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  1. I use Facebook and Instagram for social purposes and YouTube for strictly video watching. I considered getting into Twitter and Tumblr, but never really got to it. I already have too many internet addictions to fuel before getting into more.
  2. Keeping up the shirt a day theme. Since the last post was about wing coasters, why not post some wing coaster shirts? I've actually never ridden any of these lol. I scored the X-Flight one in a contest and a friend bought me the Gatekeeper one on his trip to CP this year.
  3. A few more shirts I have in my collection. Its really not much but I never really focused on collecting shirts to begin with. Mach Tower and Vanish Point 2011 Howl O Scream 2011 introducing the Dark Side of the Gardens
  4. The park is a ghost town on slow days. Walk ons for everything. Shows playing to empty houses. Fridays and Sundays are pretty reasonable along with the week before the schools let out for Christmas break. Come Christmas week, the park is slammed outside of Christmas and New Years eve.
  5. I really wanna see CP build an observation coaster. It's a good way to bring families back to the park with an observation tower and increase the park coaster count. The park can also surpass the 500 foot barrier like the one in Florida. They dont seem to take up that much space either.
  6. One of the first pieces of Busch Gardens merch with the new logo. I scored this last March shortly after the new logo was announced. I accidentally got it in a size too large for me though. Oops
  7. As a fan of Haunt events, I personally prefer HOS over Christmas Town. There's much more stuff to do and most of the park is decked out fairly well. Christmas Town is nice because the park is slower outside of the typical busy days. Sure food options are better, but there isn't much to do outside of the two special attractions and shows. The flats are open during both and HOS has both the haunt mazes and the roller coasters.
  8. I've been at Busch during tornadoes before. Park had a tornado touch down two miles away. Power got cut for a few hours throughout the park (including backup generators). Park closed two hours early that day. There was another random power failure for about an hour later that year. Dunno what exactly caused it.
  9. Thank you to Busch Gardens for another great season. Food and Wine, Howl O Scream, and Christmas Town were fantastic. Christmas Town rundown. Park is as beautiful as everthis year. Rode Mach Tower for the first time since last CT and it was beautiful from the top. All three shows are amazing as well. Gloria.- even better than last year. The singers were incredible. Still dont care for the power point presentation in the foreground. Deck the Halls - about as good as last year. Miracles - after last nights show, I'd say its about the same as Gloria. Great music and dancing. Visuals arent as heavy as the othsr two shows but I dig the minimal stage. Can't wait to return to the park next year.
  10. Even if that facade is just a front, I'm hoping the SF moves it to Maryland. It actually looks really cool. Will the area have other rethemed rides too or is it just the new coaster and new flat? It would be nice if the park created the full fledged area like Great America.
  11. Considering most of those are kiddie coasters or crappy knockoffs, I'd say no. Not only that, but China probably has a TON of undocumented kiddie coasters in random small parks scattered all over the place. Chances are they took the record long before those stats were recorded. - A country with a billion people should have enough coasters to match right?
  12. Pogs sorta fell out of fashion when I was in elementary school. That was more of an early 90s thing I guess. I know Tamogatchis and Giga Pets became popular, but were never really as popular as Beanie Babies or some of (what I consider) the bigger 90s fads like Pokémon. My first exposure to Tamogatchis actually was a Pikachu. I think I still have the device lying around somewhere, but the battery died eons ago. I did get into a few mobile app crazes. Angry Birds, Instagram, Temple Run/Subway Surf, Tiny Wings, etc as well.
  13. I'm pretty sure everyone is told drinking and driving is bad. It's the people that actually drink and drive that are the problem. I haven't been able to see the Doctor Who Christmas special. Every website wants me to download a stupid app or create an account to watch. If only I had some Netflix money.
  14. MM has more coasters than CP so it's still technically the capital. MM can easily replace two coasters with two more that are better in ride quality. Scream looks terribly neglected and losing an extra kiddie coaster wont hurt the park.
  15. Why not move both to St Louis? Both would fit very well, giving St. Louis a signature steel and a kiddie coaster. Give SFA something else. Preferably not used
  16. I fell for quite a few fads when I was little. Yoyos Pokemon Yugioh Rubber wristbands Despicable Me silly bands
  17. Just call it "Better than Nothing". It would fit the general MM theme that way. I really liked YOLO jr too.
  18. Merry Christmas all. A lovely TPR package arrived for me in the mail today. I busted it open and got some really sweet stuff. I'd like to give a shoutout to the sender. Thank you so much for the crap! The brochure part of this update. The ones on the right are doubles I already have. I plan on giving my spares other people. I got lucky and scored a KK poster from 2006the as well. Sweet TPR trinkets. The WCB badge and the backpack are the coolest. There was a mint too, but I was hungry. The Club TPR exclusives are cool too. Not really part of the Christmas crap, but I got this IAAPA stuff fairly recently so it counts as part of my Christmas birthday package
  19. I've never taken the tour myself but I do know there are plenty of perks. Go to the top of Griffon. Tour Alpengeist and Loch Ness maintenance bays Front of line access to the coasters. I haven't heard if the Verbolten tour is incorporated with the regular coaster tour yet. Assuming it has. You'll tour Verbolten's building Get up close to the bridge drop And access controls I dont recall the price tag, but I reckon it'll be worth it for all the stuff you get to do.
  20. I've heard some big things are coming to Busch in 2015 for their 40th anniversary. I'd love to see a full-fledged rehab of Festa Italia. Get rid of the faded tents and carnival-ish theming and bring it up to par with the rest of the park. I'd also love to see bigger special events. HOS and Christmas Town are as popular as ever. I hope the park keeps pumping money into those.
  21. Knotts already has a Frisbee-type ride not too far away from Windcrapper's old spot. Another one would be overkill.
  22. Got a nice TPR Bag O Crap today. Merry Christmas to me.
  23. Is that Touhou project music I hear? Coaster looks alright, but I can't help but notice its running really sluggish. Nature of early test runs I guess. I dig the pathway interaction and the theming but the ride itself looks boring. I guess I'm glad theres an update at least. I was beginning to think this coaster dropped off the face of the earth.
  24. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.
  25. I was at least hoping the park would announce a Christmas dvent to wrap up the season. Those events are becoming increasingly popular. If Knotts has a Christmas hit on their hands, I can definitely see more CF parks in good climates getting Christmas events to capitalize on their popularity.
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