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  1. Wow man. I'm guessing you are just using the pieces from your record breaker for this. That is gonna take so many pieces, but I guess you have them. How are you going to get the train up that lift? Are you going to use a drill or are you just going to get one of those really good motors?
  2. They are actually made by the same guy that made the 8 cars trainer. You can find them here. http://forums.rctspace.com/index.php?showtopic=21642
  3. While that first post was pure brilliance, now I am just seeming people's top ten lists. That is not about your favorite rides, it is more about inovativeness and what sparked the evolution of the theme park/ride business. I see rides like Viper (SFGam) on lists. You must remember what this ride was modeled after. The Coney Island Cyclone. Then there is Katun (Mirabilandia) somewhere on this list. Where would Katun be if there was no Batman The Ride at SFGam? Some may say Millenium Force. While I see how you can think that because it was the first giga coaster, Magnum should be on top of it. If it wasn't for Magnum sparking the coaster wars as BeemerBoy said in the first post, we probably wouldn't have ever seen the Force. I have to say that Intamin first Gen. freefall's are a big one. The sparked the freefall type rides.
  4. Well IMO the colors aren't really that "crazy." I am not really using any bright colors anymore. It's mainly just grey, black, that dark purple, dark red, and yellow for some contrast. I can't make it the same colors because then it will make some of the buildings look blocky and that is NOT what I want.
  5. Come on people, comments are what keep me going. Anyways, I started with the buildings covering the ride. I have only finished one so far that I think is ok, all the others I tried didn't really fit. Here it is. What do you think? Please comment. Good or bad, I don't care. Just give me some feedback. Spaminacan11
  6. 101 was as high as I saw it get up to today, but it might have gotten hotter because I was mowing the lawn. (Oh boy was that fun). The heat index was about 110 though...
  7. ^Haha, sounds like an RCT breakdown. I, myself have only been stuck on the Georgia Scorcher. It was on the lift on April 1st. It gave a good view of Goliath, but after about five minutes of being stuck, it got pretty uncomftorable. Luckily, I was on an outside seat so I could stand up on the outside of the train and take some pressure off.
  8. Oh sweet. I might be able to get up there sometime in the next couple years. I have family there.
  9. My latest pic... Oh ya, the self taken picture...
  10. My god I hate "You're Beautiful". I saw it on the top of iTunes for like 2 weeks, so I gave it a listen. What are those preppy girls thinking!?!? I also don't like "Photograph" by Nickelback. Don't get me wrong, it's not that it is a bad song, but it got so overplayed that I just didn't like it anymore. I don't like people who just listen to things on radio and are like OMG I LOVE (name of a band here), then they don't know one other song by that band. It's is just as bad as liking a certain song just because someone else likes it so you can be cool too. I like a really wide range of music, but I hate rap and R&B. Metal doesn't do much for me either.
  11. I actually have never blacked out on a coaster, but I did see spots on the Ninja after my 5th power ride. Why I was powerriding Ninja, I don't know, but I didn't ride again after that.
  12. There is a good video of the press conference and a couple interviews found here. It also has some good overviews of the area and a few shots of the blueprints.
  13. Well I was amazed how long it was. I couldn't believe that it could make it both ways without any other form of propulsion other than the first launch. It was very smooth too. The zero-g-roll looked wierd though, but it was perfect while riding.
  14. Single paths don't help, it just makes the gusts more unhappy because if the park gets crowded they are like, "It's to crowded here." The no entry thing works, but what works for me is underground paths. Just start them in a building where the people are stuck so you don't even know they are there.
  15. ^That was your coaster? I loved that coaster. It had great theming, supports...everything. This one looks just as good, but the supports could be changed in a couple of places.
  16. Well, the park doesn't look too bad, but your coasters are unrealistic. You did a VERY good job with the theming becuase it looks like you are just using the RCT2 base scenery.
  17. Well after about 20 failed attempts at a good looking mini hyper, I decided to build a B&M invert. It is Black Mamba style. It is in its pre-stages rigth now and I have just done most of the station. I will add A LOT more buildings to the to "hide" the ride. I will take any suggestions. Please don't complain about the third inversion because you can't really make a good looking immelman in RCT. Other than that, its 80ft tall and the loop is 60 ft. My point is that it is pretty small. If you want more screens, I will get them, but please remember that it is in its pre-stage and I haven't even gone into zero clearance mode yet.
  18. Ahh, Deja Vu. It was my old #1. ^To answer your question, no it doesn't. It is a great ride though, it is so intense and quick. I've thought about it since the last time I rode it and I have to say that I think Batman at SFOG front seat is more intense than the Vu, but the Vu is more fun.
  19. ^Umm, I think he was kidding. Anyways though, the coaster looks great. Its really long(haha). Keep it up, I can't wait to ride this.
  20. WOW! What do you make those out of, they are abesolutely beautiful.
  21. ^I guess they didn't want to spend the time making it high def for the 360...
  22. I just thought about it for a while. I think that you always have an attraction to either men, women or both. This is NOT choice. Sexuality as a choice could be like if a guy was religious but was attracted to men. He then basically forces himself to be straight. Or he is gay or something then becomes religious and stops. You don't hear too many stories about such things though. I can understand how hard it would be for a gay guy to start like women and not men. It would be like me trying to start liking men and not women. It would take a lot of will power and faith. Which brings me to my next point. I think some people are basically destined to be gay. If they had an attraction to men at a very early age and weren't religious or anything, then it would be SOOO hard for them to be straight.
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