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  1. To be fair, Americans love their stuff "X-treme, gimmicky, YOLO", but stuff that causes them pain is a turn-off to them. I honestly wouldn't want my legs to lose circulation on a ride either.
  2. So it was your group that rode Mach Tower early in the day. If I knew you guys were with TPR, I would've said something. - Star Wars is awesome!
  3. You're a nerd if you know where BGW's reference to Liesebergbanan is.
  4. Sounds like somebody just needs to take a time out from the park for a few years.
  5. Parc Asterix itself is actually pretty nice, and it has some very good attractions--but the operations leave a bit to be desired. How did operations compare to Disneyland Paris? Seems that Paris theme parks aren't known for their great operations all that much.
  6. Granted, you just purchased Batman: the Escape and sold it back to Darien Lake. I wish all the Intamin coasters in the world were replaced with TOGO and RCCA death machines.
  7. I hope you guys DO realize that the station is just an unfinished platform right now. I doubt Magic Mountain is gonna leave the station like that, especially when they enclosed Green Lantern and Drop of Doom. - I swear to God they'll finish it. I swear!
  8. Nothing wrong with a short coaster. Especially one that packs a punch. And knowing Premier, this ride will most definitely pack some sort of punch. - Even if MM has a habit of adding them. YOLO!
  9. I'm a huge fan of positive G's, so I love rides with back to back inversions. Especially unique ones that pull crazy forces. I'm not a fan of headbanging though. I hear butterfly loops done right are pretty fun (Tennessee Tornado), plus I love pretzel-shaped elements - If only Goudrix was smoother.
  10. Another case of a coaster with a sweet-looking layout that rides horribly. That ride rehab should hopefully lessen the rough/headbanging-ness of the ride.
  11. Having three lead cars back to back looks really weird. But the ride still looks really intense. Both Mindbender coasters are pretty high on my must-ride bucket list. If WEM can have backwards cars on their fairly intense coaster and still run well, maybe the Batman rides really won't be all that uncomfortable facing backwards either.
  12. Granted, Darien Lake becomes a residential area. I wish I was on a roller coaster right now.
  13. If SF Mid-America can advertise Boomerang like it's the best ride in the world since sliced bread and bacon breakfast, you can advertise a mega-lite all you want. The trims and turn were there because the ride was starting to tear itself apart (eating wheels and wearing down track). As for changing out the OTSRs, I figured they originally planned to have the seatbelts when the ride first opened, but weren't able to get them on time. I hear the ride's still pretty forceful regardless.
  14. Maybe if you offered to pay for these rides out of pocket, they'd be more than willing to take up your offer.
  15. One is a mega and one is a giga. It's like asking why CP has MF and Magnum in the same park. Yes Behemoth and Leviathan are similar, but still. I'm sorta holding out on another B&M surprise. I'd love to see B&M push to the 400 foot mark instead of building another Leviathan. Hell, I'd take a B&M launcher or even a strata-launch coaster . Even if CP already has a strata, the park already has a giga coaster too. Two strata-coasters in one state would be amazing.
  16. To be fair, I'm sure Revolution and Colossus appealed to any YOLO crowd back then too. Let's just hope the park doesn't start neglecting its current flagship attractions when it adds more in the future. - Just hope MM can rehab these rides soon enough though. It would make sense for the park to convert Colossus to Mecha-Colossus (or whatever you wanna call it) and contact Gerstlauer to produce new trains for Rev and Colossus. Assuming the park wants to continue doing area rehabs (YOLO Plaza/Stage, DC Universe), we'll probably see a small rehab back there as well. - It wouldn't hurt to add a few high-end family rides/attractions either. They're pretty cheap and other SF parks seem to be cashing in on them. The park could still market them as thrill rides to attract the YOLO crowd (then again ) - Whatever happened to Hurricane Harbor's expansion onto Flashback's old spot? That could be the perfect opportunity to add some of those cool Riptide Bay-style slides or dropbox slides like the other SF parks are getting. (then again ) - Oh Magic Mountain
  17. Based on the mounted POV, it looked rather decent early in its lifespan. Just too bad RMC wasn't around to fix things up yet.
  18. Did Led Zep actually have onboard audio? You can kinda hear it in the off-ride shots, but not in the POV. Its a shame this park didn't survive. I remember hearing advertisements for it all over the radio when it first opened. I guess they advertised in the wrong spot.
  19. BGW has a Sandstorm-style ride as well as a few of those kiddie rides already.
  20. With all these random wacky coasters coming to the states, I think more parks should consider mega-lites as options for new coasters. Stateside parks wouldn't go for a ride like Tranan (which looks pretty awesome) for obvious reasons, but still. A mega-lite stateside would be totally awesome.
  21. I'm trying to head up to HP on a Saturday sometime during the hot season (late July most likely). I don't think I'll be able to work around that because of time/work constraints. Would that attack plan work the same if I wanted to hit all the signature coasters? I should have connections to a few coasters, but I'm worried lines for the other signature rides (Intamin triplets, Great Bear) would be long. I'd love to do a meetup with a few peeps here as well.
  22. Manta does the same. You get splashed by the fountains if you sit toward the back of the train.
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