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  1. I don't think that this ride really filled any of the "holes" in this park. I'm positive that we would have been much happier and supportive of this decision if it was a floorless or an invert or a dive machine. At least in the future the park can get one of those and have the bonus giga coaster. It seems that it kind of just went out of order. I personally think it would have been awesome if CW and B&M could kill two birds with one stone if they had a dive machine giga coaster, but i'm not the smartest guy and I don't even know if that is possible. All of my headscratching aside, I'm pretty pumped for this ride and my first visit to CW and Canada itself next year.
  2. ^You are 100% correct! That is a really similar situation. I was just about to post that.
  3. This ride looks awesome. Speed and solid airtime to be had? Yep, I'm making my first trip out there next year for sure. With the whole Behemoth comparison thing, if you are complaining about having a hyper and a giga (both of which are made by B&M), then there is probably something wrong with you.
  4. Steel is Kingda Ka. Son of Beast without the loop is the tallest when it comes to wooden coasters but after that us El Toro.
  5. If I need to be happy...I just listen to "Dance (A*$)" by Big Sean. It is a hilarious song. Also includes the funniest line in a song ever. "Wobble-dy Wobble-dy Wa Wobble Wobble"
  6. When I started typing this: La La - Lil Wayne, Brisco, and Busta Rhymes. Right before I hit submit: Strings - Young the Giant Wow, some transition.
  7. Great park. It's one of the first things I look at when I get on my computer. I'll definitely be looking through this thread a few more times in the future.
  8. I like Mean Streak. I like seeing everybody's reactions while i'm having a great time. The ride through the structure is awesome.
  9. I wouldn't say it was that bad. I had the most fun I've had in awhile. When there are poor operations, you have to make the most of it. I just rode Magnum a bunch of times. Also. although the new Ocean Motion sign looks bad to some of you, the new Ocean Motion area is probably countless times better than the old one.
  10. I saw a lot of TPR shirts today. I was wearing an old-school Anaheim Angels hat. I had a great ride on Magnum through the fog. It's a shame more rides weren't open though.
  11. Everything on this page is looking great. I hope they get threads soon.
  12. Did you ride Maverick? I have to go with Batman: The Ride. It just wasn't there for me. Also, S:ROS at SFA was terrible. Maybe it was just the weather conditions because it was really cold.
  13. Out of the ones i've been on... 1. Flight Deck (CGA) 2. Alpengeist 3. Afterburn 4. Silver Bullet 5. Talon 6. Great Bear 7. Raptor 8. Batman: The Ride (sfmm)
  14. I think that Flight Deck/Top Gun/Afterburn's trains with the shark look pretty cool.
  15. I'm going to have to go with X-Sream at Waldameer. I feel like I'm going to fall out every time I ride it. I've been on TOT and Drop Zone and S&S towers, but even though they may be bigger, X-Sream is just as, if not more, thrilling.
  16. ^The leg things are still there. I just went the other day for 2 hours before it started to pour. The staff was the friendliest i've seen of any park!
  17. 1. X2- Six Flags Magic Mountain 2. Fahrenheit- Hersheypark 3. Beast- Kings Island 4. Voyage- Holiday World 5. Intimidator 305- Kings Dominion 6. Hydra: The Revenge- Dorney Park 7. Ravine Flyer II- Waldameer 8. Griffon- Busch Gardens Williamsburg 9. Magnum-XL 200- Cedar Point 10. Maverick- Cedar Point Honorable Mentions: Apocalypse- SFMM, Diamondback- KI, Phoenix- Knoebels, Millennium Force- CP
  18. My results came in and it wasn't a "staph" (thanks to whoever gave me a spelling lesson ) infection. ...but it still hurt really bad. I wont go into detail but now I feel like a whole new person!
  19. The Beast does have awesome tunnels. Phoenix's pre-lift tunnel also is pretty cool. The Voyage's triple down tunnel is amazing. Maverick's tunnel is cool because of the launch and when it used to have lights. So yeah, I pretty much agree with you on all of those. Tunnels are pretty awesome.
  20. ^I don't know, let me check...hmmmm...nope! He is too good. Get him off of the forums.
  21. ^^I can't tell but it wouldn't be a bad idea. The one behind Toft's never gets any attention compared to the one near the train crossing. It would also probably reduce the number of people that watch the one near the train crossing. With the food place and all of the tables right next to it, it is pretty hard to get around. That area is usually sooo crowded during busy days.
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