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  1. Wow, I´m shocked about the news. Didn´t find any news, but agree in looking at what DID happen. I think KrautWithAltitude does it say right: What I missed in his quote of the newspapers was, that they mentioned, that the ride was inspected by the TÜV (german association for Technical Inspection) one week before! So if there was a technical teteriotation they should have seen it!? If not, the suspect comes more to the maintanance issue and not a material issue? Or the TÜV didn´t their work faithful? - OK, now I made a speculation, too. But I´m very confused about the TÜV check one week before. I was also interested in the pictures. I enlarge the picture where you can see, that one wheel axle is missing, but know I can see, that 2 wheel axles are derailed! The one in the front lies on the rails - maybe derailed while the accident happend:
  2. ^^ Themeparkreview??? Where I am... Who are Robb and Elissa What I am doing here... - Sorry, can´t resist -
  3. Thanks for the information. What´s about the bigger funfairs? I saw October Fest is listed, which is defenitively the largest and most international known funfair of germany, but there are a few other great funfairs. Are you interested in adding them, too? - So long as there are pictures provided. I think it might be interesting, but the problem is that they are only a few weeks in the year and the date changes often.
  4. I don´t belive that you really was in greece! You make fun about us! In one picture you can see that you´re in WDW Epcot area in greece Just kidding. Nice Park, did never realized this park while I was at Thessaloniki 6 years ago.
  5. Why do all discuss about the price? $25 is a good price for what we all get from Robb! Did you ever buy a Blu-Ray Burner, the Software you need to produce good movies in HD, the PC who can handle this and don´t forget the quality Full HD Cams Robb uses to get the pictures! And don´t forget, you never find such good and with quality taken POV videos WITH PERMISSION, like Robb does; and he invests a huge time to do that all for himself and for SHARING WITH US! He don´t have to! While that is not enough, he now will spent much time with burning this material (ONE BURNE TAKES 2 HOURS!) and buys the Blu-Rays, the case and the rest of the material for doing it. He doesn´t get such cheap costs in buying that as a private person, like the huge movie produciton companies does get... He could add some extra pay for doing it in his leisure, but he doesn´t! Would you really say 25$ is too much!? Watch all these Blu-Ray stuff for about $19, the most of them aren´t really Full HD material, until know! You´ll get Full HD COASTERS IN THE RAW!!! Not that Crap stuff like in the picture below AND... IF YOU WILL JOIN THE CLUB TPR YOU´LL GET THIS GREAT BLU-RAY FOR ABOUT $15!!! THAT´S $4 BELOW THE PRICE YOU WISHED IN THIS TOPIC!!! (OK, you have to use your $10 dollar TPR Coupon Code) So don´t start to complain...
  6. Hi Larrygator, what´s about new Parks? I missed some parks in the park index, until know. Maybe you add them into this wish list, so you can get some pictures of them: CentrO Park Oberhausen (Oberhausen - Germany) There is a small spinning coaster credit from Maurer und Söhne and some other attractions... Perhaps I´ll get some pictures of the park for you, if time is permitting. Hollywood- und Safaripark Stukenbrock (Stukenbrok - Germany) It´s a small park mixed with old attractions and a small safari area, which you can drive through by your own car or a train of the park. There are 2 small coasters. One old Ladybird Roller Coaster by Zierer and an old vekoma corkscrew coaster. I won´t visit this park in the next time, but maybe someone in the forum does have pictures of it or is interested to plan a visit for a Photo TR... I have 2 other parks in mind, but I´m not sure wether they fit in the park index, because there are no coasters. But they are a great family fun, especially if you like those stuff, like in "Geiselwind" or "Tripsdrill" etc. - for example; maybe KidTums would like them: Kettelerhof - (Haltern am See - Germany) A small park with many play areas, and one alpine coaster Panorama auerland (Kirchhundern - Germany) Wildpark with some play areas and one alpine coaster
  7. Thanks Hanno, great pictures like always. Many memories came up while watching "Fort Fun" and "Belawaerde" - wasn´t there since I was a child. Guessed the next Trip after "Fort Fun" would be Panorama Park, but it doesn´t have a coaster credit anymore. By the way, don´t know where you are right know. Plan to visit Drievliet, Duinrell and Walibi World this week. I´ll be in the netherlands from Wed.-Fri.
  8. OMG! That´s too late, before that we have all visited the new ClubTPR Park in Orlando and have season passes. ...I guess you will plan something like that in the future
  9. By the way, starting with Blu-Ray is great, but when are you going to start to take the RAW series with this cam: 3D HD Camcorder Yeah, that would be the mega RAW series... Watching Rollercoasters in the RAW and so on in 3D HD Just kidding... but who knows what will come in a few years
  10. Oops, I think I have hit the button twice, now. Sorry. Both answeres were yes.
  11. Hughe Crap! But I get this issue often with Ulead Video Studio 11.5 plus. Maybe it´s not Windows 7, but Adobe CS4 combined with Windows 7? My Sony Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro is working perfect on Vista and never get this issue. Especially if you want to built Blu-Rays the other programm is so often down...
  12. Yeah, I did understand. But like I said, I´m using Vista and had have problems with it in the beginning. Now it´s working "fine" - like XP and still with problems here and there. W7 has some nice new feautures, but why should I change, if I´ll have all the issues in the beginning of selling it, like 3 years ago The most people I know - using it - don´t have much problems with it, but I agree in your opinion and guessed that it is NOT everything it was promoted to be. I´m interested in this touch function, but for what, if you don´t have a tablet pc. There aren´t anymore the nice tablet pcs with the option to turn down the display and holding it like a writing pad of paper. Wish to get something like that for editing DVDs and Blu-Rays and grafic programs, but the hardware don´t reach the requirements.
  13. They didn´t mentioned where it will go to. The only information they wrote was that Gerstlauer bought and re-engenier it. It´s waiting for an buyer. Thanks for the link and article, it´s great and interesting. Looking forward to ride this Gerstlauer this year.
  14. I tried to correct it a little bit and hope you can read it more fluent and significance: By the way, the train reached a price of 4.480,00€ in that auciton. They didn´t mentioned that in the press release. Here is the link of the eBay-auction.
  15. I guessed that you will take only this photos and agree in what you said. But wanted to let the choice in your hands. Refering to the Photo TR my thought is, that there are missing Night Shots in your index, until know. It would be a great impression for every park of the index, don´t you agree? And it´s showing the Winter Season of the park. It´s not important for me being mentioned in the park index, it was not more than a suggestion.
  16. Hi Larrygator, I feel glad about using my pictures in the Index, but I didn´t post all pictures I have taken while the trip - didn´t want to overfill the Photo TR. Here are the rest of my pictures. Maybe you´re interested in using them, too: Phantasialand: Octowuzzi Talocan Wakobato Wozl´s Wassertreter How about the Park Maps? Do you want the whole Plan or only the Map of the Park? I have one of the Europapark from last year (2009): And both (Winter + Summer) of Phantasialand 2009/2010, like I used in my Photo TRs Photo TR: Phantasialand (Winter 2009) and Photo TR: Phantasialand (Summer 2010) You can have new scans of these 2 Maps, I already have them. I tried to add the Photo TR of the "Winter Experience" with all the night shots to the Park Index, but it didn´t work for me until now.
  17. I´m not using W7 and you don´t make me want to, right now I´m using Vista and don´t have so much problems at all. Not more than in XP before. Robb, I tried to search for this problem and can´t find different options than Hhappy or you tried. But they are all mentioned, that this problems in W7 are more concerning on WEP. With WPA2 it should work better. By the way WPA2 is the more secure option, you´re knowing that? P.S.: Didn´t know that your wife is a Router
  18. Definitively another great german comedy: "Knockin´ on heaven´s door" (with Til Schweiger and Jan Josef Liefers) Two terminal patients leave their hospital beds for the open highway in this German road movie, a popular success in Germany. When cancer victim Rudi (Jan Josef Liefers) meets Martin (Til Schweiger), who has a brain tumor, they knock back tequila one night and decide to head north to experience life at the seashore, something Rudi has hoped to do his entire life. However, the car they've stolen belongs to two thieves and contains a million marks. Soon they're being pursued by both thugs and cops.
  19. ^ How would you call filming the waterslide, while you´re riding it... isn´t the right description "on-ride"? I guess they are only talking about filming, while lying on a beach chair... Ok, sorry when I bump you, in my opinion it certainly apply to waterslides. But I´m note wise.
  20. You´re definitively more flexible by car and you should choose it over the train connections. But 3 days!?! Isn´t it a bit excaggerated? You need around 3 1/2 - 4 hours by train, so why 3 days? Obening time is 10:00am and the park closes at 6:00pm... (I searched at the Deutsche Bahn homepage, there are driving trains between Cologne and Brussels from 08:00am - 07:00pm) So, if you want to do, it is possible to visit the park only in 1 day, too. And exactly the same for Europa Park. But this park is much taller, so you will need more than one day to get the whole experience of the park.
  21. That´s not really true. It shouldn´t be a huge probleme to come be train, but I can´t find those 2 pages in another language than german. I prefer also to come with my car, because you´ll be more flexible. For Phantasialand Phantasialand - Homepage Phantasialand + VRS Kombi Ticket =38€ (including the park admission and transport by the train in the VRS region) For Europapark Europapark - Homepage Deutsche Bahn - ErlebnisTicket Europapark = 89€ (between Jun.24th - Sep13th)
  22. Brussels - Phantasialand (Bruehl-Cologne) ca. 2 hours - all by car! Brussels - Europapark (Rust) ca. 5 hours Phantasialand - Brussels ca. 3 3/4 hours
  23. OK, sorry. That wasn´t shot in Mc Donald´s, but next to it in the central station hall. But who knows it is defenitively a good idea.
  24. ... Like I told you I was still depressive and have a coaster credit on my way back after the park closes, my Topic story goes on... I drove to cologne and went on a fun fair located there for 2 weeks... here are some night shot impressions - I love evenings on a fun fair with all their lights: Kölner Frühlingsvolksfest - Cologne´s spring fun fair 2010 (Deutz / Cologne) Sweet little Merry Go Round Eclipse: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Eclipse_z1q2[/coastertube] Don´t have to miss... bumber cars. Wild Mouse Coaster Credit!!! Hey Elissa, would like to see an encore presentation like I saw in "Coaster Expedition - Vol. "!? Drink some Kölsch... A new Fun House, I have never seen before. Inside are many slides and the normal stuff of a Fun House Mini Coaster Credit - only for the small ones I loved this ride as a child: Europa Ring - Go-Kart-Track: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Europa_Ring_-_Go-Kart_07s2[/coastertube] Shake: [coastertube]http://www.themeparkreview.com/coastertube/play.php?vid=Shake_y0bh[/coastertube] It doesn´t have to miss on a fairground. The beer was tasty and I want more now / The Sex Test told me I´m a super lover (ok, I lie), so I had to got into the old town of cologne now for more Kölsch and maybe some flirts Some night shots of the beautiful cologne and the cologne cathedral... Ok, time for more Kölsch... ...and another location... coming nearer to the central station one last stop inside the "Alter Wartesaal" Because of the beers I have to leave the car in cologne and take the train. There is a hint for the possible next park visit and Photo TR... Do you see it... ...yes. Europa Park will follow soon... mmmh, have to stop for some "Elissa friendly food"! But I prefer to this one. This picture is especially for Elissa, concerning to the "Elissa friendly food" Thread. Enjoy your meal!
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