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  1. So the station floor pretty much drops the same way as Giffons station does aye?
  2. i really hope i dont end up over that yellow "floor"part of the train in the middle then 1st time i ride.
  3. I love the fact that all the water rides/attractions are all in the same area.
  4. Yup they sell it in like every shop, its about 30$ i believe
  5. Great Report! I'm hopeing to make a trip there over the summer to checkout the water park, it looks great.
  6. There are a few minorly rough parts, but I would say 95% of it is smooth.
  7. OMG If I was a large person and I read that I would not go to Cedar Point. I mean if large people experience difficulties trying to get on a ride would I really want to go to a park at the risk of being humiliated because I have a hard time getting in and off a ride? Plus, the risk of my size causing a trouble with the restraint. I think I would die. Thanks for posting! Sometimes I am glad I am skinny. ~Matthew The first time that I ever went to CP I made MF my first ride, I was JUST barely able to ride, you had to have a space of your thumb between the buckle and the loop and the lady just stood there and watched me, all the other times the ride opps. helped me by pulling the belt for me.
  8. Ill Be sure to have a pair of the THINNEST flipflops i can find when i do and just throw them on before i get in line,thats if they care about the rule.
  9. Cedar Point hasn't actually said what the maximum height limit is for Maverick, just the minimum, which is 48 inches. If i'm wrong, could you please link to where it says that you have to be under 6' 2" to ride. Also, to anyone who has been on Storm Runner or Kingda Ka, do they have a max height limit, and if so, what is it? Im 6'3" and I rode StormRunner many times?Or is there no max height?Man i hope i can ride now.
  10. I never thought about just using a flash to set those things off at the shooting arcade range in outdoor worlds hahahaha
  11. I rode the Grizzly at KD for 45 straight minutes in the same seat.
  12. Check them out. They cycled empty trains from im guessing around 4ish to 6ish? P.O.S.!!! 100% of the effect were on too! This ride is such a fun ride.I love it. This new slide is HUGE when you look at it in person. Me on Hypersonic, I figured why not, its a walk on. First Coaster of the season, a whole lot of NOBODY! Something is wrong... I can't wait until this ride is GONE! boooooo New Water slide in the back of the water park. the park was dead Took a ride up the eiffle tower... KD signiture shot!
  13. The songs that i heard were Leave it to beaver,star wars,and the rocky theme song, but those were the only ones i knew
  14. I just got home, today was a GREAT day at the park!Got there around 11, it wasn't raining much AT all, went up the eiffel tower to shoot a couple shots then came down. Walked right up to the stupid sponge bob ride,grizzly,hyper sonic,huler,richochet,rebel yell backwards and fowards,shockwave,italian job,andaconda,FOF,volcano,avalanche,tomb raider. There wasn't a wait any longer than 10 min all day[i had to wait about 10 min for hypersonic the 2nd time i rode it] sooo my ride count for the day Grizzly=3 times Hurler=1 time Ricochet=1 time Rebel Yell backwards 2 times Rebel Yell Foward 2 times Hyper sonic 3 times Drop zone 1 time Shockwave 2 times Tombraider 2 times volcano 5 times FOF 5 times Andaconda 3 times Italian Job 5 times Avalanche 2 times Scooby Doo dark ride 1 time Hypersonic was down for about 2 hours from like 4-6ish i guess?they were cycleing empty tains that whole time, im not sure what was wrong.I also noticed supivisors look alot more professional, they stand out more, i noticed they have to wear shirt and ties now.You can really tell they're understaffed, a few rides had maintnence and/or supivisors checking the restraints.Ride opps. were decent today i guess.I went to country kitchen and got a 3 piece chicken meal with mac and chees and mash w. gravy and a buiscuit for like 10$, it was DAMN good. such a good day ill have pics up when i upload them i guess
  15. my butt/waiste is so big AND im tall, i have the smallest fit on the hurler and grizzly, it sucks cuase it hurts more.
  16. If the rain is strong enough i know they shut down FOF,Valcano,Hypersonic and dropzone. other than that i dont think they really shut rides down except for thunder/lighting. But this might of changed. so i dunno
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