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  1. Wow, thats a big suprise. Atleast the Myrtle Beach one is remaining open, my family and I go there every year we go, just for the food though.
  2. Ok I have some pics now, I wish I would of saw it when I got there, the pics. would of came out better. A note about Halloween haunt 2007, its so good this year. Its alot more spread out.
  3. You Beat me, i went yesterday, and on the way out i noticed the track and snapped some shots, im about to upload them to my computer, so ill post them on this topic in a few.
  4. Post Your Flickr account Here Is Mine! I haven't got a chance to goto Kings Dominion [my home park] and shoot yet, hopefully ill be able to with fearfest going on.
  5. Man what a great post. I'm still dreaming to go on a cruise, esp. a disney cruise. My dad is scared he'll get sick. Gay
  6. Is the ride done?Is there still track to be installed or what? I can't tell cause you didn't take any pics of the backside of the ride near where the holding platforms are for the trains.
  7. The website is up http://haunt.kingsdominion.com/ theres only like 2 new mazes i thought there would be more.
  8. Which ride was the gold rush? I haven't been in about 2 years so I can't think of which ride that it.
  9. Maze of madness has been a house for atleast the past 5 years. Its one of way more intense ones, VERY intense.
  10. That's true now that I think about it. Hmmmm. I can't wait for fear fest.
  11. That's weird that they would build a perminate building for a haunted house though. And if the entrance for that house is going to be the hurler entrance[i'm would assuming thats where the entrance for the line would be] are they going to close the hurler early when the haunted house opens or keep it closed or something? Not that the hurler is AMAZING, its still gives you really good air time, when i went it was funning FAST and painful, but full of airtime.
  12. I didn't notice, I don't go on that ride much unless i'm with some family or something.
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