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  1. Since nobody's mentioned it yet, a ride based on Doctor Who is long overdue for any park US, UK, or otherwise. You've got 50 years worth of "monster of the week" and 50 years of content to work with. You could easily build roller coasters, dark rides (shooting and non-shooting), haunted attractions, even childrens rides off the concept. - Hell each episode/serial could count as a standalone attraction in itself.
  2. Those flyers are from the early-mid 90s. Obviously Disneyland is considered number 1. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  3. There was once a Busch Gardens Asia theme park located next to the Anheuser Busch brewery in Houston. It operated from 1971 to 1973 before closing its doors. Click here Another article on the park Pagoda Boat ride Childrens play area. This would most likely be a Sesame Street or Land of the Dragons today. There doesn't seem to be much room to expand. Where are they gonna fit the B&Ms? Not much is known about this place other than it was largely animal exhibits with a few small rides here and there much like the Tampa park. Anyone else have any info? - What's with Houston not being able to support theme parks anyway? The area went through multiple parks that all shut down.
  4. I just got into the Flappy Bird craze and I don't understand what the big deal is. It's annoyingly hard, but its FAR from the hardest mobile game I've played. I didn't get instantly hooked to it like I did Angry Birds, 100 Floors, and Temple Run/Subway Surf. Scored 6 points within the first half hour of play time. - Then again, I don't understand what the big deal with Candy Crush is.
  5. Anyone familiar with Santo Tomas del Castillo? I've been browsing cruise forums for info on the place and haven't found much. I was wondering if the area had any cool things to do not too far from the boat or if there were some interesting/fun excursions to do in the area. - March can't come soon enough
  6. I've been actively posting a lot of content on Instagram now that I finally have a legit smartphone. Puerto Rico Great Bear creek shot Niagara Falls double rainbow Another Niagara shot. This time with Sky Screamer in the background Quebec power lines Food & Wine Howl O Scream Christmas Town
  7. Spending the past few weeks of the off season catching up on movies. Anchorman - I can't believe I didn't see this when it came out. Funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Hopefully the sequel comes out soon so I can watch it. Amazing Spiderman - Can't wait for 2 to come out this summer. I liked it just as much as the first one. This is the End - Probably my favorite comedy of 2013. After a short Walking Dead binge, this was a nice refresher. Gravity - Now I know why this film won movie of the year. I loved it! Thor 2 - superhero movies are always good! This was no exception. Wasn't as good as the other Marvel films I watched. Pirates 3 - It was alright. Had some good action scenes. Not really much else that I cared for. Frozen - LOVED this movie. Probably the best animated movie of last year. Even better than Monsters U and Despicable Me 2 Free Birds - Fun kids film. It had an interesting story. It's no Frozen though. Lone Survivor - This was actually really tough to watch at times, but it had such a heartwarming ending. I really enjoyed this. Catching Fire - I really really REALLY wanna read the books now. I'll be spending the next few weeks binging on movies. Fun times!
  8. I really like my park maps the most. I've got over 400 at this point. My new pin set is pretty sweet too. I just started collecting them this past spring.
  9. Mountain Dew is the best soda. Period... Code Red, Livewire, and Baja Blast are all good (still haven't had the new flavors yet), but the original will always come out on top. Not even Coke's knockoff soda can compare. Vault comes pretty close. Too bad it's loaded on sugar and high in caffeine. I could drink that stuff all day.
  10. Commercials were on par with last year's in terms of good vs. bad commercials. Best Doritos, M&Ms, Greek yogurt, Muppets car commercial, Tim Tebow, Budweiser Worst/not very memorable Most everything else - is it just me or were there a lot more car commercials this year than in years past?
  11. That 3 month period from park close to park open. For some people, it's pretty much half a year. I feel bad for those people. I'm so fortunate to live in an area where the park is open for 10 months of the year. And people with no common sense. Those people are the worst.
  12. The SF Over South GA avatar is actually one of the default avatars in the forums. I've seen it around here quite a few times.
  13. BGW isn't in the cards for a giga. I'm sure the park had to cut through a LOT of red tape to get something above 200 feet. Tack an extra 100 feet and you've got an uphill battle. Between the city, Kingsmill, and the fact that project 2015 calls for something in the 150 foot range, don't expect a giga in VA like Tampa is.
  14. I recently received a few foreign park maps (European and Asian) that I already had copies of. If anyone is interested in snagging a few rare foreign maps, message me.
  15. Look at what came in the mail today! Thanks a lot TPR! I forgot to take a picture of the pen, mints, and the ICW stuff. EDIT: I forgot I scored two t-shirts and a Geauga Lake shotglass. I got a TPR logo shirt and a TPR Italy tour shirt! TPR DVDs and a green TPR luggage handle. Outlaw, Club TPR, and Cars button. Scored my first Disney pin too! Photographer Goofy IAAPA stuff. I got Whitewater West, Maruer, Zamperla and Intamin stuff. The CP souvenir map was great, but I really like the cooling towel. It's definitely necessary if I plan to return to work this summer. Trinkets, lanyards, and this year's Christmas ornament. Now it gets really good! $10 Google Play gift card, Gravity Group postcards, Geauga Lake keychain and bottle opener, Geauga Lake postcard, Tokyo Disney airplane thingy, Coasting for Kids stickers, Gatekeeper cozy, Dollywood thingy (I think it's another bottle opener) Park maps from all over the world. The box came with a few spares, which I plan to send to people who need it more than me. I got stuff from Asia, Europe, the US, and even a map from the Middle East! Thanks you again TPR!
  16. The holding brake is just there to psyche you out. Nothing much other than that. I have a fear of heights and still sit front row on Griffon (edge seat) if the lines are reasonable. The back is definitely where its at for the ejector air on the first drop and a shorter line, but Apollo has far better airtime. The 90 degree drop is just like any other drop, but steeper. No real biggie there. You still get the butterflies the same way you would on a more gradual drop. Griffon is short and rather forceless outside of the two big drops. It doesn't have Alpengeist's intensity or aggressiveness nor does it have Apollo's length and airtime. The drops do produce ejector, but I prefer Apollo's much more. It's a great step up coaster between Loch Ness+Verbolten and Alpengeist+Apollo. - I'd say if you really wanna go for a steep drop, I'd recommend Fahrenheit. The entire ride (including first drop) is full of airtime and forces from start to finish. It's very intense and doesn't have that one trick pony vibe Griffon gives off.
  17. I found an interesting link on my Facebook wall today. I know it's a different coaster model and all, but China is trying to capitalize on knocking off the best in the industry. At this point, I can still see this being a knockoff since it's a mirror clone of a competitor's ride. Click Here Has anyone been by the track plant lately? Maybe someone can snoop around the entrance to see if any shiny blue track has showed up out of nowhere.
  18. Mach Tower has a bar at the top of the tower that's attached to some sort of release mechanism. When the vehicle hits the bar, the elevator releases and the car drops. During Christmas Town, the car stops short of the bar before going down.
  19. Last two shirts, both from 2012. Root of All Evil - Howl O Scream 2012. I had a 2013 Howl O Scream shirt featuring its 15th anniversary, but I gave it away as a gift. My personal favorite park shirt. I got this at a special Verbolten preview. It beats most of the Verbolten shirts the park sells in its gift shops IMO.
  20. For the record plants actually can react to outside forces (like insects and plant-eating animals) like most living beings. When damaged, some plants release chemicals that are nasty/poisonous to animals. Fruits and nuts are just the reproductive part of the plant, which isn't really supposed to feel or react to anything. - Not really a nervous system, but close enough.
  21. Bump! Quick request I made for a friend. Made it about a few months ago. It's about time I posted this somewhere outside of Facebook. Verbolten and Manta.
  22. From what I've been told, Alpengeist has a zero car because the park was afraid the original weight of the train without the zero car would cause it to valley in one of the hills, so a zero car was added to weigh the train down. Considering there are FAR more intense inverts out there without a zero car (Busch's own Montu being one of them - plus the Batman coasters), I don't think it has anything to do with intensity.
  23. Another random shirt I managed to dig up. This shirt showcases all the park's special events throughout the year. Follow me to Busch Gardens and Water Country
  24. I'd love to see the park try to bring back something less dangerous but still notable like Riverview's Bobs or Rye's Aeroplane. The Bobs is regarded as one of the greatest coasters of all time so why not bring it back? So far Geauga Lake was the only park to revive it but it wasn't as intense as the original.
  25. Something I've been working on. On and off for about a half a year now. A brand new full fledged theme park with inpiration from a few new rides for this year. Took me a trip to Hersheypark to realize why hasn't this been done before? M&Ms World and Mars Bar Park
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