Hopefully with TPR Ledgy "Who forget the Watermarks in his pictures!!! Sorry for that." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK, I´m working on the next part of my Trip report (Wild Wadi, Aquaventure and some City impressions), not that it´s that big and special, but I want to realize some videos again and have to wait for them. So keep on watching
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