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  1. oh my gosh, those markings are all OVER, MAN i'm excited. But why would they add ANOTHER water ride/feature to their park?
  2. I'm trying to work fear fest this yea. What's better then getting paid to dress up and to scare people all day? Oh yea! One other thing. I went yesterday, and i noticed some kind of building or something is being built inside the hurler layout, like inside the 2nd helix turn i believe. Maybe that's going to be a haunted house? But its going to be a perminate structure? So I dunno.
  3. ok heres the link league id is 109234 password is redskins
  4. I have 3 or 4 spots left. I made it autodraft so it makes it interesting, I did it with fantasy baseball and it went well. So reply in you want in.
  5. A new dollywood to be built somewhere around Myrtle Beach? I believe closer to North Myrtle Beach? I don't exactly know, my friend that moved down there know some of the construction workers working on the hardrock park, and they said they found some possible land near route 9 or something. I could see this happening, Dollys show/dinner attraction is a huge hit in Myrtle, The Dixie Stampede. So that may be why she chose Myrtle. It will be interesting to see if this is true.
  6. very niceeee Ill be in Myrtle Beach in a few weeks, if I remember my camera ill drop by for some pics
  7. I really want to be a character at Kings Dominion this fall! I get emails from them so hopefully ill get one for tryouts!
  8. I really do think the 5 extra feet on fires lift makes a difference. But maybe that's just me. haha
  9. Watch the video HERE Read The Story HERE I searched and didn't run into anything, sorry in advance if I messed up.
  10. Does anyone happen to have it? 10 megapixels. Amazing Features. $350 NOONE in my area has it in stock. theres 22 other people on hold for it in the penn camera stores around [they have the cheapest price] I was hoping to get it the other day for when i goto BGE next monday, becase there are so many amazing things and animals to shoot around that beautiful park. If you happen to have it tell me about it. Check it out Here
  11. This thread died. I went to bge again yesterday, they must of been expecting a small crowd. All the coasters only had 2 trains running so the lines were a little longer than the day before but they weren't too bad. I never realized Lochness and Big bad wolf had 3 trains, until i saw them sitting on the holding track yesterday.Even Griffon only had 2 trains which really sucked cause the single riders lane wasn't that short today. BGE needs to get strict with the no bags or loose articles beyond the ride entrance like cp does. at bge they'll let some people by even though the rule is to not have any loose articles past the gate...there for the running process was a little slower. but i do notice a decent difference when they do take the rule into effect. loading/dispatch time does seem quicker. it depends on the cast member standing at the front. also i got a question about the bbw, why do they pull those black bag looking things down and look in them everytime the car comes into the station?i was wondering that. Griffon broke down once on wednesday and twice yesterday. on wednesday i think something just happened to the computer, the train wouldn't dispatch. But yesterday, when the car was approacing the station it would slide 3 or 4 inches too far past the sensors and the floor wouldn't raise up, there for maintnence had to come and push the car back and then they had to cycle. Maintenance is real quick to getting to the ride and fixing it, it wasn't down for more than 15 min each time One other thing i forgot to add, the ride opps try to hard not to stack the trains up now. they can be very good at times, but they can be very slow at times as well.
  12. haha this is kind lame, i wasn't sure which section to post it in. it was either this or random, so i'm sorry if i was supposed to post in random. but yea, i should of though of this early this week knowing i was gong to be by myself. so if anyone cause somehow come hangout with me today at bge. reply ill probably be here til like noonish! haha
  13. Oh yea, if you ever need to cool off, ride dark castle if the line isn't SUPER long.Its nice and cold inside and you get a nice blast of cold air in part of the ride other than that, the ride is PATHETIC!
  14. good stuff man. I really want to go and checkout the boardwalk. I have family that lives about 90 miles away from hershey so maybe in like August i can go =]
  15. I agree...trims DO ruin the ride on lochness and bbw. But i think giffon and apollos chariot are amazing. The block breaks at the top of the lift have ALWAYS slowed the train down ever since ac has been open, the ones before the helix on the other hand got added like the 2nd or 3rd year of operation but it doesn't ruin the ride. And griffon..man i can't get enough of that ride...i rode it about 30 times yesterday [the single lane was short] and another thing is you should of got in the single riders line atleast once so you could of experienced it from the LEFT side, you get SO much more airtime and the ride seems so much better on the left. Alpengeist sure is ageing, it used to be SO smooth, its starting to get rough and starting to bang you around pretty bad.But I still love that ride.
  16. Man is this ride good. left end seat owns the right end seat and end seat owns any other seat
  17. They are saying it is the first dive coaster to go from floor to floorless oh alright, i get it now that i think about it, i still think they should of waited til the end of the season since griffon technically should have the credit being the only floorless in the world.
  18. Why does it say "first dive coaster going floorless?" I thought griffon got that credit?
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