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  1. Why would you want another B&M hyper? That's a bit spoiled I do agree that a floorless would fit in well.
  2. Let me clear it up. At a park that is just on semi-flat land like Cedar Point, all that the middle of the park would be is a mess of supports and track that just towers over everything else. The ride would probably hurt the skyline more than it would help it. Especially if the park's skyline was impressive already.
  3. While something like that would be cool, at that height it would be an eyesore.
  4. Looks great so far.I just suggest making the track before the loop a little longer.
  5. Going off topic s bit. Yesterday Dragster was closed down midday. When I was walking to Magnum we saw a lot of work in the launching mechanism room thing (don't know what it is called). They had a forklift in there and everything. Anyone know what the problem was?
  6. It sounds cool and all but it doesn't look right. That red track just looks strange.
  7. I'd rather see a smaller ride than the one Angry_Gumball sketched up. I like the atmosphere of the park and that ride would probably destroy it.
  8. Top 10 out of 110. 1. X2 2. Fahrenheit 3. Beast 4. Voyage 5. Hydra The Revenge 6. Ravine Flyer II 7. Magnum XL-200 8. Maverick 9. Terminator 10. Diamondback Notable: Phoenix (11) Millennium Force (12) Dragster (17) Mean Streak (33) Worst coasters I've been on- Space Mountain (FLA), Expedition Everest
  9. Since I didn't really start riding coasters until 2008, I have none from my home park. 2009- Diamondback (KI) Kozmo's Kurves (Knoebels)
  10. Looking Great! I'm always happy to see your projects on here.
  11. I got 85 on Magnum and a combined 80 on Gemini. 62 on Blue Streak and 41 on Mean Streak. Yup. 41. Not 14. 41.
  12. This is the last update of all of the stuff I have completed and it is a pretty big one indeed. Now I have to start working on the park again and like I said, I am a very slow worker. I'm slow even if all I have to do is build a restroom. I'll try my hardest to post frequent updates without rushing though. The far corner of the park houses the world's second Vekoma Flying coaster. Of course, it has to be named Skyhawk. During your flight as a pilot for the U.S. Air Force, you will get tossed upside down 5 times reaching speeds around 50 miles per hour! The Backside of Skyhawk's station. Normal layout of a Vekoma Flyer. Worlds of Happiness has the chain's smallest Coasters Drive-In but probably has the best themed enterprise in the chain. Predator is the park's B&M standup. You could actually re-ride it without any pain. Do not be alarmed! The back section in this photo is unfinished. Here is some of the space I have to work with. I think I already know what I am going to do with it. Overview of the finished stuff. Hope you enjoyed!
  13. LOL at LeBron missing. The only way you can really score is if you don't hit the backboard or the rim.
  14. Moving on to the next section of the park... Barracuda is a classic arrow looper over a lake. The compact, yet thrilling, Barracuda. Barracuda's signature element is the corkscrew over pool full of barracudas. (Not really) Besides the small skyride, this train is the only other form of transportation in the park.
  15. ^LOL. People hate on people if you even wear something promoting LeBron around these parts. Although I am a huge fan of Cleveland Sports, leave the guy alone. He is just following his dream.
  16. Who cares about Miley Cyrus??? LeBron took the family out to Cedar Point yesterday. I wonder what he got in the 3-point game?
  17. Whenever someone famous is there I'm usually there, but of course, I never see that person.
  18. Continuing the tour... Steel Bull is one of the newer Arrow Suspended coasters but probably one of the worst taken care of. It's future is undecided. It did get a new paint job 2 years ago though. Fire Stallion is the highly ranked Intamin Wooden coaster at WoH. Standing at 175 feet tall, it is one of the worlds tallest wooden coasters. It is currently sporting some new B&M wooden coaster trains because B&M is working on a wooden coaster division. Wild West Grille is the parks most popular food place. Tumbleweed is the parks newest coaster. Steamhorse is hidden beneath the supports of Fire Stallion. It may be a kiddy coaster, but those head choppers still result in a scary ride.
  19. I saw that too and I got all excited and stuff but it is probably just a birthday cake or party hats to celebrate snoop's birthday.
  20. braztaz- Thanks! Is there anything I can do to get rid of the supports? djbrcace- I tried to clean up the park a bit since I read that comment. You won't see it in the pictures but I did remove some of the trashcans/most lights/ a few benches from the 1-wide paths. stoksy- Yeah I noticed that too. I'll see what I can do. GaryGB- Haha, sorry, but this isn't Knoebels. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- We continue the tour to the left side of the midway and the bit before the southwest themed section. Possessed is the parks only launching coaster. It is the average Intamin Impulse. Twister is an average GCI wooden coaster. It was GCI's second coaster. Although Twister has gotten a little rough over the years, the Millennium Flyers still make for a good ride. Twister has a vert twisty layout. The parks tallest ride is VertiGo, a B&M hyper. It is the fastest B&M hyper to date. The other coaster is Avalanche Rescue but that was already shown earlier. Hope you enjoyed it.
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