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  1. Mind Bender at SFOG pulls some great forces on all "three" loops.
  2. I have been on one of those candy bowl slides before. The Revolution at Waterworld in Denver. That is, if I am correct, what Elissa is talking about. I thought it was kind of boring myself. It wasn't a bad ride, but it wasn't worth the 30 minutes I waited for it...
  3. DAY 2 My sister had an 8 O Clock game, and I stayed at the hotel and slept. They got back at aroudn 930 and we ate breakfast, packed and left for SFOG again. This time, my mom and sister came. We got there at aroudn 11 to get our tickets. My sister was too scared to ride Goliath then, so we went to the Georgia Scorcher. It was her first REAL coaster. I only rode it once, but she wanted to ride again, so I went to Goliath. I was met my a 20 minute wait. I did the same thing as the day before, I waited for row two and there was an empty seat in front, so I jumped on. (Place enthusiastic adjective here) ride as usual. Bunny hills I met back up with my mom and sister and we headed to Deja Vu(my mom didn't ride). We got in line and it wasn't TOO bad, but my sister is really impatient, so I had to encourage her to stay in line. After about 50 minutes, we got on 1a. It was awesome on the back tower! My sister loved it too. Over the loop After we got off the Vu and my sister and mom excahanged words about the ride, my sister's friend called and we met up with her. I tried to get them to ride Goliath, but they weren't quite ready. They went to the Scorcher, while I rode Goliath again. Yadayadayada, I rode, it was awesome. For those of you who don't know (especially on this site), Goliath also goes by Joe. I went back over to the Scorcher to meet back up and they had decided that they would give Goliath a try. We waited about 20 minutes and were on row five. This was the first thing, and only thing, my mom rode all day. My sister and her friend were freaking out on the lift. They loved it though... More bunny hills It was Mindbender time. It was walk on, yay, good ride, you get the point. Then we walked over to the Wheelie. I really like the Wheelie, but it gave my sister a headache. She was just hungry, so we rode the Sky Buckets to the front of the park and went out to our car to eat. It spins and stuff After we ate, we went back in and went to Superman. The line wasn't too bad, but it said two hours, so my sister didn't want to ride. We went to Goliath instead. We ended up riding Goliath three times in a row, and then we left. (Plays Superman music) I could really care less about this ride Through the trees! Up and over! All in all, it was a VERY VERY good weekend at SFOG. I was very happy with it, I just wish Batman and Scro could have been open... Day Two Summary Goliath- 6 Deja Vu- 1 Mindbender- 1 Georgia Scorcher- 1 The Wheelie- 1 Sky Buckets- 1 Weekend Summary Goliath- 14 Deja Vu- 3 MindBender- 2 Georgia Scorcher- 2 Great American Scream Machine- 1 Georgia Cyclone- 1 Ninja- 1 Freefall- 1 The Wheelie- 1 Sky Buckets- 1 I swear that didn't take me three hours to write, Spaminacan11
  4. This trip report is VERY long Please excuse any spelling or grammar errors, I am very tired. Ahh...Good ole Atlanta... I was going because my sister had a soccer tournament in Atlanta, and I have a season pass to Six Flags. So we got there Friday night and our hotel, of course, was on the direct opposite side of Atlanta from Six Flags, so it took about 40 minutes to get there. My sister had an early soccer game on Saturday, and she got a ride to it so my mom could take me to SFOG. We got there at about 10, right after the park opened. She dropped me off and I went in straight to Goliath. The entrance, and more importantly, Goliath (look at the huge amount of people) The horseshoe I was expecting some fairly large crowds, BUT I got to the line and found a hefty 5 minute wait. It was killer! I didn't know if I could wait a WHOLE five minutes!(End sarcasm) Well, of course, I jumped in line and before I new it I was choosing what row I wanted. I walked to wait for the second row and saw an open seat in the first, so I jumped in front without having to wait at all. GREAT ride! Just like in April, it is still just as amazing, if not more, than it was then. After I got off, I jumped back in line and waited another patience testing five minutes. This time I got in the back. I really like the back, but I think I still prefer the front of row five. It has a big station They copy Cedar Fair like Sony copies Nintendo... Yay for the probably photoshopped in three minutes logo After the first two rides on Goliath, I headed to Deja Vu. I wasn't TOTALLY sure it was running, but I went for it. As luck had it, it was running, so I got in line. Last time I rode the Vu was back in June of 05 and I waited 1.5 hours. I didn't really know what to expect, but I guess the 10 minute line that greeted me wasn't too bad. I was pointed to 7b... I noticed that the bottom wheels are a half inch off the track while waiting. Remembering that it is a Vekoma, I just put that aside and got on the ride. It was a little bit rougher than last year, but still a very fun ride. I hate the first tower catch! I am pretty sure that this is the entrance to Deja Vu. What a bad design... I now realize the mistake I made next. You must remember that I just got off of a Vekoma now, but I went to the Ninja. I'm not sure what came over me. Maybe the new paint job attracted me or something. So, I got in line and saw they were running both trains, but since there weren't enough people, they were only letting people on one train. I was aiming for the fourth car(it's the smoothest), but since I can't count, I got in car five. I didn't realize what I had done until we hit the lift. I immedietally though, "Why am I riding this?" We got to the top of the lift and headed down and I noticed the train jittering back and forth REALLY bad. It looked like a poorly made No Limits coaster. The ride wasn't THAT bad, but I definitallydid not want to ride again. I feel sorry for those people Next up, The Great American Scream Machine. I hadn't ridden the Scream Machine in over two years, and after I got off, I didn't regret not riding it in those two years. There was almost no line, so I got myself lined up for the very back. Of course, it breaks down when I am next in line. It had to do with the station brakes, cause when the mechanic came to fix it, he tested it and when the train came into the station going about twenty, I heard him say, "Oh CRAP!" He then manually put on the brakes and it came to a rough stop. I kinda wanted to walk out at that point (and wish I did), but I didn't. They got it fixed and I rode in the back. When I rode it last, it was fun. This wasn't...I thought my back was broken when we hit the brakes. Sure, the ride can be fun, but when I rode, it was FAR too violent. Yay? Not yay... It's old...and stuff So after regaining feeling in my back, I went to Superman. I snapped a few pictures and got in line to see they were running two trains at the pace of about a train per five minutes(if that). I waited for a couple trains to take some pictures, then left the line cause I didn't even care to ride. No comment... People make it out to be more than it is Personally, this is my favorite part I headed to the front of the park and snapped some pictures on the way. I found Acrophobia closed *sniffle*... I kept walking and decided to hit up the Georgia Cyclone. Sure, it is rough, but I love it. Unlike the Scream Machine, it is actually fun. I walked onto the back (no wait at all). Good artime, great headchoppers...the trim kind of takes a lot out of the ride though... It's taller than Godzilla! Intamin! W00t! It makes a lot of noise I love this shot Next in the line-up, The Georgia Scorcher. Now, in April, it was a little bit on the rough side, so I didn't know how it would be now. I mainly rode so I could get a picture of Goliath's helix from the station. Anyways...I rode in the back, and it wasn't rough at all. Mighty forceful, just how I like it. (insert comment here) Pretty much the whole ride... The first turn around thing that feels really cool A rare view... I hit up Goliath two more times after the Scorcher, but this time I had to wait TEN WHOLE MINUTES! I really was dissapointed in the crew though. They were stacking trains left and right. I rode in row three and row five those two times. First drop...it's kind of bright It was then time for a classic...The Mindbender. The line was just outside of the station. I got in line and almost instantly, I was next to get on the front of car 2. Can you guess what happens next? It breaks down of course. It was ok though, because when I was in line, I saw one of my friends in line behind me and he rode with me. They had it up and runnning in about five minutes and still a GREAT ride after 30+ years. My camera refused to take good pictures of Mindbender So I only have two... I would have rode Batman next, BUT it was closed...Instead, Cameron(my friend) and I, went to Goliath. After a five minute wait, we were in row four. It was pretty funny cause we just had a conversation during the ride while everyone else was screaming their heads off. No trip report is complete without a geeky magnetic brake picture We got off Goliath and went to Freefall. Cameron had to leave after about five minutes in line, so I was by myself again. I waited about 15 minutes and was finally on. It remains a great drop ride, and the brakes were much smoother than the last time I rode it. It's mighty fun It was Deja Vu time again after Freefall. I headed down through the Lickskillet area and found Deja Vu broken down. I jumped in line and they had it running within five minutes. It was the longest wait of the day at 30 minutes. I rode in 8b this time. Awesome airtime in that seat! This is for all you vertical loop fanatics My goal for Goliath on Saturday was eight rides, so I headed back up the hill to Goliath for rides six, seven, and eight. I would have gone for ten, but my mom called and said she was about 15 minutes away. I headed towards the exit and bought myself three giant maps. I then went outside the park and took pictures until my mom showed up. The shot I got from the Scorcher's station Day One Summary Goliath- 8 Deja Vu- 2 Mindbender- 1 Georgia Scorcher- 1 Great American Scream Machine- 1 Georgia Cyclone- 1 Ninja- 1 Freefall- 1
  5. ^Yes, it does have trims, BUT they don't do anything. Or at least, they don't do anything noticable. It is a very accurate recreation. I love it, and the real thing. Now I can jump on this when I can't fullfill my addiction to it...
  6. Well, I think it is just the supports next to the top that look bad. If I took out the right side of that bulk, I dont think it would look as bad because the rest of the large supports are to the left instead of both right and left. EDIT- Well I changed the supports ALOT and finished the buildings around Shadow. Overview of it as of now The Shadow area Are the supports better now? Please give me some feedback, Spaminacan11
  7. Wow, I haven't updated in a while. I guess it is just due to the amount of homework and soccer I have. This is it right now... Lift supports are done, new gueue building, Top Spin(Shadow) contstruction...there is much more going on in that area than you can see though... Spaminacan11
  8. Well I have only been on SUF-SFOG and The Flying Coaster-SFEG. SUF takes it for me, The Flying Coaster is TERRIBLE! SUF doesn't really do anything for me anymore though. I actually find it quite boring, even the pretzel loop. After about 20 rides on it, I don't bother if the line is over 30 minutes or if someone I'm with hasn't riden it.
  9. I have a 2 gig white iPod nano. I love it and use it every day. I have a little bit of room left because I only put the songs that I really listen to on there. If I had to, I could make more room. I also have a 512 mb iPod shuffle and an iHome.
  10. Ya, I am definitally not quite up to NE calibur yet. I am working towards that though. I will take the suggestions about invert section's paths, but what color should I change them to, because it needs to fit with the section. Thanks for all of the feedback, Spaminacan11
  11. Well, I have darkened the whole Phantom area and changed a few things. Here is an overview of it. Enjoy, Spaminacan11
  12. Busch Gardens Europe has sent out a teaser video of the new coaster to the media. Coaster-net staff is part of the media and DID recieve the video. It is now available for download on Coaster-net.com You can find the video here. Enjoy, Spaminacan11
  13. I'm not THAT good. My top times are. Beginner- 9 Intermediate- 54 Expert- 229
  14. I actually went into the park thinking that it was going to be really crappy, but I was very surprised. Other than Flying Coaster and Twister II, the park is very nice, clean, and has a great layout.
  15. You want a Water World report? Ok, I will do one later. I just can't remember the names of all the slides and all that stuff. I don't have pics of WW though.
  16. NOTE: It is kind of long. I also had to shrink the pictures BIG TIME. Ok, where to start? Well, I flew out to Denver on the 25th of July with my family. We went mainly to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains, but I persuaded and got to go to SFEG and Water World. We went straight to Winter Park when we got to Denver and just chilled in our condo. We did some hiking and sight seeing for a week which was really fun. We came back to Denver on the 1st, and went straight to SFEG. My dad dropped me, my sister, and my mom off at Six Flags and he took my brother to Bass Pro because he is a crazed want to be redneck. We got to SFEG at about 10:30 and went to get our tickets. I, being my stupid self, forgot my Six Flags season pass, so we went to park Guest Relations and we actually got them to contact SFOG and I got a pass. When we got into the park, we headed straight back to Half Pipe, my first Intamin coaster. We were greeted by a tiny line. My mom gets headaches really easilly, so it was just me and my sister riding. I don't even know if we waited five minutes and we were on. It was an AWESOME ride, with a surprising amount of airtime. It broke down when the ride was over, and we were stuck for about 10 minutes. Just because it was kind of short, I give it an eight. Half Pipe- 8/10 My sister and I in line for Half Pipe The sign and loading platform of Half Pipe The ride in action After Half Pipe, we went to Boomerang, my first Vekoma Boomerang. I had heard a lot about them, and them being rough and not fun. I do know that this one has the new trains though. Personally, I loved the ride. I only got one bump, and it didn't even hurt. We rode in the very front, and it was just awesome. Probably a three minute wait. Overall, I liked it and I don't see what everyone is talking about. Boomerang- 7/10 Entrance of Boomerang The layout...duh Up the first tower (Me and my sister are in the front seat) Tower of Doom was up next. It didn't have much of a line, maybe 15 minutes. This was good considering that it had quite a few people. I was surprised by how fast they loaded it. I wish that they could load Acro that fast! It was a great drop, but I don't think it can top Acro just because it does,'t tilt or rotate on the way up. Tower of Doom- 6/10 Does it need a caption? The line and stuff... Then, making our way back to Twister II, we hit up Shake, Rattle, & Roll. It was my first top spin, and I really didn't know what to expect. There was no line, so we just hopped right on. It was pretty fun, but kind of painful when you go upside down. Overall, it was ok. Shake, Rattle, & Roll- 5/10 Haha... Its really fun Twister II...Built wilder the second time around. It may have been, BUT they trimmed it...BIG TIME. There is abesolutely NO AIR other than the first drop. No, I am not exagerating, there is seriously no air. It was the most dissapointing ride of the day. I would have to give it a rate of almost fun. In other words a five. Twister II- 4/10 Switch wilder with milder Meh... After the bleah ride that is called Twister II, we headed over to Sidewinder. The line wasn't too long, and there were slow loading times. It was only an about ten minute wait though. It was great! It pulled great G's and was just awesome. Sidewinder- 7/10 Yeah...this is where Sidewinder is Loop! I would have to say this is the best picture of the day We got off of Sidewinder and headed to The Flying Coaster. I hadn't heard one good thing about this coaster. So I thought to myself, how bad could it be? I got my answer, TERRIBLE. The ride hurts bad when it rolls because you aren't held down, you are just in a cage with too much room so you fall on the rack behind you. It really explained the term "Cages of Death." It is such a shame that it was my sisters first flying coaster. I don't even know if it would be fun if it had good restraints... Flying Coaster- 3 rotten eggs out of 10 Save yourself the pain and don't ride... This ride is a disgrace After having my back and shoulders nearly broken, we went to Mind Eraser. I have heard bad things about SLC's, so I wasn't expecting much. My sister had a head ache from the Flying Coaster, so it was just me riding. It was about a five minute wait, and I jumped in the second car. I liked it. It was no where near Batman the Ride, but it was ok. I like how there is a lot of padding on the OSTR's. More about how I rated it later. Mind Eraser- 5/10 This is how you get to Mind Eraser First Drop The rollover We went back towards Half Pipe, but rode the swinging ship first because I promised here we would. After that, we went to Half Pipe and waited for like, five minutes to ride. It was still as good as the first ride, and I love how it spins and you can see the other people's faces. Some people make the funniest expressions ! Then we hit up Boomerang again (no bump this time), then another ride on Tower of Doom. I then had a bite to eat while my sister rode the swinging ship. After I ate, we were going to go to Shake, Rattle, & Roll again, but we saw that Half Pipe had a super short ride. We basically jumped right on. THEN we rode Shake, Rattle, & Roll. The second ride was much better than the first and was a lot crazier and not as painful. It spun more and hung us upside down a lot longer. My sister wanted to ride a flat in front of Twister II after that, so I just rode Twister II. It was walk-on like the first ride, and I made a funny face to the camera. If I worked for TBS, I would say it was mildly funny. After that, we saw that Tower of Doom at a short line, so we rode that. Then we went back to Sidewinder, and it had much better loading times so it didn't take long at all. I almost blacked out through the loop...IT WAS AWESOME! We then tried go over and ride the kiddie coaster, but we were too tall . I had actually ridden a clone of the kiddie coaster before, but whatever. My mom wanted to ride the Big Wheel, so we went over there and the ride op had the ride unbalanced, so it was really wierd and making squeaky noises and was actually the longest wait of the day coming in at 20 minutes . I got some good overview pictures from the Big Wheel. Yep... Mind Eraser and Batwing from the Big wheel More rides... The midway, its actually really nice and clean Observation Tower Downtown Denver My sister wanted to ride Mind Eraser, so we went over there and for the 3rd car. Unlike the first ride, the second was NOT smooth. It was VERY rough, but I enjoyed it because the OSTR's are so padded that its like hitting your head on a pillow. I couldn't rate it a 6 like I was going to just because of the roughness. After that, we rode the Batwing. It's a swing ride and it is very tame. It was the second and last ride my mom rode. We tried calling my dad after that, but he didn't answer, so me and my sister rode Mind Eraser again and got another rough ride, but it was still fun. When we got off, my mom said that she got a hold of my dad and said he was waiting in the parking lot. I asked if we could ride Half Pipe again, and she said yes. It wasn't going to be a bad wait, but luckily there were these two kids in front of us when they called for a party of four. The guy just turned and said, "We are together," and we just walked on to the ride. I must add that I love how they have Half Pipe's line organized. It is very smart how they have it set up. Then we went to find my mom at the entrance and she bought me one of those big maps because we didn't park. I might have missed something in there, but I got 22 rides between 11 and 5, so I was VERY happy. It was like a ghost town almost. We didn't even care to go to the waterpark since it wasn't that hot and the lines for the coasters were so short. We went to Water World the next day, and that was also very fun, but it was kind of cold. NUMBER OF RIDES Half Pipe- 4 Mind Eraser- 3 Tower of Doom- 3 Boomerang- 2 Sidewinder- 2 Twister II- 2 Shake, Rattle, & Roll- 2 The Flying Coaster- 1 Batwing- 1 The Sea Dragon (Swinging Ship)- 1 Rates Half Pipe- 8/10 Boomerang- 7/10 Tower of Doom- 6/10 Mind Eraser- 5/10 Shake, Rattle, & Roll- 5/10 Flying Coaster- 3/10
  17. Here is another building. This is my last update for a while because I'm going to Denver...
  18. ^I'm getting the same message, but I joined the group a few days ago.
  19. Haha, looks like the hands from someone who played Tug o' War on Mario Party on the N64. I considered getting one of these for a while. I actually have a perfect place for it, and when I get a job and money I will get one.
  20. The hacking for coasters is not easy if it if your first time. You can run into many problems and it may take a few tries to get it right. Don't worry, it SHOULDN'T do permenant damage to your program. You just have to go by the rule, save before you try anything. Doing complex hacks, you will frequently fun into trapper errors. Ok, for most hacks you have to the 8 cars trainer. You can find that here. You can find tutorials on the 8 cars website, but I could never find out how to do it by what that said. More helpful tutorials can be found here. Most of your hacks, for rocket coasters and such will use the basic hack labeled Deja Vu on that website. I suggest that you do it making a Deja Bu first, then expiriment with other types of coasters. That site also has tutorials for frisbees and things of that sort. I hope that helped, Spaminacan11
  21. Well I have been working ont he path to Phantom more than the buildings around Phantom, but here is one of them. Tell me what you think, Spaminacan11
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