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  1. Well..They still have to complete the water splash, main station, install the trains, and break the trains in. Im sure they have some other stuff to do too so im sure it will open ontime
  2. Kings Dominion=1 Hour drive Busch Gardens Europe=2 1/2 Hour drive
  3. So um, is it going to be Skeikra or Griffon that gets props for being the first ever floorless drop coaster?Because ive heard that Skeikra is going to get the props for it. Can anyone confirm this for me?
  4. i'll probably make the trip down if i'm driving by opening day, I'll probably get the fun pass thing (its basicly a season pass for VA residents where you pay once and you can go like all summer or somthing) like i did last year
  5. awesome keep us updated maybe one day ill buy a knex coaster set..i just never want to cause most of them are like 50$
  6. ...any day BUT memorial day PLEASE..its already going to be packed enough when it does open but adding on all the holiday tourist=NO GOOOOOD
  7. lose some weight so i know i wont have to struggle putting the seatbelt buckle in the clip on MF&TTD when i goto cedar point this summer
  8. i've just heard from a few other forums that they may just be selling HS XLC...has anyone else heard anything simular?
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