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  1. The 169ft hill is an overbank. The 182ft one is an airtime hill.
  2. From top to bottom of those pics. Hydrolic launch, flyer, dive machine/x-car/Giovanola mega cars.
  3. I'm gonna have to cheat a little here 2-Face: The Flip Side
  4. Fat women wearing bikinis. I mean, my god, what are they trying to do? Blind us? Do they really think that they look good? Show us some courtesy and don't go to the beach or pool. Why don't they just stop eating fast food and get their lazy butt off the sofa and go get some excercize.
  5. ^Its a B&M 4-D. The Intamin track is there just to trick us. They are also onna make a Vekoma Motorboke that intertwines with the 4-D.
  6. Wow man, it all looks great, especially Demon. What is up with the open restraints on Demon?
  7. Well the one at SFOG, I had a little bit of room. But they wre on their 2nd set of trains at that point. They were updated so instead of looking like a normal inverted OSTR, it has this kind like hard netting that goes up most of your chest. I felt quite secure, and I am pretty skinny.
  8. Well I haven't seen a 2006 recreation yet, but you can find one of the 2003-2005 seasons here. That recreation is flawless, considering how restriction RCT2 is. There is not room for Goliath though...
  9. 1. VAULT! Sometimes I drink up to 3 bottles a day. The first time I had it was at like 9 after I had been to SFOG. I was exhausted, but then I had the Vault and I was wide awake. 2. Mountain Dew 3. Sprite Remix Aruba Jam
  10. Wow dude, this is looking great! It makes me want to get the expansions for RCT3...if only I had money...
  11. ^Ya, I just posted that picture on the last page. The watercoaster idea could be right. It would need a large turning radius to cut down on g's, but who knows.
  12. I have to agree that it is Intamin, without a doubt. Maybe its one of those new types of Intamin like the one that is going to Port Aventura.
  13. There was an awesome senior prank today. Some seniors payed a hobo $300 to come into the school naked and run through the halls. The teachers then locked him into the science lab. During that, the seniors poured deer piss on all of the stairs which smelled TERRIBLE. They later found out that the hobo hade teberculosis(sb?) and hepititus c(sp?) and all the people that came in contact with him had to leave and get tested. The seniors that payed him were arrested and the hobo was let go with his $300, and was rumored that he was going to go spend it on methadone.
  14. I am going to have to say B:TR at SFOG. You start down the first drop and it feels like you aren't going that fast, but then you hit the bottom and feels like your tripled your speed. It is really intense in the front, but the corks kill your ears.
  15. I heard that it opened around 5:30 today. Deja Vu is "supposed" to be up and running tommorow, but who knows there.
  16. I'm about to say something that probably has never been said before. Your coaster and park making skills are not up to par with you scenery skills. The park was very nice, don't get me wrong, but it was way to spread out. It needs more coasters. Most of the coasters aren't really reaslistic either. It is still a nice park though.
  17. No offense, but that trip sounds so boring. No Goliath, no Batman, no Mindbender or Acro. You had a q-bot too, you could have ridden everything if you wanted to. Monster Plantation and Shake Rattle & Roll, I don't even bother with those rides. I don't know if it was the people with you or what, but it sounds like you just don't know theme park time management
  18. ^I went today, there was like, no one there. I was on in the front row ont eh fourth train of the day. I rode it four times today, one of them at night, and I go insane ejector air. I was also VERY surprised by how fast the line moved. I got in line one time when it was full and I was on an hour later.
  19. Ok, there is no way that this gonna happen. With my job over at coaster-net and homework and soccer, I just don't think I will be able to to this. Sorry guys, I'm out.
  20. Then for the people who are missing scenery, all of you get to experience the power if the "Checking Object Data" bar.
  21. Do you have the export objects option turned on? If not, then you might want to check that.
  22. This park was OK. IMO it was too spread out for what you had, and your coasters were just OK. This was nothing above average. Keep it up though.
  23. Its either that or you can go to http://www.imageshack.us/ and you can upload and change the size of your photos at the same time. Then you just copy the direct link, go to reply and click the Img button, past and click it again.
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