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  1. I'll finish this update with some pics of electronics ! I'll have to clean it Too many wires ! The back piece is not post-processed, but you can see the power connector and both fuses.
  2. Some ambient lights This strip will not be seen on the front view !
  3. The strips of both towers will be used at low power. We can easily become dazzled because they are directed upward.
  4. I have printed a new pusher car. Here is a part of the launch system's mechanism ! DC motor (left) - coupling ring (center) - pulley (right)
  5. The control panel. Both potentiometers will control the speed of the train replacement and some light effects Some corrections have to be done
  6. The custom LED Matrix Beginning of the countdown. I have not worked on the ground of the station yet.
  7. Hi everyone ! I'm back to give you some updates. A big part of the 3D printed pieces have been post-processed and assembled. Electronic part is almost entirely done. Now I have to implement effects and scenarios, to make the car and to control that everything works fine. Here are some pics ! I can't show you videos but my final presentation will include some Gray and black pieces of the ground's station are not post-processed yet !
  8. Hi Fabian, I did not see your message sorry ! You can send me your e-mail adress by PM, so I could send you my files !
  9. Hi everyone ! I'm back to present you my last model, a launched roller coaster model, which is still in progress (like 25%). Main Idea This model will have a station which will launch, brake, and replace a car of a roller coaster train. Once accelerated, the car will come back to the station thanks to a curved rails section located just after the station. When the train will pass on the brake section, it will lose its speed and will be replaced at the beginning of the launch section thanks to rising wheels. All these actions will be synchronized with light effect (8 LED strips and 1custom LED matrix). The model will be control by a control panel, an LCD screen and an Android App by Bluetooth. The full model will have a lengh of approx. 1m long. I'm creating the entire model on Solidworks and I print all my pieces on my CR-10 3D printer. You can directly see some pictures (the 3D model on Solidworks and real pictures) after the details section. Details Mechanics - The launch system is composed of a 12V DC Motor, a GT2 belt with 2 pulleys and a linear rail guide as a pusher-car. - The replacement system is composed of a stepper motor (NEMA17), 5 GT2 belts, many custom printed toothed gears and 5 servomotors - The brake system is just composed of a little servomotor Electronics - The model is powered by a 12V DC supply (for the motors) and a 12V to 5V DC converter (for the rest of the model) - All the model is controlled by an Arduino MEGA 2560. - I have created my own PCBs => I have used my 3D printer to write my PCBs created on EasyEDA on copper plates and I have dived these PCB in ferric chloride. - 8 LED strips will be used for the light effect : 2 along the launch track, 4 mounted from the ceiling for station effects, and 2 along the curved section of the track. - 1 LED matrix will be at the end of the launch station in order to display effects and especially a countdown before the launch (in the style of the french Rock'n'Roller Coaster). This matrix has 10 rows and 10 lines and is composed of RGB LEDs. - an LCD screen will show some informations about the current state of the model (general state, mode, temperature of main motors, state of Bluetooth connection) Protection - emergency stop - circuit braker - temperature sensor on warmer motors (the model will shut down if temperatures are too high) Way of functioning The user will have the choice between 2 modes : auto and manual. -> Manual mode will allow him to choose one particular action (for example to move the pusher car alone, just play one effect on a LED strip etc). -> Automatic mode will play one selected sequence which has already been implemented. All effects will be played synchronously. All these actions will be possible by using the Android app wich will communicate with the model by Bluetooth. Project's progress A big part of the Solidwork model is finished, and most pieces are printed. Almost all the electrical part of the model is finished too. I have tried some launches and replacements and it works fine. Now the main steps will be : - programming part (25% is done) - post-processing of all 3D printed pieces - to make the second part of the model (the curved section of the track) - to make the car I'll post other updates (pictures and videos) to show you how the project is progressing ! Don't hesitate to comment for any reason ! As a reminder, my 2 last models are here : https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=76701 (Gatekeeper train model) https://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=74855 (Blue Fire train model) The train is just schematized for now. The second part of the model is not done yet. All final details are not presented. Top view without ceiling Brake system Stepper motor (in white) and servomotor (in blue) for the train's replacement Launch system Ceiling (LED strips are not represented) Not very clean for now ! Last printed pieces The back of the model (Power supplies / DC motor shield / Arduino Mega / PCBs...) Stepper Motor Without wheels and decorations for now ! Brake section : nothing has been done yet ! Control Panel (indications missing) The LED strips The custom LED matrix
  10. Thank you for all your comments ! Painting and assembly took like 30 or 40 hours, but I had to be sure that all my surfaces were pretty smooth before painting, and that was THE boring part of this project for me, because it took even more time than painting and assembly and it was never perfect ... I already have started my new model, and I think you'll like the concept, more technical than esthetic this time. It's a launch model (so the most part of the model is a roller coaster station and a second part is a rising track). The propulsion is made with a pusher car below the track on a 50cm segment. Once accelerated , the car goes to the top of the curved track so it turnes back. Then, a brake system brakes the car, and a system made of wheels puts back the car at the beginning of the launch segment. I'll open a new topic to illustrate that because it can seem mysterious for you right now ahah. So for this new project you'll see the evolution of the work !
  11. Hi! Here is my newest model! It is re-creation of a car of the GateKeeper roller coaster located in Cedar Point, USA. I have found no drawing of this B&M coaster, so one of the big steps of this project was to model the car on a CAD software. You’ll find several inaccuracies about pieces’ shapes and colors, but the final result suits me. The car’s dimensions are 44 x 11 x 15 cm^3. The model is placed on a homemade base and is illuminated by 21 LEDs. The base is powered by an USB port. I can send you all STL file you want if you need it, so just ask! I just remind you that no piece is certified to be exactly like the original. The main steps of this project were: - To find pictures of the real coaster and to recover some screenshots on the NL2 software (blueprints for Solidworks) - To model the car on Solidworks. The final assembly is made of approx. 160 pieces. - To print all pieces on my 3D printer (CR-10 with a PLA filament) - To smooth all pieces’ surfaces with the XTC-3D resin and a sandpaper - To paint all pieces with an aerograph and a brush - To make the base of the model and its electronics part - To assemble all pieces and to varnish it This project took approx. 200 hours of work. Here are the pictures of the car modelled in Solidworks (materials and textures have not been assigned). The next post presents the final result ! What do you think ?
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