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  1. ^That is called being saved. He believes in God. He put his faith there. He probably felt guilt for doing what he did. Then he found the lord. he was reborn, and is truly a new person. Now he is following God's path for him and is tryin to get you saved too. GOOD FOR HIM!
  2. Forcing a child against his or her will to go to a camp to change their beliefs. Thats a little over the top to me. I believe that homosexuality comes through choice. If the parents didn't want their kid to be gay, they should have set a better influence. But since they didn't or just that the temptation was too strong for the kid, they turned gay. Now I can completely understand that, but forcing the kid to a camp to make them straight again is just too much. Now I am a Christian. I do not hate gays. I believe what they do is wrong, but I don't hate them. If I am to become a parent, I will teach my children that homosexuality is wrong. I will not force them into being straight, but lead them there. Get them involved in the church and show them that it is wrong. Then, when the temptation hits them, they will know it is wrong. My church isn't like that. Also, about bringing the gays into the church thing. Yes, they should bring them in, but not so much accept that they are gay. They must act. Show them the gospel, teach them from THE BIBLE. Though, as someone stated before, homosexuality CAN be a life long thing. The gay person would have to not want to be gay to really mean anything. Also, just one last thing. Can someone tell me how homosexuality can be genetic?
  3. Now if you can hack and make a realistic Deja Vu clone, then go with that. If you can't go with the Invertigo.
  4. Well those look unrealistic. This is how you do realistic Intamin Supports. ^That is SupremeScremer's Unlimited in Premier Amusement Park.
  5. I love B&M clamshell restraints, along with all B&M restraints. I also love Schwarzkopf and CCI lap bars. I don't like Vekoma OSTR's. Only in the sitdown models though, not because of the headbanging, but because you can't really raise your right or left arm depending on where you are sitting.
  6. An easy way to make circular turns is just to put a circular object up to the screen and make the track go right around it. Then you can AHG it.
  7. Today I finished the Intamin section. It now has a name too, Vengeance. Here are some screens. Vengeance's station. Overview of the new section. Overview of the park. How do you like the new darker colors? Please post any thoughts you have about the park.
  8. I modified the rocket earlier. I took out the corkscrews and MCBR. It looks a lot better IMO. I also repainted some of the buidlings so that everything isn't so bright as well as incorperated some new colors. It looks more natural if you ask me. What do you think?
  9. Well I made a lot of progress today. The Covemont Cyclone scection is now complete AND I made all of the supports for the Intamin. It was my first experience with the new supports, so I'm sorry if they don't look good. The park is now open too. Gah, these took forever. If you want any close ups of anything, I will be happy to get them. I also want to add that I am pretty sure that this should work on just regular RCT2 with no expansions. Keep on commenting, Spaminacan11
  10. ^You beat me to it. That should work, but if your loop pulls positive g's, then I have no earthly idea what to tell you.
  11. ^It is the highest pre-scenery rating I have ever had. The next closest was Power Surge with a 9.something. And that had tunnels. I got a 12 one time with a giga coaster, but it had scenery. Anyways, I finished the midway except for one building. I am going to have to do the supports for the Intamin before I build there. Here are four views of what I have now. Next, I will finish the queue for the Covemont Cyclone. Then I will make some supports for the Intamin.
  12. You have to extract the contents of the zip file to either your desktop or a folder, because it has to have the dll file to run.
  13. You can get it here. It's very very helpful, especially when you have financial problems.
  14. The hack job is the one done with the 8 cars trainer where you have to chagne the color, and raise it and all that jazz. I used this to help me learn how to hack a while back. It is very helpful.
  15. Here are some pictures of the Launched coaster, and the woodie. Getting ready for the launch. Up and over. Weeeeeeeee! Twisty stuff. Over the launch. Helix Ratings without any added scenery. Headchopper on the first drop. Another headchopper. Through the structure. Ratings I am currently working on the entrance section. I think it is looking good. I'll show it when it is done.
  16. Finally, after months making the workbench, I present you with Covemont Mills. My RCT2 is a little bit messed up and ca't choose individual scenery items while making a workbench. I looked for a park with all the scenery I wanted, and I found it, Premier Amusement Park by Supreme Screamer. I asked him if I could use the scenery items and just totally redesign the landscape. I got the all go, and worked on making it on and off since December. I ran into a HUGE problem that took me a month to fix. The problem was that the guests couldn't enter the park for some reason connected to the 8 cars trainer. I finally asked around and got it fixed. The park is in the early stages right now, but I had to hear some feedback of what I have so far. Overview of what I have so far. The entrance plaza. You can see a restaurent, the entrance, a ticket booth, and the back of the season pass office. Covemont Cyclone (So original) Intamin launched coaster with ja227's new Storm Runner trains. The hacking job on the coaster took me 5+ tries. I had never done one on this scale. Thats it for now. If you want any other screens, just tell me and I will get them. Your comments are always appreciated.
  17. Goliath at SFOG. Then of course, the painful, but fun Georgia Cyclone. My god that thing flings you not only out of your seat, but in every direction over those hills. It is just pure insanity.
  18. Well mine is an enhanced picture of Goliath at SFOG. I would use the other avatar I have, that I use for all the other coaster sites, but its 64x64. Here it is though.
  19. I play my DS all the time. I got 3 stars in one sitting yesterday playing Mario 64 DS.
  20. I am 15, and my first coaster was the Comet at Hersheypark when I was 3 and first inversion on the defunct Wabash Cannonball at Opryland when I was 5.
  21. Enjoy? I found no enjoyment riding this. Too much banking, some premade elements, major pumping in the loops, corkscrews, and cobra rolls. Very unrealistic. I didn't like the slanted brakes. I realize this is your first coaster, but it could be much better. Look at other people's rides. Get ideas and see how to really build a ride. I am yet to actually finish a coaster in No Limits. I ahve had the game since Christmas, and I am just now working on a coaster that I will finish and put up for download. I am trying to perfect the ride itself, and that is what you should do too. It takes patience, a lot of it.
  22. ^I think that you are better off not asking questions.
  23. Wow, I love waffles. I'm sorry if I offend any of you, but I like waffles better than donkeys.
  24. Yay for flyers! Well, even though we have flyers, I still have the thought of, "aww, I wanted B&M flyers"
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