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  1. I caught that coolest shot of Maverick that I have seen yet earlier. I got very lucky with it.
  2. I thought I would share my story. I hadn't played Pokemon since fourth grade when I got Gold and Silver. Then a week or two ago, I really felt compelled to buy Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. I finally gave in, and I LOVE this game. It brings a whole new level of fun when I have no idea what is good and bad and it just makes it that much harder. My Pokemon at this point are between level 28 and 29. I like to keep them all even. I have four badges and I am just loving it...
  3. ^Hmm..almost reminds me of a superman symbol on its side.. That will certainly give a crazy headchopper effect though. I am really liking how the ride is turning out so far.
  4. Oh I remember these. Someone posted them on Coaster-net a year or so ago. I thought I posted them here..I guess not though. I love these things though. ToT is awesome when you get the hang of it.
  5. I used to really like Mythbusters, but not as much anymore. It seems to me that they have just run out of all the good myths. I still watch it from time to time though.
  6. I really really really love Florida. I haven't even been to a Florida park, but I love the beaches there. They are so relaxing. While they might not be as beautiful as the sand beaches in Maine between the rock cliffs, the climate is just perfect. The Rocky Mountains are also really fun, but I have only been in the summer, and they got kind of boring after four days of hiking. They are very beautiful though. I also really like Atlanta. I don't really know why, but that city just makes me feel so good. I love the downtown part around CNN, the Georgia Aquarium, and the Coke museum.
  7. I am so addicted to tanks on Wii Play! It is so simple, but it is so much fun!
  8. I got Wii Play yesterday. It is OK, but it isn't anythin special. I mainly just got it for the Wiimote.
  9. Today I got my driver's liscense and drove on my own for the first time.
  10. Wii Play is next for me. I am mainly getting it for the controller, but it looks to be a moderately fun game as well.
  11. Has anyone here beaten the dancing level on Warioware when it is on full speed? I have gotten half way through level two, but thats as far as I can get. Also, I am loving that Bungie Buddies game.
  12. ^I know it's been a while, but when you say that, do you mean the wood to cover up the mountain on certain walls? If you mean that, I am going to change that, because I see what you are saying. I will put vines and such on the walls instead. I haven't gotten much done lately...I have had soccer and I have been completely addicted to my Wii. Hopefully I can get back into it.
  13. For me, Intamin barely beats out S&S. Acrophobia just gives that out of control feel and gets you by complete suprise, where as S&S towers don't as much. I really like turbo drop's and space shot's, but Acro beats them both out. Now, Tower of Doom at SFEG was my least favorite drop though, simply because there is no surprise since there is a click before you drop. Intamin barely edges it out with Acro and Freefall that both give a very intense ride.
  14. That part was really easy because I had seen a video of it before. It was the boss stage of the thing before that got me. The one where you have to sword fight without any arrows telling you what to do. I probably lost six times before I won.
  15. ^^I got Warioware today. I am loving it so far. I didn't realize how many different positions you can hold the wii-mote in. I was instantly sucked into the game and I wanted to quite, but I actually played three more level things before I stopped.
  16. I am so glad that Florida won. I said to my friend thats Ohio State was overrated all this time. Now they can believe me! 87 total yards for Ohio St...HA! I almost think that the top three could be 1- Florida 2- LSU 3- Boise St. SEC overrated...I think not.
  17. ^To turn the volume on the Wiimote down, just hit the home button and it has controller settings under the two buttons. Your other problem could be that the Wiimote has a low battery because that is the only problem I have had when I lost the connection. That is just one mor thing that bugs me, there is no way of telling how much battery you have left unless you go to the home button. I wish they could have pulled a gameboy or ds with it and added a red light when it is in its last 10%.
  18. ^I will most likely pick up one of those myself when it comes out. I am on my third set of batteries and I got the Wii for Christmas...
  19. I pre-ordered Warioware and Wii Play yesterday. I have almost beaten Zelda...
  20. A lot of people in this thread seem to be saying that the problem is that young people don't learn grammar early enough. I don't know about a lot of the other younger people on this site, but I learned how to write a solid letter and paragraph in second grade. I do not believe that the problem lies on when the material is taught, but just the fact the people do not care. They just get used to writing like that while talking on instant messenger with their friends. That is acceptable, because it isn't a formal conversation. Like someone in this thread mentioned, the problem is that they simply haven't learned that shorthand, misspellings, and bad grammar are not acceptable in a professional environment. If anybody is trying to protect Milkchan, it is not the right thing to do. He may never learn his lesson about writing like that until he steps into a professional workplace to get a job, and cannot get a job because the employers won't take him seriously because his writing is not legible. Those of you who are trying to protect yourself from the stereotype that is stamped on young people, why not just go on like normal and just prove that you do not fit that stereotype? Robb has said many times that some people under the age of 18 can write well. That is all that is needed to be said. No one has pointed you out for bad grammar, so why try to protect yourself from it if you write well?
  21. I drank some Coke while playing a game tonight, Coke with my lunch, and Coke at a party last night.
  22. Spiderman 3 Shrek 3 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Mostly Spiderman 3 though. I have been waiting for that movie for over a year now. The preview they show in theaters is amazing. It had me pushed way back in my seat.
  23. I had a really creepy dream last night. It was something like, the grim reaper texted me and told me that he would come kill me in two days. I was really scared of course. So I went to my brother and told him, and he said that he got a text a few days before that said the same thing, but he escaped the reaper. He said he couldn't remember how though. So the two days went by and I was freaking out. I ended up in this really wierd alley. There were cheap metal roofs around and by one roof, there was this door. It was dark, and I stood there and looked up to see the grim reaper come out of the door and look down at me. It creeped me out so bad. Then I woke up. I was really out of it, and somehow thought it was real, and that if I went back to sleep that I would die. So I prayed, and I went back to sleep and had a dream that I lost my luggage..on some sort of desolate mountain with a bunch of other people. So I searched for my luggage until I woke up in the morning.
  24. ^Yes actually, they were. It didn't make Nintendo fans too happy either. It is no where near the same though. The sixaxis only picks up the turning of the controller, it can't detect where the controller is pointing. It really only serves a purpose in racing and flying type games. Personally, I think it was a bad call by Sony to do that because they had to sacrifice the rumble feature. Yay for all of Sony's stupid mistakes!
  25. Wii- Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess- Finding the tears in Kakiriko Village, well actually Death Mountain. I was kicked off by my sister thoguh..
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