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  1. The land that is opened up isn't exactly lakefront. I think a larger coaster would have to go in that spot if there is to be any view of the lake. That's just how I remember the park layout, so I may be wrong. Tearing down the old dorms would free up some lakefront land, but I'm not sure how realistic it is. There is still some space adjacent to the road on behind the Luminosity grandstand where Wildcat once stood.
  2. What's the status on the Red Dorms near all of that empty land? Also, what's the status on Luminosity? Are those things sticking around for awhile?
  3. Last week I returned to the station while riding Raptor. Just before the restraints were released I felt a little something on my leg. Then before I knew it, the spider ascended to right in front of my face! I was trapped! By some insane amount of luck the spider did not eat my face off.
  4. I wish it wasn't that easy so I that I don't have to sit here like an idiot. Thanks folks! Within minutes! What a valuable resource.
  5. Relax folks. Us Ohioans have nothing truly against Michigan! I personally only speak the way I do because I have scarlet and grey running through my veins! Both are great states in a great country! I'm just saying, Cleveland is the reason I'm cool. Good to hear the park was packed. Last week I was taking a couple of non-pass holders to the park. The weekday deals are totally a bargain compared to the weekend prices. Seems as though there were far more deals overall than offered in the past. I can dig that.
  6. A lot of numbers pulled out of thin air in regards to estimates about where CP's crowd comes from. Only real factual evidence that we can rely on is that Michigan does indeed blow. But really, it's interesting hearing all of your input into where our crowds come from and how that info may be obtained. A lot of variables involved in an industry where you really have only 3 months for your flagship park to provide the results you need. Location and audience obviously plays a big role. I wouldn't be surprised if numbers go up in the coming years as Cleveland certainly is on the rebound as is Detroit to some degree. Amidst all of this speculation about the track, does anybody have some numbers on the percentage of the time our predictions are correct? All the Nick Cages over on the B&M plant thread are certainly cooking up some intriguing inferences.
  7. Call me crazy. My least favorite experience on a ride aside from any Boomerang, Corkscrew at CP, and Time Warp at CW was Gatekeeper at CP just recently. I'd rather get thrown around in my seat and bang my head around then be rattled around with the coaster car. With the tight restraints I stayed pinned in so my whole body just shook in place and I felt my eyes bouncing around in my head. Not enjoyable. Yet that's only happened to me once; it was about a week ago.
  8. Unbelievable man. But I have to believe it. I love all of the little details you were sure to include. Personally I am in awe at the footers and the spine...and pretty much everything else about it, haha. How many hours did you put into this?
  9. Anybody have any clue how attendance is doing this year? I understand last year the park experienced a little dip in numbers. It seems as though some of the reasoning behind last year's poor attendance (elongated school year due to harsh winter) holds true to this year as well. I've made it to the park about 7 or 8 times this year, including July 3rd and 4th, and even then the crowds weren't as big as they were in the past few years as far as I could tell. Additionally, this summer has been waterlogged for the most part. Perhaps somebody who has worked at Cedar Point for a few years could provide some good insight.
  10. They'll probably stay on. I'm not going to book that statement though. I see oodles of people with those straps on in line, as well as out of line. I'm assuming the same pair is on their head before and after. Don't worry about looking ridiculous. Glasses straps carry mad $wagger. You can rock that look.
  11. Howdy Folks, I believe what I am about to ask is appropriately placed in this thread. If not, I apologize in advance. I'm going to ask a VERY lucky girl to prom via the on-ride photo (asks are all about theatrics nowadays). Here is how it is going to go down on a perfect day: 1) Get in line for Diamondback 2) Get in to an appropriate seat 3) She asks me what we are doing for the photo (because that's what everybody does, I mean come on) 4) I tell her to smile big with two thumbs up 5) She listens to my direction 6) When the photo opportunity strikes, I reveal the phrase "PROM?" beneath my shirt, unbeknownst to her 7) Button my shirt back up, we go check out the photo, and she notices she replied yes without even knowing 8) Purchase that puppy Notice I stated, "perfect day." Going into the logistics I'll need: - to decide whether shirt or sign is a better route to follow. - to figure out where the camera is and which direction to look. - to find out which set of seats would likely yield least obstruction from extended limbs - to know if Diamondback is a good ride to do this on (I'm concerned with quality of camera or a bad glare at certain times of the day). Hopefully you guys could provide me with answers. I'd really appreciate it. Also, hopefully she isn't scoping out these forums.
  12. "At the end of the midway is the park's main attracton: Sands Theatre! We are currently presenting a musical from a local Drama Club. Up to 500 people can enjoy the show." "After the midway is the park's plaza, which will eventually branch out to most sections of the park. On the right side of the plaza, we have placed 6 classic games that give opportunities for guests to win prizes!" "Behind the plaza lies our headline attraction, "Sands Express." This classic coaster lifts guests up 40 feet and sends them down a series of hills. Here you can see the iconic turnaround behind the plaza. 'Sand's Express' is the park's only coaster, although I do know for a fact that the park's second of three planned coasters originally supposed to be operating for the opening is going to be up and running by opening day next year." "The Boardwalk area can be accessed from taking a left on the main plaza. Our boardwalk only sits on two sides of the massive man-made lake this year, but by the next two years it should come full circle." "The boardwalk was by far our second biggest investment and has been worked on since we broke ground a few years ago. The park's second tallest structure, the lighthouse in this screen, is actually the lake's water tank. We figured a giant green tank wouldn't be as pleasing to the eye." "Guests have access to our five jet ski's with admission to the park. After a ride, they can walk across to Red Lobster. We signed a multi-year contract with them so they will be stationed at the front of The Boardwalk for years to come. The team at Red Lobster have been a strong supporters of our park throughout the building stages." "On the opposite side of the boardwalk lies 'Octopus,' a brand new flat ride that creates a sensation that you are being tossed into the lake!" "That concludes the tour of Sands Amusement park as it is in year 1. Next update I will be revealing the parks largest investment." - Albert Richardson
  13. I rode Mean Streak 5 times in a row and came off feeling fine. I deserve to go into some kind of hall of fame.
  14. As far as seat belts go, I honestly think that a seat belt wouldn't have helped her in that situation because due to her body shape it may have not been able to be fasten in the first place, thus she would be turned back and not be allowed to ride. Heck, I'm I small guy and I have trouble with seatbelts sometimes.
  15. Hello All, It has been quite awhile since I've played this game but I sure am glad to be back. This is my first park in about two years and I won't let it die like the last one...mainly because the computer I use won't be out of commission soon. The park/maybeaseries of parks I will be building all will follow a "year 1-year 2- year 3" format but I will still try to relate the advancements of the industry into the timeline. The park takes place just outside the fictional headquarters hub of Somerset, a new and bustling city somewhere out west in a desert. Park owner Albert Richardson reports: "I am proud to open Sands amusement park as well as Dunes Resort this coming week. Although we are not where we wish to be at our opening, we feel that deadlines must be met just as they should in any business. We have poured millions into funding this park and resort and are excited because we have much room to work with." "The simple entrance gate to Sands Amusement park. Guests can purchase park admission tickets here for a reasonable 30 dollars. Included in admission is access to all rides and shows. Although it may not seem like a good deal at this point in time, once we get rides being built on schedule it will be worth every penny. Also inside the gate is the Sands gift shop where guests can purchase hats, shirts, sunglasses, parcels, and souvenir maps of the park." "As you enter the park, on the right side there are a few shops and places to eat. The white building is home to America's Finest burgers and fries." "Walking a little further up will take you to Andrea's Italian Cuisine, a fancy sit-down eatery." "The left side of the midway features a bakery run by a famous local baker!" "At the end of the midway you receive a very warm welcome. Just behind the greeting sign is the parks Sky Tower observation deck. It takes you 150 feet in the air giving you chance to see the entire desert and the park. Off in the distance you can even see the skyline of Somerset!" "That is all for now. Next update I will present to you all of the entertainment options that Sands has to offer! As well as a sneak peak of things to come and even insight on our current financial situation." "Take Care"- Albert Richardson
  16. If only Firehawk didn't exist. Then they could put in a pretty awesome flyer. I wouldn't mind seeing an invert there. I think that would be the best fit for Kings Island, but something in my gut tells me that it is just going to be another wingrider Just a question I had in mind: How much land does KI own beyond where SoB was?
  17. ^Today had minuscule crowds today compared to normal. Millennium was 45 minutes tops and only 30 and 15 when I rode it. Dragster was about 30 at the end of the night. However, Soak City was packed.
  18. Big Boy Andrew Bynum expects to see his team in the playoffs. I think the Cavs are a threat to make a run at the playoffs this year and be great in years to come if everything goes their way.
  19. Wow dude that is incredible. Your talent is unreal. ...do you think you could whip up another one really fast so I can put it in my room?
  20. I was at the park today and I didn't even hear any commotion. I actually rode the water rides and stopped around 5:15 to do other things. We didn't ride STR because, believe it or not, it had the longest wait in the park (Maverick also was about 45 minutes tops). Other than my short stint in the frontier trail, the only time I passed by was on the train at around 5:45 give or take 10 minutes. I must have just missed the incident. Last time I saw it I was waving at two young girls enjoying themselves in the front seat. Throughout the rest of the day I did see a few medical vehicles but I thought it was normal because it was such a hot day. I was in Vegas and Texas these last few weeks and I'm shocked to honestly say that Northern Ohio feels the hottest. Honestly I wasn't even aware of the accident until I got home and went on this website. I wish I could be more of a help as a primary source but I missed the action. I hope everybody is okay. As a side note, CP added this Coke "SwelterStopper" party room thing where they give it free cokes. There are also games, photobooths, and other things. Most importantly it is airconditioned. It's like a mini dance club, and is located right in front of Wicked Twister.
  21. As far as coasters go, I tend to like the really fast paced coasters with the sharp turns and cool elements that are twisty and have ejector air. Floater airtime provides for a very "fun" ride rather than "intense" one, and I dig intensity that can get the adrenaline pumping and coasters that are super smooth just don't give me that adrenaline boost AS MUCH as the "intense" ones do. Wooden coasters also get bonus points for being rattling and having that "out of control" feel.
  22. Robb it turns out you were right in front of me in line for Maverick. I wanted to say something but I was too nervous... I had a great time though so it's okay.
  23. Well, in order to see my mom's opinion on a park we would be going to and some of the rides there, I showed my mom the videos of both Behemoth and Leviathan. My mother can be considered part of the general public BUT she has still been to all of the parks i've been to. She doesn't ride the rides, but rather enjoys the ambiance of the park and stuff like that. "Well, this one looks a lot faster and bigger but there is no helix. It looks kind of boring. The problem is it doesn't have stuff going on. Some of them have tunnels, and water splashing everywhere, and flashing lights. This one doesn't have any stuff going on." -Awesome mother
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