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  1. The chat room is a cool place to get "Dumbest things said on TPR" quotes. Especially if you have the right people. - It's neat seeing the chat room pretty active with new people outside of our little circle of friends. TPR needs another SciFi movie night chat party.
  2. Some of those buildings have a crazy level of detail. Did you buy them as part of a set? - Saw the updates on Facebook. Pretty impressive project you have going there. I'll be interested in seeing your take on bigger coasters.
  3. I joined this site for the donkeys. Donkeys are pretty awesome animals. - And I stayed for the coasters.
  4. Pretzel loops. Crazy forceful - if you ride Manta's you get a sweet pop of air before being crushed. I'd say batwings are up there too. Norwegian Loops. Not as forceful as the pretzels, but interesting enough. Fahrenheit's is pretty crazy, delivering some nice air. I don't think I've ridden many coasters with inversions that can deliver ejector air. Flying Snake Dive. Such a unique element with a crazy awesome name to boot. Not too forceful, but is incredibly disorienting. Plus it looks amazing from the ground.
  5. What makes any coaster great all boils down to layout, pacing, and elements that make it stand out. I've ridden a handful of B&Ms like that, but I've ridden B&Ms that were sorta lackluster too. Forcefulness is sorta an icing on the cake for me. A forceful coaster that combines great elements will rank higher than a plain vanilla coaster with great elements. I really liked Manta and Montu because they're pretty intense and combine great layout and pacing with intense forces. I got off those coasters thinking wow! Strangely enough, I didn't really find Kumba as forceful as people say it is. Maybe it's just me or maybe I caught it on an off day. Other than a pop of airtime here and there, it didn't feel as intense as Montu was.
  6. Came back yesterday from a quick show run. Deck the Halls was a great show. Good cast, fun music. It was about on par with last year. Miracles on the other hand. Wow. I dunno what changes they made to the show, but it seemed a lot better than last year. It might've even dethroned Gloria as my favorite CT show. The singers and actors did an amazing job.
  7. Simple stuff -Be courteous to others around you. -Carry only essentials. No need for lockers if you don't carry much with you. Cargo pants are your friend. -If you puke, tell somebody before you run off -Dont cause a scene - Wear comfy shoes - Drink lots of water. Especially on hot days - Use common sense. Follow directions, follow signs
  8. I have no idea what Disney park you're visiting (unless you're talking about Disneyland and the unusable People Mover track), but considering the park that this thread is devoted to has an entire area closed off and neglected, I fail to see your point. And SF has had a history of closing off and neglecting a ton of their rides (Kentucky Kingdom, Flashback, Great American Raceway, etc). I'm pretty sure the chain has gotten better with keeping their rides up and running in recent years with less focus on neglected rides/areas, but faulting Disney for something SF has done far worse is unfair.
  9. Alpengeist just got new trains this year so the rattle isn't as prominent as it was in years past. It's still there, but it doesn't affect the ride as much if you sit toward the front-middle. Toward the back, the ride rattles incredibly hard. The front row is actually really smooth (at least it was when I rode in summer). GB sits with Alpengeist as a very underrated, surprisingly forceful ride. I feel it would've benefitted from an extra inversion or something to throw you off a bit. The corkscrew at the end is nice, but not enough to justify the meandering the ride does. It's still with a ride just to experience the weird forces in the helix.
  10. Again, it seems that you have a personal vendetta against the park. If the park makes you upset THAT much, just stay away from it. By giving them your money, you're kinda reinforcing their idea of plopping rides down without a care in the world. If you still insist on visiting (even with Toro, Nitro, Ka, Batman, etc), then you really just have to suck it up, even with all its flaws. If Knoebels makes you that much happier, just skip the SF season passes and go up there instead. - D, I'll probably say the same about people hating on Magic Mountain too.
  11. I'd say yes. Even with new trains Alpengeist still has a noticeable rattle outside of the front. In the back, the ride literally tries to shake you to death. GB is incredibly smooth. Probably as smooth as Montu was if not smoother.
  12. If you truly have a vendetta against Great Adventure and their operations/clientele/atmosphere, then quit spending your money there and take trips to other parks instead. No point in doing business with a park that makes you unhappy right? Nobody's forcing you to go and I'm fine with one less person in line for Toro and Ka.
  13. While Great Bear isn't anywhere near my favorite invert (Montu), it still has a funky and uniqe layout. I even had trouble deciding whether or not my home invert (Alpengeist, which is another underrated coaster) was better. The bonus helix delivers some pretty odd forces and is one of the real standout portions of the ride. I dont think I've felt forces like that before. The three inversions are pretty forceful and fun in their own right as well. After the zero g, the ride seems to lose steam and like Alpengeist,taper off. Yeah the corkscrew was cool, but it didn't do much for me. Even if the ride itself is uneventful outside of that first half, the setting on the creek, the classic roar,and the overall oddness of the ride really puts it over the top. Even if Alpengeist has the better theming and the more powerful layout, GB still has the edge.
  14. At this point CGA should just cut their losses and enclose the ride sorta like Disaster Transport. Enclose the ride, remove the ugly tunnels, and add cool props at strategic parts of the ride and queue. It beats having all those ugly tunnels everywhere.
  15. The video said it straight up. Jackson is a stopover for people heading to the beach. If it wasn't for Great Adventure, there would be no reason to stop. Outside of the theme park complex, the only other attraction in the area is the outlet mall. Not too much of an incentive for people to stay multiple days. Its not on any major highway in a tourist area like Great Escape is and like I said, Darien probably has more touristy things in the area plus the concert venue to draw from. I can see the park getting a hotel eventually. It sure draws quite a few people from surrounding areas.
  16. Lifetime passes would be amazing for chain parks like SF and CF. Busch and Disney lifetime passes would be perfect too. The only thing holding me back is the potential cost. As long as said lifetime passes come with the season pass/AP perks, they should be worth the money you pay in the long run.
  17. That coaster is still themed better than half the American coasters out there. The layout seems pretty solid too.
  18. Celebration City certainly seems like a pretty neat place, but outside of the initial opening year fanfare and the wooden coaster, I never really heard much about it. What exactly caused it to close? Economy? Lack of attendance? Bad location? Was it supposed to be a "Silver Dollar City after dark" type thing where the park would open in the afternoon and stay open til late night after SDC closed?
  19. ^ You probably shouldn't have been taking bad about Shapiro then Something that Busch pulled last year, they allowed season passholders an hour of early ERT on Verbolten in June. Season passholders were allowed early entry into the park and ride Verbolten as many times as they wanted before the park opened to the public. It gives everyone a fair chance to ride and it provides a good incentive for people to upgrade their tickets to season passes. Not only that, but they were given a month to ride instead of just a few days.
  20. Hersheypark is pretty easy to plan around. Just hit Fahrenheit first and work your way around the back. By the time you make it to the front, the crowds would've moved toward the Boardwalk area. Don't let the poor reviews turn you off Skyrush. Its still an incredible ride despite the lapbars. It made it into my number one spot.
  21. I just realized my birthday's in 7 days. And I might be getting my first smartphone before Christmas. No more flippy flippy phones for me.
  22. I don't really have a true favorite train design since there are so many. I just mainly have train designs that I really like more than the average, run of the mill trains. Since a lot of the trains I like have already been posted here, here's a few more I really like. Verbolten Texas Giant Outlaw Run A classic - Big Thunder Mountain Anyone know what happened to these trains? Such a shame Carowinds doesn't run them
  23. I recall a hotel was proposed at one point when GAdv was still trying to pull the major expansions + new ride every year concept. It could definitely work at GAdv since it still draws a lot of people from the surrounding areas. Great Escape and Darien Lake seem like pretty ideal spots for resorts. Great Escape has the surrounding mountains to draw people year round and I'm pretty sure Darien Lake has tons of outdoorsy attractions within driving distance (including the lake near the park), plus Niagara Falls and Buffalo to draw from.
  24. Our family was planning a European cruise in winter 2014, however a car accident got in our way. After having to pay for that, the budget's dropped so we're sticking with a car trip next year. We managed to pull a Canada trip last minute this year because of the furlough, but that turned into a major bust, so we're redoing everything next August. Here's my ideal itinerary. Day 1: Williamsburg VA to Washington DC - Stay with family. Pick sister up Day 2: Washington DC to Jackson NJ - drive by night up to upstate NY for a rest area stop - Six Flags Great Adventure stopover. Whether or not we decide to stay through the night and sleep in the area or straight shoot it up to Canada is still up in the air right now. I'm gonna assume we're stopping at a rest stop. Day 3: Rest stop to Montreal for a full on culture day. Revisit St. Joseph's Cathedral and check out the other cool sights the city has to offer. Book a hotel room and spend the night Day 4: Montreal to Quebec City and back - full on culture day. Check out the cool downtown and a cool cathedral that we missed out on during the last trip due to lack of planning. Head back to the hotel in Montreal Day 5: Montreal to Toronto - stop at relative's house and stay. Culture tour around the city in the afternoon Day 6: Canada's Wonderland Day 7: Toronto to Hershey PA - tour the parts of Hershey that I missed on my last trip there Day 8: Hersheypark & Chocolate World - leave at around 9 or so back to DC Day 9: Washington DC to see family and drop sister off at home Day 10: Kings Dominion stopover - leave park around 9-ish and head home So that's two long overdue revisits (KD and CW), a Hersheypark revisit, and a new park. I'd include a few smaller parks too, but my family isn't as into parks as I am. If given the option, I'd probably do a Knoebels or a Kennywood/Waldameer side trip. Those aren't as likely to happen though.
  25. I feel like I caught the park on a really good day last summer. Only the water park rides and Fahrenheit had any sort of line over 30 mins. All the Comet Hollow/Minetown rides had hour waits early in the day, but by the time Great Bear shut down, the lines started filling out the back of the park. Even with Skyrush's posted hour wait, it really only ended up being 20 minutes. Station configuration wasn't too bad either. Just tell the attendant where you wanna sit and they send you to that row. I loved how it was really open too. I can imagine it was a lot worse last year since everyone exits on the same side. Skyrush's harnesses weren't bad either despite the stapling. I found Cheetah Hunt's harnesses to be much more uncomfortable. - My only real disappointment was finding Sooperdooperlooper closed for the day and not being able to do rerides on anything.
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