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  1. I have a question about ebay. For christmas, I got one of those Visa Debit card Gift cards from my bank. I was wondering if I can use that to sell stuff on ebay where I create a paypal account using that card. will people be able to add money to the card by buying my stuff that i want to sell and having them pay through the palpal account i create using the card? Can i do that? does this make sense to yall? thanks for the help -Jason
  2. The Entrance looks so much better without the ticket booths RIGHT in front of it I want to go!! I want to go atleast 2 or 3 times before the corwds start to pick up
  3. I Hoping to be able to go visit this week or some weekend that i have off. Does andaconda have seat belts now?
  4. OHHH MY GOSHHHH!!! Hopefully they'll be testing on Saturday when the first crowds spend the 1st official day at the park! i want to see some pics and vids if this happens!!!
  5. I was finally able to get on the website =] It looks AMAZING, those cars are BEAST Can they test without the watersplash filled? Because i think thats the only thing NOT done? Hm I making a call for testing to start the 1st day of April
  6. I have a feeling testing is right around the corner, it looks like they're just doing the extra stuff they need to do.[ie. replace concrete, queue lines,extra station work] But i dont think they have tested yet, because if they did the trains would probably have water dummys in the seats.
  7. Very good pics!Ive always wanted to visit Japan, I hear its a really fun place to visit
  8. I wish I had a ride down, maybe ill buy that Virgina resident summer pass or whatever it is again. I bought it last year but only went 2 times. I would go more this summer because ill be able to drive =]
  9. Downtown Myrtle Beach is going to feel so empty for a few years now until they get done with all the construction they're going to do in place of the pavilion. Is that 1st picture in the 3rd row a picture of The Atic being demolished?I thought they were keeping that
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